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  1. foamfence


    It was always a tarmac track, when the Speedway closed the shale was taken elsewhere.
  2. foamfence

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    James Wright?
  3. foamfence

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    He's coming back too!
  4. foamfence

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Let the letting down begin.
  5. foamfence

    No Government Support?

    It'll make it easier to move to indoor arenas and inner city venues and you'll be able to have audible race commentary.
  6. foamfence

    BSPL AGM - November 2020.

    There'll be a lot of things on hold, they don't even know whether they'll get a full season next year.
  7. foamfence

    Odsal hopes

    So many meetings would suggest no Speedway.... https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/18814129.odsal-moves-closer-seeing-stock-cars-return-2021/
  8. foamfence

    Jason Garrity

    Well I just looked through five or six and found no mention of him being a Speedway rider, as most people have never heard of Speedway and even less Garrity, I doubt there'll be much lasting damage.
  9. foamfence

    Jason Garrity

    Yes, the 'cutback manoeuvre' might take on a HOLE new meaning.
  10. foamfence

    SON 2020

    Then again, you thought Worzel would win the general election.
  11. foamfence

    SON 2020

    He has no future, he's wooden on a bike and they can see that.
  12. foamfence

    SON 2020

    This is depressing.
  13. foamfence

    European Union - In Or Out?

    How do you come to that conclusion, he's just announced no further negotiations.
  14. foamfence

    SON 2020

    Might as well not turn up sadly.

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