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    some mornings it’s just not worth chewing through the restraints.

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  1. Jonny the spud

    Swindon 2019

    Ahhhhh. The voice of idiocy
  2. Jonny the spud

    Teterow 8th June

    Does anyone have a link to follow tonight’s meeting in Teterow ? Thanks
  3. Jonny the spud

    Poole v Peterborough Premiership Thursday May 30th

    God there’s some dicks on this thread. He had a bad night and it ended up costing him a lot of money. Dont let the facts get in the way of drivel though eh ? Carry on as you were.
  4. Jonny the spud

    Swindon v Poole - Premiership - Mon 27th May - 19:30

    Intending to slide off in heat 3.....? Yes. I’m sure a rider will prepare his bike, drive to a meeting, pay his mechanic and then risk jarring an already injured shoulder and have to clean all his bike / kit off afterwards
  5. The same as last week....... Can someone share share the link for the radio please
  6. Jonny the spud

    Photographers in British Speedway

    Well as you seem to be the one dragging that particular episode into the public arena it looks like it may not now be private. Is she ok with you doing so on her behalf ?
  7. Jonny the spud

    Swindon v Poole - Premiership - Mon 27th May - 19:30

    Weren’t they going to sort out the track last year, and the year before and the year........?
  8. Jonny the spud

    Belle Vue v Swindon - Monday 20 May

    Tonight at Swindon the problem was the first bend that had only recently been laid. You'd know now all about that at BV wouldn’t you ? ....... glass houses ?
  9. Jonny the spud

    Photographers in British Speedway

    It’s bloody ridiculous when you know who bought it to public attention too. Trying to get sympathy then more and more stuff comes to light. Laughable, and probably won’t end well.
  10. Jonny the spud

    Swindon v Poole - Premiership - Mon 27th May - 19:30

    Why do you lot engage with Shït Shovlar. He spouts crap just to wind you up.
  11. Gone to Poland for more examinations = will be riding in Poland. Monday ? Wait and see
  12. Jonny the spud

    Photographers in British Speedway

    Speedway is a very small pond. Making enemies at such a young age may not be the best route. I wonder if this has backfired and should have been kept private
  13. Jonny the spud

    Photographers in British Speedway

    This has become more open to a wider audience since green light go created his profile just to highlight the situation. You have to wonder who has something to gain out of a this becoming public, who made it public and if they regret doing so now that more details are coming out ? Seeing now that he’s been credited with some work that wasn’t his AMOW isn’t bullying, it’s claiming what’s rightfully yours
  14. Jonny the spud

    Photographers in British Speedway

    My son started getting a lot of online grief when he started out. I used to defend him all the time until he asked me to step back and let him prove himself. Going public in a blaze of publicity isn’t always the best solution

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