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  1. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

  2. Buxton

    And he IS!
  3. Ditch the Family Tag??

    As most people either don't know of it's existence or don't care anyway, I don't think the 'family sport' tag of several decades ago still applies. I thought SKY Sport actually marketed it as raw and exciting (no brakes, no fear etc) until they realised that they were giving money to a dead beggar.
  4. Joe Jacobs

    That has been common practice for low end riders for many years, even draft riders were on a guaranteed minimum.
  5. Poole 2018

    Why not, they've never had one before?
  6. Joe Jacobs

    Most of the clubs you mention do actually know their line-ups but have various reasons for staggering the declaration, Redcar for instance have known their line-up for months but only declare a limited number of names at each of their fund raising nights, the theory being that it'll attract more fans to these events. When Ellis Perks declares that he hasn't got a club with whom to start the season, he does actually know that.
  7. Joe Jacobs

    Because those 'foreign riders' often come from countries that protect their own. It is supposed to be BRITISH speedway but according to you we should just exist as a training ground for foreign youngsters or those who just use us as an easy meal ticket. Fair enough, if that's what you want, it isn't what I want though and I would suspect that the majority of fans would support prioritising our own riders or at least having a set minimum number in each side.
  8. Joe Jacobs

    I see he has announced his retirement on Twitter. Assuming this isn't another Josh Bates style incident, then it's certainly a shame. There is something very wrong when our own riders can't get a place or can't double-up, yet quite a few untried or low grade overseas riders will be in the starting line-ups and plenty of overseas riders will be doubling-up. Priority should be with all home riders until they all have a place.
  9. Redcar 2018

    I wasn't aware that he was even interested in coming back, there is no indication on his Facebook.
  10. Redcar 2018

    Hasn't ridden for years, he's a long distance lorry driver in Aussie, he might even face prosecution if he came back here.
  11. Redcar 2018

    I wouldn't! Apart from his history with the club, he isn't exactly known for his confidence or fortitude.
  12. Redcar 2018

    "Could of went"
  13. Redcar 2018

    Not eligible.
  14. Lakeside 2018

    Certainly at home, Morley and Clegg could be strugglers at some tracks.

    It certainly has sunk, I can remember the day when some clubs closed down because they only attracted a few thousand spectators, I can't understand how the majority of clubs are surviving now. It's probably better off not being on TV, at least we wont be embarrassed by empty stadiums, riders waving to empty terraces, or the crowd squashed into one small corner to make it look full.