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  1. Wolves 2018

    He as got till march to get him self fit if need be but hope its not to serious
  2. Wolves 2018

    Happy New Year to all and lets hope for a good season.
  3. Wolves 2018

    All the best CVS
  4. Wolves 2018

    Lets hope Greaves can kick on from last season.
  5. Wolves 2018

    Let's hope Thorssell can hit the ground running after such a bad injury as for Morris don't think he as improved that much over the last couple of seasons .
  6. Wolves 2018

    Says on face book the 4 remaining riders will be announced tomorrow.
  7. Wolves 2018

    I hope Klindt is not in the side
  8. Wolves 2018

    Would not want Riss in the main body of the team
  9. Wolves 2018

    Would not want Riss in the main body of the team
  10. Wolves 2018

    don't want Klindt in the team
  11. IMO this meeting should be call off until next season when both teams can put out a 1 to 7 of their own riders and not guests and RR.
  12. Wolves 2018

    I would like to see Rory back as Howarth will ride for Sheffield if they come up the same could be said for Masters
  13. Winners & Play Offs

    it can all change in the play offs
  14. Pawel Przedpelski

    I dont know so much we need a new reserve to cover for Riss lol.
  15. Wolves V Poole 29/5/17 6 Pm

    If Freddie is not fit to ride is craig cook free to guest i think it's better than RR.