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  1. Birmingham 2018

    This is why the majority did not want you as team manager so unprofessional spouting off on the speedway forum head in hands man so so so amateurish. Hopefully the Masons will be notified of this and tell you to wind your neck in spats on social media is hopefully not condoned by the management . Personally now your appointed you have my full backing as a Brummies fan i will support you and your riders as much as possible and will still be getting my season ticket.
  2. Coventry Bees Nl ?

  3. Birmingham 2018

    Oh good stuff your not bothered who it is cool
  4. Birmingham 2018

    Who would you like to see fill the remaining places ?
  5. Leicester Lions 2018

    Excellent side you have built well chuffed for you hopefully the team can be well supported ..
  6. Scorpions 2018

    What about luke chessell he has returned ? is he a 2.00 rider ?
  7. Birmingham 2018

    If memory serves me right you came to PB towards the end of that season and he scored 7-8ish which i think was the performance that got him hes move beating some very decent riders. Where does all this Tai rubbish about hes never around him hardly during the season plus there is ample help already at Birmingham in the pits with many support staff with the likes of mick s etc who every rider will tell you they do a great job..
  8. Birmingham 2018

    correct lesson learnt engage my before my mouth ...
  9. Birmingham 2018

    my bad i apologise i thought we only had 6.11 left but its 7.11 so layne another 3 pointer not so bad now. Although i will say there is no improvement in walkers average
  10. Birmingham 2018

    that will be on average 35 points a meeting wheres the other 11 coming from to win a meeting ????
  11. Birmingham 2018

    Well that is 2 dreadful signings worst averaged rider in the league this signing confirms our bottom half finish i am afraid
  12. Betting in 2018

    any you like makes no odds
  13. Betting in 2018

    Yes they did i know a lot more than you trust me. tell me what meeting they never offered any markets on and i will prove they did ??
  14. Swindon 2018

    Tracks are paid approx 1.5m a year to host bags meetings
  15. Birmingham 2018

    I think your correct guys cant see any potential tail wagging this season . If Layne signs it will be crucial he picks up a minimum 5 points every meeting and increases hes average to 5.5ish Lots of pressure on flint he will need to average around 5.5 also that leaves the two reserves to pick up a couple of points each ..