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  1. Jonny the spud

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Yup. You haven’t read what’s happening. And seeing the above post you really are as thick as shît Riding at a pre arranged meeting before he’d even signed a contract means it does take priority. If you’re not clever enough to understand the situation then no amount of explaining will get through your thick skull i’m glad the season is nearly over as I won’t have to interact with twunts like you . And people wonder why British speedway is laughed about when people like you are a prime example of « fans » Yes I’ve met loads of brilliant people following speedway unfortunately I’ve also met people like you. to the fans who’ve apologized after thé true facts were known, Thanks. To you pinny, I hope you seek the professional help you need. It must be hard being that thick. I’m out of here folks, it’s great to interact from time to time with real fans but people like Pinny are the reason that most riders avoid this place like the plague.
  2. Jonny the spud

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Thé French meeting started at 10:30am as they club was running 2 meetings in a day. No flights available that would have got him there in time.
  3. Jonny the spud

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    You really are as thick as a brick and clearly haven’t read the last few pages have you ?
  4. Jonny the spud

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Why should he ? I don’t think he even knows what’s been said. You seem very angry about it all.
  5. Jonny the spud

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    He didn’t. It was known that he was riding in France. you need to direct your anger elsewhere
  6. Jonny the spud

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    After ready pages and pages of vitriol the only thing I’ll say is that Adam presented his racing schedule (as all riders do) before he signed. Before he turned a wheel for Scunthorpe it was always known he had a meeting yesterday. Ok boys and girls you can get back to your bïtching now, but maybe try to think a little before you all slag off on a rider
  7. Jonny the spud

    European Union - In Or Out?

    It doesn’t matter who said it. It just sums up the uk at the moment
  8. Jonny the spud

    European Union - In Or Out?

    But the UK had elected members in the European Parliament, the uk also had the power of veto for any rules they didn’t like. With the tories now handing out jobs to their mates and families, you really do have unelected people influencing the laws of the land. but hey….. blue passports eh ?
  9. Jonny the spud

    Swindon Stadium

    Someone is drunk and tried google translate
  10. Jonny the spud

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Hé doesn’t have «old machinery» the bikes he uses in the uk are the same in both leagues. After the British final I asked him if he’d used a «special« engine. His reply was if he’d had a special one he’d use it week in week out.
  11. Jonny the spud

    Why speedway is failing

    Thé fact that the powers that be have consistently failed to find a top named league sponsor for the last two decades tells you all you need to know
  12. Jonny the spud

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    He was offered that engine as "it’s very well suited" to the Kent track. unfortunately that didn’t turn out to be the case and it lost power as the meeting went on
  13. Jonny the spud

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Soooo apart from the raw sewage being pumped into the rivers because of the lack of chemicals ( the same chemicals that treat your drinking water) The cut in universal credit, coupled with the hike in prices of the energy companies, not to mention the tories laughing their heads off that you’re still falling for their crap …. how is your sovereignty tasting today ?
  14. Jonny the spud

    European Union - In Or Out?

    In today’s news 3 mobile companies reintroducing mobile roaming fees in Europe PayPal announced higher fees for UK / European transactions just one or two small things. Day in day out
  15. Jonny the spud

    European Union - In Or Out?

    It’s funny that after 5 years since the vote that Brex$hitters still can’t list the benefits that we’re promised to them by Boris & Co

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