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  1. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2019

    Foxhall will present a major challenge to Jake Allen’s style of riding. I’m sure he will succeed eventually, but can’t help think he’s going to struggle with the track initially.
  2. Pete

    A Merry Xmas and Happy New year to you and your family 

    see you in 2019

  3. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2019

    Jake was fiercely critical of the track last year and became unpopular with the track staff. Whilst his popularity grew with the fans, it decreased considerably with the management.
  4. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2019

    A Birmingham City fan? Goodness me SomersetBlue, I cannot believe you have admitted that......
  5. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2019

    Starry, please tell me that’s a tongue in cheek comment?
  6. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2019

    I have a slightly different view on the team that has been assembled. Schlein and Harris are two of the best modern day team riders and both have room for improvement. Moreover, they are team men through and through. Rowe and Atkins are a risk at reserve, but there won’t be too many other teams that will be strong in that department either. I’m hoping Rory and Bomber will be an integral part in bringing these youngsters on. I certainly don’t buy into the “last season payout” syndrome where Schlein is concerned He is a fierce competitor and a real winner, as is Harris. Berge is an excellent signing and always looks good around the OTA. plenty of point scoring room for manoeuvre with him Kurtz knows his way around Somerset and will seamlessly slot back into the team. You know what you’re going to get with Todd. 100% effort wherever he rides. I can see him riding in the difficult number 2 position and at least maintaining his average. Nico Covatti I predict will be the star of the season, and will continue his superb performances for the Rebels fear not, this is a playoff side, so don’t be surprised if there is more silverware this coming season.
  7. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon 2019

    I’m pretty certain the back straight bogs will be incorporated into the new look stadium Orlovski.
  8. It’s how on occasions Poole have achieved that success that rankles with some.
  9. Hello wotstheweatherlike! If you get chance, take a look back a few pages on the Somerset Kl thread. I have written my thoughts on the meeting. Best regards, EnglishRoundabout. 

  10. The stage was set at the OTA last night with a spectacular sunset. It was pitch black by 7pm, there was a chill in the air and the grass was heavy with due. Autumn was upon us and the end of the speedway season was nigh. Always a feeling of sadness for me, even going back to when I was a10 year old, I had those sad feelings that winter would bring long nights and no speedway. A big crowd witnessed some terrific racing once again on a superbly prepared track. The shale looked a distinctly darker red and Garry May indicated that he had employed further assistance to ensure the track was in tip top shape The introduction of former Rebel Charles Wright as a guest, brought a huge cheer from the crowd, and an even bigger cheer as he crossed the finish line in front in heat 3. The crowd were literally buzzing as Nico Covatti and Chris Harris inflicted the first defeat around the OTA for Niels Kristian Iversen for a long time. 3 consecutive maximums he had reeled off over the years, which in this day and age is a remarkable record. His defeat in this particular race was Slightly fortuitous in my opinion as NKI was gathering speed and momentum and gaining fast on the Rebels duo, before getting out of shape and losing ground again His victory over Jason Doyle from the back in heat 6, showed he definitely hadn’t forgotten the quickest route! He literally hunted Doyle down for two laps before pouncing with a superlative pass on the back straight Kings Lynn put up an excellent fight after going 10 points down mid meeting, reducing the deficit by just 4 points. S When Charles Wright hit the deck after attempting a swooping outside pass on Erik Riss, taking a horrible looking tumble, it looked like the Stars were right back in the match Wright lay stricken on the track for a number of minutes His helmet peak led snapped on the track nearby, and his groans of pain could be heard as the crowd fell silent . Incredibly, he was up on his feet and walking back to the pits, claiming his shoulder had popped out, but had gone straight back in again! Chris Harris rolled back the years with a fine pass on NKI in heat 13, and Jason Doyle seemed to persuade every inch of power from his slightly under performing machine in his final 2 races The Rebels had two heavy hitters at reserve in Covatti and Jake Allen and this made all the difference with the boththe Stars reserves, Lambert and Arnero looking decidedly weak. Robert Lambert unusually at Somerset had a poor meeting, and a mis firing Ty Proctor gave the Kings Lynn side little chance in the final few heats, as the Rebels turned up the gas An excellent meeting and a fine season by the Rebels, ended with the usual firework display and a promise from Garry May that he would do everything he could to bring back Charles Wright for the 2019 season. Heres hoping we will all be back here in 2019 EnglishRoundabout
  11. EnglishRoundabout

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    Classic KKS.
  12. Gavan, Shov is a wind up merchant. He loves his speedway and is a passionate Poole fan. His other passion is winding other supporters up. He’s done it for years and he did it as a kid. I knew him as a teenager and he was the same. You take him far too seriously
  13. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon 2019

    I’ve always been told length is important Blu.....not so much the shape though....
  14. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    Conciliatory/Rosco? Let’s be frank here, he wouldn’t know the definition of conciliatory if it smacked him in the mush!
  15. EnglishRoundabout

    Where is SCB

    Sim sure he will be quite happy speaking with like minded in mates........

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