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  1. Hello - Well .. I was hoping to do the ironing but it didnt quite work out ! :-) Iron will be fixed for next week though :-)
  2. Sheffield 2018

    Gravvo is a good temporary signing, knows his way around Owlerton and will bag some points here and there, main body of team at away circuits could be a bit hit and miss but all in all a solid rider. Welcome back UTT.
  3. Brough is not usually happy hunting ground for Sheffield, that said with the way we are riding at the moment who knows ? Looks like some ironing could be getting done on Sunday ;-) UTT.
  4. Time to do the ironing ;-)
  5. Sheffield 2018

    Would love BWD to come in, but i think Jan Graversen is more likely to happen, unless Andre fancies dusting off his Kevlars ;-)
  6. Sheffield 2018

    Berge would be a great fit until Bates is back, however not sure if Dimi would want such a short term contract ? Does seem to get on well with the Sheffield Promotion and rides our track very very well, who knows.
  7. Sheffield 2018

    Wilson-Dean available in this league or has he been snapped up by a fellow Championship club ?
  8. I know what you mean about this, we used to have Hoggy on the mic at Sheffield and he used to drive me fu*?!ng nuts.
  9. no hatred, just banter.
  10. Can only see a Sheffield win.
  11. Scorpions 2018

    IRONED !
  12. Speight in as temp replacement ?
  13. Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    amazing night for the tigers and with a fit Bates in that team we look pretty darn good, Wright looking very stylish with Owlerton as his new home track.
  14. Riders demands over the years

    Stonehewer, Wilson, Smart, Coles, Thorp . . Those were the days.
  15. Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    Looking forward to this one. Had a bit of heavy rain lately so the track will be quite grippy i imagine. Sheffield win and cant wait to see how Shanes takes to his new track.