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  1. Can he not take a ride of one of the reserves ?
  2. He is a different beast this days i think . getting beat up in most 50/50s these days .
  3. I would say he made a observation more than a been critical .
  4. There have been 4 rounds prior . I assume the poster is including these meetings in his observation .
  5. Reserves will let them down i think Wroclaw win by 4-6 points .
  6. Instead of a silly emoji why not put why you disagree .
  7. Visually, the track looks good during the track test, the competitors do not have problems with smooth running. Looks like were racing .
  8. Face covering is no longer mandatory in public spaces if the social distancing is observed. Face covering is still mandatory in stores, public transportation, houses of worship, etc. 2 metre rule still in place where it can be .
  9. No still 25% but there not spread out correctly.

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