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  1. 1 minute ago, Fromafar said:

    Think Ritchie Worrell says it all in this weeks SS,signed for Edinburgh  last year where he loves the track ,not going back though would have been great financially but not average wise as it would be high at the end of the season.Who says riders don’t watch there average. Joke IMO.

    Ritchie Worrell?

  2. 1 hour ago, waytogo28 said:

    One problem is that they nearly all, after a year or two, believe that they are "international star motorcyclists" even if they have only ever practised abroad. They are brave jockeys of high powered bikes who need only to battle for the first half lap of a race, before waiting to see if they can start better next time. That skill must be worth £100k  a season they believe, but sadly there are so few paying punters interested in their gating ability that if they get 25% of that in future they will be lucky. Part-time semi-pro status for those who race on in future.


    Bog standard 250 cc bikes would produce better racing despite Rob Godfrey's declaration that racing is better than it has ever been. Were that so, the terraces would be heaving instead of being almost areas of empty silence. 

    I think a very big problem is tracks, most are inaccessible unless you have transport and when you get there the facilities are embarrassing. What produced great racing in the days of the upright engine, isn't now up to the job, Belle Vue is brilliant (but too pricey) but some (once great) raceways are now too narrow and the bends aren't flowing enough.

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  3. 2 hours ago, gustix said:

    A challenge to find 10 Irish speedway riders. There was activity in both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland circa late 1940s early 1950s period. The only Irish riders I can trace at the moment are Dom Perry, J Costello, F Cipa.

    I remember Richie Tyler from Ireland, doing a second half at Halifax (late60s-early70s).

  4. Frank Varey, Jack Parker, Tommy Roper, Eric Boothroyd, Arthur Forrest, Graham Plant, Nigel Boocock, Mark Loram, Andrew Silver and Kenny Carter. I never saw Varey ride but we were born in the same village and he was a friend of my dad, who was also a motorcyclist.

  5. 20 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

    We now know why Harris keeped quiet when sacked by panthers, keep it zipped & you can go to Foxhall OR NO premier slot for 2019! 

    Looks like Tungate flatly refused to return to Ippo, rider control 1960s style has returned to Speedway GB via Buster "C". That's "C" for control? 

    He didn't keep quiet, he made a statement about it on Twitter.

  6. 23 hours ago, gustix said:

    George Mudgway was a New Zealander who was with Bradford in 1947. In New Zealand he was a leading performer in grass track and speedway. He had an impressive reputation in his homeland in a career that dated back to the mid-1930s. I think that he came from Auckland. I would be interested in more background regarding his New Zealand racing career. Mudgway only had the one season in Britain.

    Jade Mudgway is from NZ and rode here a few years back, he now lives in the north and will be Redcar team manager in the coming season, could be linked?

  7. This is impossibly difficult, if pride is simply achievement then just go through the records and list the most impressive but if pride means someone who seemed to give their all, no matter what, then we get down to our personal experiences in whatever capacity we attended Speedway. Blokes who gave their all and who readily come to mind (mine that is) are; Aub Lawson, Nigel Boocock, Peter Craven, Torbjorn Harrysson and Andrew Silver. I think someone who you know is doing their best, is at least as impressive as someone who has the winning formula and seems to find it oh so easy.

  8. On 1/15/2019 at 9:16 PM, speedy bill said:

    Just scrolled through all team declarations ,and was both sad and pleased to see that Adam Roynan is not listed on any team sheet.Adam must be one of the bravest riders to ever take to the track.He as suffered some horrific injury's during his career most of witch should have been enough to make most men retire ,if this is the end for Adam  i am   sure he will be remembered as one brave bloke.


    You can't even spell his name right, let alone the heading.

  9. 27 minutes ago, BluPanther said:

    This terrible news leaves a few riders without a team in 2019. The future looks very bleak for British speedway...

    It does but this has proven that the team was hired falsely, if you aren't sure of running you shouldn't be able to assemble a side, most if not all of those riders would have been snapped up months ago if they had been known to be available.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Fromafar said:

    While I  agree its the product that matters,can they justify the prices they are currently charging for the “ watering down”.Think a lot of people will thinking twice regarding paying former “big names” over the top money IMO.

    I think think next years team is better than this year's was.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Najjer said:

    My problem is the constant watering down of the product year on year. 1 x British 2 pointer should of been compulsory. Best of both worlds. 

    It's "should HAVE been compulsory" and it shouldn't. I thing British Speedway should give opportunities to young British riders, I think this years setup looks both refreshing and exciting and a pleasant change from helping foreign riders develop.

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