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  1. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2020

    How in general did they ride together Bagpuss? I recall they spent quite a chunk of that season riding as partners at three and four in the Lynn side.
  2. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon Robins 2020

    No, the Swindon management have taken the correct “vision “ as they have foreseen that there won’t be any Premier League Speedway this season and therefore given their blessings for Doyle and Batchelor to ride in Poland. No need to step down a league.
  3. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Thanks for the attached Blu. Doyley as ever being as open and as honest about the situation. Furthermore, Confirming my opinion that there will be no British Speedway this season.
  4. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I guess something similar to early nineties football when their crowds were at an all time low. Suddenly there was a spike in interest ( I accept that was probably due to Sky money) but sometimes in life you only realise how you miss something when it isn’t there. So maybe Sky or someone else will provide the financial assistance the sport deserves and desperately needs.
  5. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Maybe this whole godamn awful thing will trigger a resurgence In British Speedway? Wouldn’t that be marvellous?
  6. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Don’t want to put a damper on what is already incredibly tough times, but personally, can’t see a speedway season in the UK this year.
  7. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2020

    Hello Idh! At least we know it wasn’t you flashing your camera on the back straight there! Hope you are keeping well during these difficult times mate.
  8. Hello Ian, I’m all good thanks. Was hoping to make a return to the mike on a bit part basis ( when Spencer was unable to do it) but it looks like it’s not happening this season. Isn’t it a dreadful situation? Hopefully you are keeping well and keeping that camera in focus mate!  Hope to see you in the future back at the OTA. Pete

    1. idh


      Hi Pete

      Camera at the ready for a restart.

      Had a bit of a scare got took the local RD&E hospital with a high temp . turned out to be a virus not covid im glad to say. home and recovering feeling a lot better now..... full of anti biotics 

      Stay safe Pete


    2. EnglishRoundabout


      Crikey Ian, I bet that was a real worry. Glad you are ok. Keep on keeping on.




  9. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon Robins 2020

  10. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I remember the Adver headlines pre season 2007, something like “ Roscos’s dream team”, referring to the line up he had put together for the coming season. The failure to win any trophies that year was very disappointing and I recall Leigh Adams being particularly disappointed with the Performance of the team in the second leg of the play off final at Coventry. The team simply buckled under the pressure of a fired up Coventry side that night. Personally I think both the 2007 team and the 2019 team were pretty evenly matched, and I’d agree that the teams in 2007 were much stronger, I’d take the 2019 to win a match between the two sides, if anything because the 2019 team appeared to be much tougher mentally.
  11. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2020

    There was definitely an issue that particular season. It happened on at least three or four occasions. Mind you, I’m sure it’s not unique to Somerset.
  12. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2020

    What I would say about Ben Barker, and I’m sure there are plenty of Plymouth fans that would back me up on this, is that he is one of the sports best team riders. His team riding especially at Plymouth was outstanding when he rode there 5 years or so ago. Sadly that art has become almost redundant these days Barker absolutely loves being the pantomime villain and I reckon that helps fire him up even more. But like you guys have said, he puts everything into every race.
  13. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2020

    He was probably on his toes if he knew you were after him Ray!
  14. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2020

    Exactly right. I remember a quote from Mads Kornelieussen when the two rode together at KingsLynn some years ago. He said that he not only had to watch out for the opposition at the race for the first bend, but also for his partner Olly Allen!! Says it all really! Anybody remember when Olly was a country mile in front during one meeting, and then he unexpectedly pulled up on the third and fourth bend....he claimed he saw a red light, but it was obviously someone with a flash camera. He was absolutely furious...from where I stood I could actually hear Olly screaming in frustration as he coasted around the track
  15. EnglishRoundabout

    Somerset 2020

    I don’t think he ever rode the OTA again after he left us. He was absolutely no nonsense going into the first bend and didn’t suffer fools gladly. Often his team mates would cop it too, but I remember Olly saying the first bend was “ all or nothing “ Olly was a great skipper at Somerset and often gave his time up for a mid meeting interview, answering fans questions and giving his opinion on speedway stuff Definitely missed at the OTA.

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