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  1. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Strange one that, thought Broc Nicol would have been nailed on for us, as mentioned above i Like Todd Kurtz but the PL may just be a bit hot for him. Hope if he does arrive then he is not paired with a Sarjeant/ Greaves type reserve as that would leave us fairly weak at the bottom end after such a good start to team building.
  2. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Jack Holder is signing number 4, wow Sheffield really going all out and putting together a massively attractive side ! Wow !
  3. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Peter Kildemand close to being announced.
  4. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Josh G confirmed for 2020: http://www.sheffield-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2815
  5. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    I really like Todd however I can't help thinking that the P.L may just be a bit too hot for him. Great in the Championship but may struggle in the PL.
  6. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Hearing it's a Kurtz...... But which one ?
  7. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Nicki + The fast Owlerton track = Pure Excitement !
  8. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Come on now Tigers fans lets pack those terraces out next season and get behind this team. The owners have done a grand job, back in the top flight and showing pure exciting ambition with the team building, also Thursday nights are back ! Wow what a start ...
  9. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    The thought of ringing the neck of a 500cc machine with no brakes and the word safety dont seem to fit together in my head for some reason.
  10. Ilia BONDARENKO aka "BONKY" would be a coup for any Champ team.
  11. OdsalBoy

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Pontus Gaard set to be unveiled as a Scorpion in the next 24 hrs.
  12. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Nothing to do with the Pedersen rumor but another rider i wouldn't mind seeing with us at Sheffield ....... Robert Lambert.
  13. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2020

    Would be happy with Pedersen if it were to be true :-)

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