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  1. foamfence

    All speedway

    Actually we are a very rich country, you can't turn the clock back you can only go with things as they are and can be. Experiments HAVE been made with lower admission prices but they make little difference. Many of the leading promoters and managers ARE ex riders.
  2. I believe he was using David Wallinger's engines at Redcar.
  3. foamfence

    Torun 2019..

    Tatum's slurring and spluttering has picked up with Pearson's shouting, if it goes down to the final I might have to switch off the volume.
  4. You might wish to go over your spelling of some of these names.
  5. foamfence

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    That's true but they're both awkward tracks.
  6. foamfence

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    The one possible problem is that they have three big meetings on consecutive nights but I think this is their best chance of silver wear this season.
  7. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    You can't go on other meetings.
  8. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Disappointed because I hoped for a chance, now I can't see one but If I'm proven wrong I'll be very happy to come back here and admit it.
  9. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    That's very assuming of you, I was disappointed with eight points and I doubt I'm alone in that.
  10. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Eight points sadly not enough I fear.
  11. Yes well Lemmo has a habit of signing his pet Aussies.
  12. Yes! The Pirates are sunk and Muddlo looks queezy.
  13. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    I really hope so and I'd be delighted but often guests don't perform to their current form, let's hope this time they do.
  14. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    I think the lead needs to be in double figures, a lot depends on the guests.
  15. foamfence

    GB manager

    So Simon Stead and Olly Allen are to be GB team joint managers, sounds like a comedy duo but hopefully it won't turn out to be, good luck fellas.
  16. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Proctor would be a backward step in my opinion.
  17. foamfence

    Alternative speedway group

    Your work in that respect is highly valued, mistakes or no mistakes. Sadly this thread (like many others) has descended into ganging up and nastiness from a number of posters.
  18. foamfence

    Alternative speedway group

    A poster on here, who I'd never heard of and never replied to, he even challenged me to report it to what he called "the mods" and then came back again under a different ID, after that I noticed him elsewhere on a third ID! I have a good record here as you can see and at well past 70 years old I'm not likely to get involved in violence.
  19. foamfence

    Alternative speedway group

    Personally yes, there are too many nasty people (I've had physical threats by PM) but I understand and accept your point.
  20. foamfence

    Alternative speedway group

    Sounds familiar, there's no reason to expect that those who ruined this forum won't ruin another.
  21. foamfence

    Black Sunday - 30 Years on

    I live near there and was actually on the first/second bend terracing, I couldn't imagine a worse crash.
  22. foamfence

    2020 Wildcards

    Wouldn't pick the latter two.
  23. foamfence

    Alternative speedway group

    You can't actually tell whether it's OK until you do join, as it's a closed group.
  24. foamfence

    Alternative speedway group

    It's probably just as well if you have ambition for a large membership.

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