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  1. That's why I said "the majority."
  2. Football clubs still have wages to pay and are running matches behind closed doors, the majority of promoters are just biding their time and have no costs (unless they are bound by rental agreements).
  3. I think the 'negativity' was more the way the line-up was brought about and the fact that it's not worthy of the title, you couldn't blame him for initially accepting the offer. As for 'wee slumps' he has admitted that he found the step up from NL a very big one.
  4. He declined the invitation.
  5. It's still listed as a fixture on the British Speedway website.
  6. The Poles don't seem to make deals, in the past riders have even missed meetings to attend compulsory practice.
  7. So who dropped out? Kean Dicken is now in the line-up. Seen it now=Sam Hagon.
  8. It seems that selection is influenced by whose face fits, the even more amusing part is that several previous no-hopers are now talking up their chances of going for the title.
  9. That is an open meeting, this is supposed to be for a national title.
  10. Good old Bomber! What a great example he is, never lets you down, hope he wins it, he deserves it.
  11. In his own words "I was already here so I might as well." So he didn't come here to ride in this event and he was here for quite a while before it.
  12. No he didn't, he's been here all along.
  13. While I accept your points, my gripe with it is that I have yet to see anyone in the line-up who is a worthy national champion. I know there's a former champion and he's a nice lad and there are some who previously wouldn't have been eligible but none of them is anything other than on the downward stretch. It's really just an open meeting and seemingly anyone with a bike is being considered.
  14. It is but average working wages are far lower, hence my area being packed with Poles.

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