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  1. The Voice Of Reason

    lakeside 2019

    In the case of Richard Lawson, I think the true 'mark of the man' is that there will be a raft of teams in 2019 ready to snap him up.
  2. The Voice Of Reason

    lakeside 2019

    There are rumours now circulating of Kim Nilsson (so that's as far back as 2016); Paul Hurry plus A.N.Other from this season, still awaiting their wages from the Lakeside Management. Any truth to these 'rumours'?
  3. The Voice Of Reason

    lakeside 2019

    Has it got a delivery note - dated 1984?
  4. Well from the pictures and video clips on (un)social media, I didn't see Jon Cooks' happy, smiling face, did you?
  5. Do you, or have you, ever volunteered your services to your club? Genuine question.
  6. Lakeside Speedway earlier today (including Jon Cook's new theme tune):
  7. You really look like pizza would do you the world of good.
  8. The Voice Of Reason

    Lakeside v Workington frid 19th oct 8pm

    Seriously.......people perceive that Speedway Tracks operate within the regulations, restrictions, etc. imposed by local councils? Do you truly believe that? FFS!
  9. You better just hope it's not being run by LakesideRail. The timetable will undoubtedly be subject to change, there's no regular drivers - because its the wrong type of grass on the rails, the station that you buy your season ticket for will not be the final destination.......and there's definitely no seats.
  10. They weren't in when I went round and asked if they were coming out to play.
  11. So Wajtknecht, not for the first time this season (and when he isn't injured) is choosing a grass-track event over Lakeside Speedway; accompanied by Adam ('great team man I read recently?) Ellis - who is similarly throwing his team mates under a bus, whilst seeking individual honours? You couldn't make this up.
  12. The Voice Of Reason

    Lakeside Future In Serious Doubt

    I have to say that when Hackney finally disbanded, I would have driven to ANY track within the UK and continued to follow my team. I know that not everybody drives but bleedin' hell, Lakeside are only moving a few junctions further around the M25 - anyone would think they are moving to the Southern Hemisphere the way some people are talking. To be perfectly honest, surely it's worth it for the better facilities that Rye House Stadium offers; rather than the Hell-hole of a 1984 Time-warp Arena Essex.
  13. The Voice Of Reason

    Lakeside Future In Serious Doubt

    What 'new site' Liam? Can you honestly believe a single word that comes out of Jon Cook's mouth? There won't ever be a new Lakeside track in Essex. Doubt it? Answer me this. Where's the money going to come from? Lakeside have kept the current place running for years thanks primarily to cable-ties!
  14. The Voice Of Reason

    Lakeside v Newcastle 24/8/18

    There's always the Jon Cook Guest House? You can book in and pay by 8pm; shortly thereafter, you'll be asked to leave. Please note that there are no seats in the room; despite the place being opened 34 years ago (in 1984). Lakeside readily welcome 'guests'; although the hotel 'manager' hasn't actually got a clue - so despite the fact if you've already stayed here within the last 8 days, you should be fine to appear (according to Lakeside's promotion). For Breakfast, people are due to meet on the restaurant at the 'exciting whole new era NL 2017' 14th floor. Such a shame that the Lakeside Hotel only got to building up to the 13th floor; the 14th never actually having been delivered. However, you can always dine in the 2017 K.O. Cup Restaurant. There won't be any chefs, staff or people......and the 'management' will never tell you why things haven't progressed; nor why anyone appeared to ever participate in said event. Suffice to say, if you see any of the 50 Shades of Grey folk wandering aimlessly around, tell them that there's a Jon Cook love-in somewhere in Essex in November, and they'll be quite happy and content. Lakeside look forward to welcoming you......but please note, they are only open on Fridays. P.S. if you have any complaints whatsoever, please address them to Jon Cook, Bullsh!tville, Sussex, South of the M25. However, please don't expect a response - as he is far too busy eating his pot noodle whilst stuck on Dartford Bridge.
  15. The Voice Of Reason

    Lakeside v Newcastle 24/8/18

    Clearly the ref. didn't check the rotten upright posts to the fences along the straights then; nor the cable-ties underneath the (expired) air-bags?

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