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  1. Shanes has to be installed as the favourite for this one.
  2. Should be a cracker of a meeting this one, looking forward to seeing how the young Aussies get on around Owlerton.
  3. If this meeting runs then i honestly cannot see Sheffield getting much from this (Pains me to say that) but just my thoughts. UTT
  4. Sheffield Speedway present the "TOP GUN" individual event at Owlerton next Thursday (19/07/18). formerly known as the "Steel City Championship/ Cream Of The Conference". These meetings usually turn out to be very interesting with great racing on show, so i encourage all to go to this one for sure. Usually a good mixture of NL/ New Aussies/ Untried Euro riders etc makes for a very interesting field, very raw with such good racing on show. Thoughts everyone ? I see Josh Coyne is riding, could we be seeing Cooper Riordan also ?
  5. OdsalBoy

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Apparently the Scorpions have signed Danish youngster Jensen Buur for 2019.
  6. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield v Ipswich 5/7/18 Championship

    Just seen that the Witches have signed Jeppesen, could be a handful if he shows a liking for Owlerton.
  7. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield v Ipswich 5/7/18 Championship

    Ty PROCTOR guests at No.1 for the Tigers.
  8. Broc Nicol what a meeting. Sheffield should have sorted this situation with Josh Bates out way sooner, it has hurt us. Dimitri Berge = Yes Please.
  9. Garrity & Auty VS Sheffield. I predict a Sheffield win, no bother.
  10. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2018

    Always rated Mark Baseby to be honest and surprised we haven't seen more of him in the Championship to be honest. Dont know much about Jordan Hatcher though.
  11. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2018

    Drew Kemp anyone ? If not this season then pretty please for next ?
  12. Seasons a goddamn write off already. I hate my life.
  13. Brough is not the happiest of huntng grounds for the Sheffield Tigers, so let's see what happens here. Broc Nicol will hopefully still be on the gas after his impressive debut, on paper we can win this. :-)
  14. Great result for the Sheffield Tigers, Broc Nicol showed us a glimpse of whats to come from him ! Very stylish & impressive. On a side note with Glasgow - what's with Bomber Harris ? doesnt seem like the Bomber we all know so was this just a one off evening or has his form dipped in general ? Havent really been following his scores this season so far.

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