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  1. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Hmm so Proctor signs of Leicester as predicted. Something strange going off here. As a Sheffield fan I am pretty annoyed to be honest, as I imagine many other Tigers fans are too...
  2. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield v Eastbourne

    Give kid Kemp a break jeeeeeeezzzz
  3. A home win predicted but I have a feeling it will be closer than what the Somerset meeting was. Kasper Andersen will have humongous point to prove and will want to be among the points.
  4. Drew Kemp: -> Seems to be low on confidence and under powered, however i do rate him very highly and when everything "clicks" he will be a force. Ty Proctor: -> Frustrating me a lot now. Only seems to be happy when he is riding for Lynn. Kyle Howarth: -> ????
  5. Just seen the updates regarding Heat 2 and Zaine Kennedy, sounded horrific, hope he is ok after what sounded to be a nasty collision with the fence.
  6. OdsalBoy

    Idiosyncratic signings

    Danny Maassen - Sheffield.
  7. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Shame Roman Abramovich doesnt like a bit of speedway.
  8. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    If the rubbish does hit the fan and the doors close then i think a farewell meeting is a MUST. Here's an idea. Sheffield Star Select : Carl Stonehewer, Lee Complin, Simon Stead, Facundo Albin, Sean Wilson, Simon Cartwright, Matt Cambridge. VS Sheffield Tigers: Danny King, Drew Kemp, Tyron Proctor, Josh MacDonald, Kyle Howarth, Broc Nicol, Zaine Kennedy
  9. Sheffield are going to have their work cut out in this fixture. Cameron Heeps showed us previously that he loves this track, combine him with Nicholls and flying Ryan Douglas and you can already see the points mounting up for Leicester. Mountain aint no slouch around Owlerton either. A tuffie this one !
  10. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Pleased with the signing of Josh Macdonald, from what i have seen of him he looks very impressive.
  11. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    Apparently Danny was kicking off in the pits afterwards.
  12. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    Wouldn't surprise me if changes weren't too far away for the Sheffield team. Kasper Andersen seems to be having a real tough time of it of late. Ty Proctor seems to ride better against us rather than for us. Not sure on who can come in though. . . .
  13. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    Todd Kurtz knows the score, he knows how to ride Owlerton, Whoever the guest the outcome will still be the same. Scunny get ironed. Simples.
  14. OdsalBoy

    MY Top 20 Riders

    1. Zaine Kennedy 2. Zaine Kennedy 3. Zaine Kennedy 4. Zaine Kennedy 5. Zaine Kennedy 6. Zaine Kennedy 7. Zaine Kennedy 8. Zaine Kennedy 9. Zaine Kennedy 10. Zaine Kennedy 11. Zaine Kennedy 12. Zaine Kennedy 13. Zaine Kennedy 14. Zaine Kennedy 15. Zaine Kennedy 16. Zaine Kennedy 17. Zaine Kennedy 18. Zaine Kennedy 19. Zaine Kennedy 20. Zaine Kennedy
  15. OdsalBoy

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Well this is interesting. Jedd was removed from the team and replaced. Now there are talks of Jedd being offered a place again. If i was Jedd i would tell the promotion to go and "smell my finger" . Then i'd wait for an opportunity to come knocking at a real team like Sheffield, sign for them, then score countless maximums against Scunny to show what they were missing. The "List" of frustrations just seem to get bigger and bigger for Scun fans .....

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