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  1. Leicester Hunter

    Coventry v Birmingham

    Had some heavy rain overnight, drying now. Sky still overcast, may rain again, maybe not. If it doesn't rain again, there should be a decent track to race on.
  2. Leicester Hunter

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    As I said in an earlier post, the Shanes incident back in 2016 was ridiculous. You won the argument, such as it was (there wasn't one really), you won the match, you won the cup. Fair enough. Except you won't let go, you're like a dog with a bone. Move along now, nothing to see here.
  3. Leicester Hunter

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    Yes, I know all about assets, that's what I meant even if it didn't come across that way. If the Birmingham management have not offered, or not thinking of offering Sheldon at least one more run out with the club, they are missing a really good opportunity IMO.
  4. Leicester Hunter

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    My view on that little episode is the same now as it was then. It was sheer stupidity. And to use the excuse of 'other teams have done just this several times already this year' was crass in the extreme. What an opportunity missed, a chance to do the treble thrown out of the window all because rules and regs were disregarded. Oh well, water under the bridge and all that. However, more up to date, the furore over Gary Flint allowed Sheldon Davies to step in at the last moment, and put on a decent performance, by all accounts. I'd never heard of him before yesterday lunchtime. So, is he any good or not? Was yesterday afternoon's showing due to genuine flair and aptitude or the mediocre opposition, or perhaps maybe a combination of both? Either way, it looks like this lad deserves another outing with the team at the very least. With that in mind, here's a note to the Birmingham management. If he's not already signed to another club (I haven't a clue whether he is or not), get his signature on a contract ASAP. He may have qualities which were sadly lacking in a recently departed member of the team: Application and commitment.
  5. Leicester Hunter

    Birmingham 2018

    Oh, the irony.... Have you watched any speedway at all since the start of 2015?
  6. Leicester Hunter

    Birmingham 2018

    I think you've answered your own comment there. I've highlighted the relevant bits.
  7. Leicester Hunter


    He did, and it was against my club, Birmingham! He'd only just missed out two weeks prior to that, scoring 20 against White City. The Dukes lost that one 38-40. The R/R regs in 1976 were truly dreadful, and Reg Wilson actually took 8 rides in Sheffield's match at Leicester in June '76, and scored 17+1. That must have been a truly knackering experience, as he trailed in behind Ila Teromaa and Reidar Eide, the resulting 5-1 securing the points for the Lions. That was one of only five League wins for Leicester that year. The same regs for 1977 weren't much better, and I still have a copy of a Hackney programme (v Kings Lynn, I think), where a whole page was dedicated to the then new rule. Thankfully, that reg was greatly simplified for 1978. In reply to BWitchers question about rule changes years ago, from what I can remember, they were few and far between. Yes, the points limit changed just about every year, that was about it, and things really only became contentious when the limit hit 50 for the 1979 season. Teams didn't even seem to build up to the points limit when it was first implemented, some of them nowhere near it. So long as teams got who they wanted, it all came down to personal terms, and everyone seemed happy. The only rules I was told about when I first attended speedway was the points and helmet colours. Then which riders to watch out for, because they were good (or absolutely awful!). And oh yes, don't cheer for the opposition!
  8. Leicester Hunter

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    You aren't alienating me. I'm not a Coventry fan and never will be, but what this group is doing really does deserve to succeed. If you can get rid of the incumbent 'promoter' and also get a new stadium, or even resurrect Brandon, it will all have been worth it. Keep up the good work. You will get there in the end.
  9. Leicester Hunter

    Birmingham 2018

    He would be able to guest for Cradley in matches which don't involve Birmingham. As regards signing him for 2018, I'd see that as a positive (if we're not getting JPB into the team), and personally, I felt he was badly missed in the Brummies team last season.
  10. Leicester Hunter

    Birmingham 2018

    With a CMA of 8.61 against JPB's 8.66, if that's the route the new Promotion are taking, I would sincerely hope not.
  11. Leicester Hunter

    Richard Halls Nl Average

    That's what baffles me, but then look at some other chancers who should be nowhere near speedway and yet still are. No, he isn't, because technically, he still owes the GRA a load of rent money from 2010. A substantial five figure sum is what I've heard, and Tony Mole had to pay up prior to the 2011 season. Would you allow a tenant who had upped and gone and hadn't paid you any rent back into any of your properties? Breedon Aggregates also supplied the shale that year, and apparently they weren't paid either, so that's another bill the redoubtable Mr Mole had to settle in all likelihood.
  12. Leicester Hunter

    Richard Halls Nl Average

    Yes, and having read the statement, I imagine any irony meters in the immediate vicinity automatically set themselves to 'self destruct' mode when it was issued. That's a more likely scenario. Mr 'Up Front and Honest' Midland Robin actually telling the truth for a change? That'll be a first. Remember the Kyle Newman farce in 2010? Turns out we 'signed' him from a club which didn't own him. Patchett couldn't lie straight in bed....
  13. Leicester Hunter

    Rathbone/godfrey Allegations

    From the fans' perspective, that's most certainly true, and they all deserve much better than this. For the two men who are now in the eye of this particular storm, the best than can be said about them is that their judgement is somewhat suspect. All I will say is this: Had Ged Rathbone contacted me and outlined the problem, I would firstly have told him that under no circumstances should have accept any money, inducement or whatever, no matter how tempting it was. Then I would have told him to leave the decision to Jack Holder alone. If he went, he would cop a 28 day ban, and Peterborough would get a facility to cover, as it wasn't their fault. If he didn't, it was a case of least said, soonest mended. I would have also advised him to contact Matt Ford, as he own's Holder's contract, and tell him everything that had occurred. That phone call would also have been subject of a recording for 'training and monitoring purposes'. It just seems to me that when it comes to speedway, all rationality goes straight out the window. People make the most bizarre decisions, which they wouldn't dream of making at any other time. What's more, they're simply not learning. I find that incredibly sad.
  14. Leicester Hunter

    Rathbone/godfrey Allegations

    That's exactly how I'm viewing this as well. I find it astounding that Rathbone found it necessary to contact someone else in order to sound them out. He's a businessman isn't he? Doesn't he know what corruption is? On more than one occasion, Ged Rathbone has openly admitted that he was approached by Torun speedway club and offered a monetary sum to release Jack Holder to them, thereby Torun gaining an advantage. He has also acknowledged that money was beneficial to Peterborough Speedway. That's corruption. I'm employed by a German owned multi-national, and believe it or not, every year, I have to sit a test/exam, so that the company can be confident I know what different forms corruption take. It doesn't even have to be money, it can even be gifts which in a certain light may be viewed as insignificant, but on further investigation can be extremely damning evidence. In the real world, a £40,000 fine and a possible disrepute charge would be the least of Rathbone's problems. He'd have had his collar felt a long time ago. If it's also true about Rob Godfrey giving him the green light to go ahead, that speaks volumes about his judgement too. He's have probably been charged as an accessory. What's really depressing about all this though, is the little squit it's centred around has got away scot-free and has been playing his face ever since. The least he deserves is a 12 month ban, and let's leave his visa application to the Poles. He'll soon find out how interested they are in him then.
  15. Leicester Hunter

    Peter Collins Article

    And Leicester as well. Back in Birmingham's return season in 2007, Les's son Aidan was a member of the team. During our visit to Kings Lynn (never an easy place in those days), Aidan picked up a knock in his second race and was withdrawn from the match by the track doctor. Les quietly reminded him his job then was to support his team mates, and he stayed, with both his bikes ready to go, should a a team mate require them. It's little things like that you remember as years go by.

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