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  1. Wembley World Finals-Len Silver

    Personally, I've always found the Grand Prix style of World Final an utter borefest. It's now just a pantomime of boring, characterless, prima donna riders; complete with an entourage of mechanics and other nobodies, in the pits. A one-off meeting was so much more exciting; and produced the occasional surprise - such as Egon Muller. Not sure about only holding the event in Wembley - particularly as this would now potentially be yet another manmade track.
  2. Lakeside 2018

    I'll possibly go to away meetings now that the level of speedway has improved. Clearly you thought it was right to chuck the community manager into the team manager role at Belle Vue (arguably Lakeside's most important meeting of the season)? 'You can never upset a happy clappy'!
  3. Lakeside 2018

    Whoever it is, here's hoping that they can actually be bothered to turn up at all away meetings......particularly if we get through to the play-offs.
  4. Newcastle Speedway - Air Fence Team.

    Do what Lakeside do. Spend a tenner on cable-ties, and patch up airbags that are 10+ years past their expiry date. Refs will never give a toss....because they don't even know what they are looking at. Why? Simply because the SCB has no meaningful directive, within their regulations, as to what referees should even be checking for! Dispute this? I challenge the SCB to show me within their regulations where I am wrong. Cheers (Ex-Machine Examiner and Clerk of the Course, Lakeside Speedway).
  5. What Would You Change In Speedway Next Season?

    Concrete starting grids at the gate to (as already mentioned) stop riders forever poncing around gardening. Tape-touching brought back - instead of this supposed sit still, and don't jump the gate 'time-saving initiative'.......sometimes now resulting in having two re-starts. If there is a re-start, straight back to the tapes unaided - instead of 3 or 4 mechanics fighting over who is going to adjust the clutch by 1mm. Who knows, with all the time saved, promoters may have to put on a second half; and give supporters value for money.
  6. Lakeside 2017

    The 'Happy Clappies' are clearly ecstatic; as they probably would be if Jon Cook climbed up a 20 foot ladder and emptied his bowels over them. Clealry, no reason given why we failed to deliver the 14 promised meetings; withdrew from the K.O. Cup nor any updates on the new stadium location. But hey.........the clappies were clearly seduced by the 'finger buffet'. So who honesly gives a toss about the utter BS and lies.
  7. Lakeside 2017

    It's a tad frustraring, as ex-track staff, how irrespective of the debate around best/ worse race nights, it's just automatically taken for granted that track helpers, machine examiners, etc. can just drop everything in their personal lives; and automatically turn up to meet the needs of riders. The fact is, without people performing these voluntary roles, then fans wouldn't be watching Speedway; nor riders actually racing it. Never once have I known a rider to even realise this fact. I used to do it for the love of the club - and because I didn't have work on Saturday Mornings. But as I used fo be on the road by 4am Weekdays, I'm sodded if I'd have been lumping away fences and air-bags in the peeing rain come Midnight Sunday to Thursday. Track Staff are a key component at any club - but particularly at Lakeside where the track has to be built and subsequently dismantled for EVERY meeting. And before anyone believes there'll always be a raft of volunteers, let me tell you that there wouldn't be. I've seen more people give up after their first week than stay for a season. It's dirty, tiring, physical work. But hey, you get a line of thanks in the programme at the end of the year.......sometimes!
  8. Lakeside 2017

    Wasn't you a member of Kev's forum once Liam - until you threw your toys out the pram one day: because you didn't agree with the point of view expressed by others?
  9. Lakeside 2017

    I would suggest that Nigel Pearson (and maybe some others) need to check out accounts held by Companies House then Liam. It's all in the public domain; and (one would hope) a tad more accurate than 'tweets' made by Lord Shoutalot.
  10. Lakeside 2017

    How do you know that Lakeside doesn't make money Liam?
  11. Lakeside 2017

    I thought they were sourcing a site for a new track; should Arena Essex sell-up. That should be an interesting update (at the 14th Home Meeting).
  12. Lakeside 2017

    Because I won't be in the UK on 27th October.
  13. Lakeside 2017

    Why should I bother contacting the club via email? - At the end of the day, I'm not the promoter. - At the end of the day, I'm not the guy who still hasn't given a valid reasen for Lakeside's withdrawl from the K.O. Cup. - At the end of the day, Jon Cook is the guy who has criticised Friday racing - yet continues to primary run on errr.........Fridays. - I'm not the guy who had previously committed to 14 meetings, yet delivered only 13. - I'm not the guy who double-tags himself a 'Manager', yet only turns up at away fixtures that purely suit himself. - I'm not the liar that has said he is looking for an alternative location when, in reality, he's probably done absolutely sod all to identify an alternative track. So, far be it from me to email the club. How about, for once, Jon Cook comes on HERE and answer the points that I have raised?
  14. Lakeside 2017

    But still no doubt the 'happy clappies' will continue to support Mr. Cook. Not to mention subsequntly attend anothe fans forum at some Essex hotel function room; and hang on to every word of further lies and bullsh!t that's going to be spun them. By the way, not having social media myself, can someone ask the club about the 14th home meeting that hasn't been delivered?
  15. Lakeside 2017

    Nearly a week after the anihilation of Lakeside in Manchester; and still no comment from Jon Cook. Last message on the club's website, was on 6th Oct, from Tatum - who was also a 'no show' at Belle Vue last week. No mention either of the 'at least 14 home meetings' when only 13 have been delivered. When is the 14th Meeting Jon? And he really believes a return to the top flight will see supporters rushing back? Truthfulness, trust and LOYALTY, in my experience, HAS to work both ways.