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  1. BangerBoy

    Odsal hopes

    Why? They both won't be running on the same days!
  2. Why are we discussing this Lets make it simple touch tapes your out It worked years ago I say bring it back
  3. BangerBoy

    Taking the knee

    hear hear
  4. BangerBoy

    SON 2020

    don't know about other promotions but spedeworth is restricted numbers and is by ticket only on line.
  5. Normal times stock cars are a weekly event at all tracks sometimes twice a week in summer time.
  6. BangerBoy

    Corona virus

    Don't think speedway will have that problem
  7. BangerBoy

    Great Yarmouth/norfolk

    based on that theory all clubs within greyhounds are doomed
  8. BangerBoy

    Great Yarmouth/norfolk

    Incar decided to shale the track.
  9. BangerBoy

    Wimbledon double

    Don't forget the last Car Boot Sale
  10. BangerBoy

    Wimbledon double

    went to the last stock car meeting if interested
  11. Ah happy memories of superstox world finals at Wimbledon. Watched both sports in those days could not beat the excitement of the Supers
  12. BangerBoy

    Colin North TengTools

    If speedway did this then there would be nobody left in the stands
  13. As long as there is a inner track of some form for cars run to they rarely got to grassed centre green.
  14. you may live to regret that one day

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