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  1. paulr2

    Ozford v Berwick..13/7

    Times for last night. 59.16, 60.41, 60.28, 61.03, 58.84, 60.22, 60.28, 60.78, 59.79, 59.66, 60.05, 60.07, 59.41, 60.10, 60.12
  2. 59.81, 61.65, 61.72, 60.28, 60.44, 60.38, 60.91, 61.87, 61.00, 61.13, 61.93 61.10, 61.41, 63.40, 61.00
  3. paulr2

    Redcar v Eastbourne

    In all probability has . been changed to let those wanting to do both Redcar and Newcastle have a bit more travelling time. The announced for one.
  4. Was definitely announced on tannoy. First time I've known curves after 10 so how about praise for promotion who seem to have been pro-active. Definitely a good feel around Redcar this season,well done
  5. Sorry to say but really poor meeting, take away the final and actual racing was non-existant even when 2 evenly matched riders they were on the same line one behind each other. Jeff List impressive, pity he is on a 4point average.
  6. You could clearly see that Margaret Vardy from on the centre track was signaling to both starter and trainee ref in the box that there was a problem at the start of heat 3. Should have been disqualified for not being ready to race
  7. paulr2

    Redcar v Workington 23/8/18

    Short sharp shower an hour ago but now brightening up--would say all set fair
  8. Track started with only one line on it and little passing, as meeting went on racing got better as the tractors and bowser did their job. Proctor was head and shoulders the stand out rider, although Matej Kus was a lot more keen on mixing / passing than normal and said he had been practicing on the track Tuesday. Jordan Stewart mentioned afterwards that he had been receiving help from Gary Havelock, Mason Campton ( mechanicing ) and hanging around with Ty Proctor--whatever you were doing Jordan keep doing it. Amongst the other riders Rafael Konopka and David Wallinger stood out for me 100% effort and commitment with Wallinger the only one to lead Ty at any time, the celebration of the heat win showed how much the meeting meant to him.
  9. Watched the first match at Redcar between these two teams and have to say Archie Freeman looks so much quicker and smoother than last year. Made an outside pass comfortably on Elliot Kelly without any fear. Couldn`t stop to see this meeting but certainly in his pre meeting practice was really attacking the track in a smooth controlled manner--so good to see young British riders making progress.
  10. Fair deal from COventry and good that they have made this public info
  11. paulr2

    Second Half Meetings....

    Remember watching Tai and Josh With at 14/15 in 2nd half demonstration races at Coventry-- seemed worth whatching at the time. More so these last few years.
  12. paulr2

    Coventry 2015

    Been a fan for 40+ years, travel 180 miles each way for home meetings, love the bees but even I am wondering why I should bother? Simple maths says if you can strengthen up by 2 points you do it. Home and away that is +4 for us and -4 for the opposition, 8 point swing is huge. If the promotion do not or can't afford to give us the best chance of winning the league then why should I give my money away?? Really want to believe we are in this together. P.S. Will take this back if we do have a signing waiting
  13. Oli, try the megabus from Cannon Park --Just checked the site and leaves at 05:45 into Cardiff for 09:00 then back at 21:00. Bit type on tome but stop is only a couple of mins walk from Millenium. £ 9 each way--hope this helps. Used it loads of times and pretty reliable. www.megabus.com Paul

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