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    some mornings it’s just not worth chewing through the restraints.

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  1. You need to work out the difference between aggressive and dismissive, go away little boy and troll elsewhere.
  2. You don’t know me, you don’t know my pubs. I dont come to your place of work and slap the sailors dicks out of your mouth so your need to criticise my businesses means sod all to me
  3. Ahhh. MFF, (or whoever your latest multi persona is ) the pubs are doing just fine thanks. All three of them. When you’re old enough to drink I’ll offer you a few free drinks if you save up your pocket money for the airfare
  4. Love it. Man on his third whinging post and being an anorak getting upset by Someone pointing out that people who aren’t into speedway are some fans as anoraks yes, tmes have long moved on but speedway in the UK hasn’t. But you keep arguing on the internet, it makes you look really clever.
  5. One was a generic term to point out how the sport is perceived to non followers and the second was applied to me ! get a life mate ffs
  6. I was a fan long before my son was even born, does the fact that he rides in a country 1000km from where I live invalidate my opinion ? Rules are there to be adhered to yet I’m sure if I was enough of an anorak I could look back through your posts find many times where you’ve criticised rules in the past. There are many reasons sponsors aren’t rushing to the sport and I’m sure a riders neck gear obscuring a racing number doesn’t feature very high ( or even at all) on the list. But if calling someone you’ve never met absolutely pathetic on a website makes you feel good, knock yourself out.
  7. Funny that. He’s never ridden for France and only has a British passport. Unless you know different of course.
  8. Jonny the spud

    Matt Ford complains about Assets

    Starman, I love Led Zeppelin.... they’re great, probably the best band ever. But even I, as a rabid fan admit that they’ve released some lemons in their time. As much as I love them, if I’m honest, I know in my heart of hearts not everything they do is the mutts nuts. Even gods muck it up from time to time we appreciate you’re a Poole fan, but your constant leaping to defend Matt at every opportunity is a bit over the top. Dont take everything about Poole that you might not understand of disagree with as a personal insult, look at it with an open mind and see that from time to time, even Led Ford can get it wrong.
  9. And you wonder why speedway is seen as a sport followed by anoraks.
  10. Jonny the spud

    Poole 2018

    Like 99% of the people on this forum I realise you are a bit ( lot) of a c0ck, but to tell a 2x European grass track champion that he should count himself lucky to do a lap on what is one of the shïttiest tracks in the UK, just proves you to be the first class cockwomble that you are. You obviously get a twisted pleasure out of trying to be controversial but that comment alone is really out of order. Give yourself an uppercut you waste of space
  11. Jonny the spud

    Premiership • Swindon v Somerset • 28/05/18

    Aaaaand he’s back....
  12. Jonny the spud

    Gerhard Engine

    Mitch Godden won the legendary Tetrow grasstrack on the new GR Godden last week...... just saying
  13. Jonny the spud

    KOC Rye House - Swindon 23.5.18

    A 31 year old veteran at reserve..... the fast track system was a good idea in my opinion as it helped some of the younger riders gain experience but this seems wrong at his stage in his career, “riding himself into form”?
  14. Jonny the spud

    KOC QF 1st Leg - Swindon v Rye House • 21/05/2018

    Still time to ditch Bellego as you said last week?
  15. Jonny the spud

    Neil Vatcher doing a great job.

    Adam Ellis started at the IOW

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