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  1. This link should help you out http://www.greyhoundderby.com/tamworth_hounds.htm
  2. Eagle69

    Eastbourne 2020

    Think Mr Bellerby stood down as promotor at the end of last season
  3. Eagle69

    NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    1 Jack Smith 8.20 2. Drew Kemp 3.00 3 Jordan Jenkins 7.18 4 Kyle Bickley 6.67 5 Tom Brennan 7.21 6 Leon Flint 3.00 7 Jason Edwards 3.00
  4. Eagle69

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Along with his sons runs a very successful electrical business despite the awful injuries he suffered during his brilliant career which very nearly crippled him.
  5. Eagle69

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Has no coverage actually been confirmed anywhere or is it just rumours again?
  6. Eagle69

    Nl Fantasy Side (for Fun)

    Just hope I don't now have to go in a play off for finishing top of the table!!!!!!
  7. Eagle69

    Nl Fantasy Side (for Fun)

    Is there any update to this post?
  8. Eagle69

    Nl Fantasy Side (for Fun)

    Dan Bewley 8.65 Tom Bacon 7.95 Jack Parkinson Blackburn 6.97 Lee Dicken 5.87 Tom Brennan 3.00 Jordan Jenkins 3.00 Kyle Bickley 3.00 38.44
  9. Eagle69

    Reg Trott

    Its a shame that no mention was made of Reg's passing at Eastbournes meeting on sunday. R.I.P Reg
  10. Eagle69

    New Track For Milton Keynes

    Good luck to all involved and lets all hope there dreams come true.
  11. Eagle69

    No Sky Speedway = A New Opportunity

    Can anyone explain to me how come the kray twins (Russell brothers) seem to hold so much power regarding british speedway. They were hardly a resounding success as promoters and what process did they go through to hold the rights to speedway on tv and who if anyone held them before?
  12. Eagle69

    Bryn Williams - Best Wishes

    Get well soon Bryn
  13. Eagle69

    Tony Millard Rip

    RIP Tony Millard I spent plenty of years listening to you at Arlington and still remember how you used to introduce newcomers to speedway by telling them the rules of speedway and the number of times you would get it wrong and say speedway bikes were capable of speeds of 600 mph on the Arlington straights was unbelieveable but nobody minded you will be sadly missed
  14. Eagle69

    Vintage Meetings On Disc

    For all orders placed in july of ten discs or more they will be at special price of £1.50 per disc + usual postal rates please quote BSF when contacting or placing order. roger674clarke@btinternet.com

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