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  1. foamfence

    Too much pressure

    So how are riders supposed to progress? There are others who are doing OK.
  2. Yes, broken bone in his wrist but he's riding with it strapped up.
  3. foamfence

    Too much pressure

    I think there'll always be those who fall by the wayside, moving up isn't just about riding ability, it needs a strong and determined mindset.
  4. It's OK moaning but who do you suggest should have replaced Rosco and Harris? Rosco is probably the most successful manager in the country, Harris might be on the downward spiral but there's no real replacement, Bewley might get there but he hasn't yet fully recovered from his accident and long lay off. people mention Steve Worrall but he isn't improving and often looks too rigid on a bike. If you look at greats from the past they were usually pretty good from the start (much like Dudek and co, Darcy and Holder), we had some bad luck this year, you can't really plan for that.
  5. foamfence

    Brummies v Bears

    Thought he'd retired.
  6. foamfence

    Redcar v Scorpions 12.7.19 League

    Is Rathbone actually a NL rider? Woolley seems to be in and out of teams as well. Anyway it was just a blip, Redcar will certainly finish higher than Scunthorpe by the end of the season.
  7. foamfence

    Redcar v Scorpions 12.7.19 League

    With two national league riders AND r/r, Redcar were weak!
  8. foamfence

    Redcar v Scorpions 12.7.19 League

    I'm guessing he didn't want to take any risks while Redcar are so severely weakened, probably Scunny's only chance of an away win (meanwhile the first two in the 2v meeting are Scotland bound!) this season.
  9. People are what they are and you have to accept that, if you can't then maybe you'd be better elsewhere.
  10. Actually Summers approached Havelock and told him what Glasgow had offered, Havelock said he didn't blame him for taking what was an amount way above what he'd imagined. As I said, your trophy cabinet is hardly bulging, I also said that Speedway here would be better for having more promoters with the financial backing of yours. Yes they certainly have made a nicer stadium and facilities but I never actually mentioned them. It seems some people on here are developing a complex about any sort of criticism, most of which would seem like nothing more than banter and the usual fan rivalry, with possibly a bit of jealousy in a very few cases.
  11. I very much doubt that everyone actually hates Glasgow but I remember some promoters were critical of the way they just outbid everyone for whoever they want (remember the Brian Havelock, Summers incident). In the main it hasn't seemed to work, as you change personnel as frequently as other teams and your trophy cabinet isn't exactly bulging. Speedway in the UK would be better for more owners with a sound financial backing though.
  12. Well it's as good an excuse as any.
  13. foamfence

    Redcar v Glasgow KOC (1st leg)

    Sign him up! Nobody dare pass him.
  14. foamfence

    REDCAR 2019

    The fact is he hasn't progressed in the way he was expected to, many other young riders have caught up and overtaken him (literally), that doesn't mean he can't or won't improve but currently he's even disappointing in the NL.
  15. foamfence

    REDCAR 2019

    Looking on the bright side..... They've signed a new number one and found an adequate replacement for a rider with a serious injury.
  16. foamfence

    Bears sign Erik Riss

    This is already featured on the Redcar forum.
  17. foamfence

    REDCAR 2019

  18. foamfence

    REDCAR 2019

    I'd rather some young up and coming rider, the Andersen's have had their chances.
  19. foamfence

    Leicester Vs Redcar 29/06/19

    Glad I'm not there.
  20. How about "medication grounds"?
  21. foamfence

    Redcar v Leicester Friday 28th

    Bang goes any chance of a home win then.
  22. foamfence

    Sheffield 2019

    I think the only viable option is part-time or semi-pro racing, based around weekends and bank holidays, It's embarrassing to see meetings on TV with a pathetic number of spectators, we used to get bigger crowds for junior league meeting years ago, I doubt if any club in the country could pay it's way on just gate receipts.

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