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  1. dukie


    can I ask you speedway fans have the crowds gone up stayed the same or gone down ?
  2. dukie

    Rye House 2018

    keep the faith perhaps buster will buy ryehouse for 2020
  3. dukie

    Ipswich 2019

    what happens at the end of the season when sorry if Ipswich have a bad season and finish bottom crowds down do you move back down or will buster keep you up or buy poole as matt ford wants to sell ?
  4. yes it is a cost if you have a family two adults 17 each plus kids then a programme and kids want a burger drink also petrol to get to the event as i work 2 until 10 i can"t get to meetings i just have to watch on sky just hope alll teams start next year fingers crossed and maybe one day a track back at bradford oh i can dream

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