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  1. EnglishRoundabout

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    Classic KKS.
  2. Gavan, Shov is a wind up merchant. He loves his speedway and is a passionate Poole fan. His other passion is winding other supporters up. He’s done it for years and he did it as a kid. I knew him as a teenager and he was the same. You take him far too seriously
  3. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon 2019

    I’ve always been told length is important Blu.....not so much the shape though....
  4. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    Conciliatory/Rosco? Let’s be frank here, he wouldn’t know the definition of conciliatory if it smacked him in the mush!
  5. EnglishRoundabout

    Where is SCB

    Sim sure he will be quite happy speaking with like minded in mates........
  6. The alleged “one line” OTA produced some superb racing again tonight. At the half way point it looked like the meeting could have gone either way. Once again, Craig Cook looked very fast and blasted to a victory over Jason Doyle in heat 6. Its a very long time since Doyle has been beaten by the length of a straight. Cook looked on fire. Interestingly after passing Holder in heat 4; Cook waved sarcastically at The Aussie on the way back to the pits as Holder went to shake his hand Another spectacular first bend pile up, similar to one which occurred a few weeks back, this time involving BWD and Doyle sent Rebels fans hearts in their mouths as both riders were sent hurtling into the air fence. Incredibly, both men eventually got to their feet and walked back to the pits. Doyle looking decidedly dejected with life and BWD resembling a chimney sweep rather than a speedway rider, his face blackened with shale. The Rebels seemed to raise their game in the face of adversity and began to increase their fragile lead. Cook’s luck ran out after his first bike suffered the gremlins in the pits, so he jumped on his second bike, which then failed at the start. He was without a functionable bike for heat 15. Jack Holder, once again in irresistible form around the Somerset track, literally ‘smoked’ heat 11. His exhaust appeared to be emitting more and more smoke as the laps went on. Rebels fans were left praying that he would complete the four laps as thick smoke poured from his machine. A faulty lead which leaked oil onto his exhaust proved to be the problem and prevented the Aussie taking part in heat 15. Heat 15 proved to be another cracking race with the revitalised Jake Allen producing a scorching last to first victory. The young Aussie, using both outside and inside lines to pass, hunted down Max Fricke, before executing a perfect inside pass. His joyous punching of the air salute as he crossed the line, showed how much his victory meant to him. On this performance, the Rebels look in terrific shape for the second leg at Bellevue, but also the up coming play off 1st leg against Poole. “We will smash em” roared a pumped up Garry May in the after match interview, where he confirmed that Jason Doyle will be fit for that match.
  7. EnglishRoundabout

    Where is SCB

    He had his supporters on here mind.....when he and I disagreed (which was pretty regular) often it was “Shawn this or Shawn that” from other posters Always found him arrogant.
  8. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon 2018

    The great Leigh Adams described Somerset as “ a great fast race track”. He broke the track record there and said afterwards, “ I had a blast riding that track”. That’s good enough for me
  9. EnglishRoundabout

    Where is SCB

    Wasn’t a fan either.
  10. I will offer a different option. Why is there pressure on Somerset? There’s no pressure on them. They are in their second season in the top flight. Remember last season when most people said they had assembled a championship side? The Rebels narrowly missed out on the playoffs. This year, apparently they assembled a top heavy team due to Jason Doyle’s presence in the side. As with every team at the start of the season, the play offs were the aim. However, this team of racers built by Garry May, now have an excellent chance to get to the final. There is no pressure on Somerset at all. Everybody at the OTA is already celebrating a superb season, a season which in all honesty has proved way above expectations in reality. Lose to Poole, then fine. The coffers have been boosted, appetites wetted for next year. Beat the Pirates, then the whole speedway world will be willing them on in the final. Lose the final, then they will be congratulated for a team that in 2002, were racing on a virtually ploughed field, to a team that contested the final of the very top tier.
  11. I guarantee there won’t be one racing line. It just isn’t like that at Somerset, and if they even considered doing such a thing, it would only be detrimental to the Rebels. Somerset riders want all racing lines available. Allen BWD and Holder prefer the outside line, Lawson, Summers and Doyle the inside. Trust me Shov, if there are multiple racing lines, we are in for an absolute cracker of a meeting. Don’t fall for the Garry May tongue in cheek “ we doctored the track” rubbish. You are the king of the wind up, surely you didn’t fall for Mr May’s wind up on TV?
  12. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon - Wolves 30.7.18

    Is the fact that this thread is up and running and started by another poster causing you some discomfort? Start some ballacks conversation on the Peterborough thread Jeremycorbynfan.
  13. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon 2018

    And Jeremycorbynfan on the championship thread.
  14. EnglishRoundabout

    A sorry from RR2017

    Yeah right. About authentic as a Donald Trump handshake.
  15. EnglishRoundabout

    Swindon 2018

    Smith has had plenty of opportunities and is unlikely to improve. At best he will reach a similar level to another former Swindon reserve...Nathan Greaves.

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