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  1. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Bomber Harris ?
  2. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Wells looked like a right miserable so and so when he donned our colours a few years back, so cant see it being him.
  3. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    I'd be chuffed with Danny King as our new number 1, but i wonder who the second new rider is ? hmmm. Always wanted to see Adam Ellis at Sheffield but he probs rides Poland and his average might be high ?
  4. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    I'm saying Nick Morris.
  5. OdsalBoy

    Scunthorpe 2019

    1 Josh Auty 8.36 8.162 Steve Worrall 8.17 7.973 Jake Allen 7.37 7.374 Stefan Nielsen 5.66 5.525 Pontus Gaard 4.00 4.006 Alfie Bowtell 2.38 2.327 Mark Baseby 2.00 2.00
  6. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Probably wouldnt go for Lawlor at this stage.
  7. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    So ..... With a drop in points limit and a change of race night, who do we think we could see in our 2019 line up ? I doubt we will go too top heavy, i think we could see a balanced line up. Andersen and Bates to Join Kennedy ?
  8. OdsalBoy

    Goodbye and thank you for the memories (for now!)

    Word around the campfire is that Mr Drew Kemp could be wearing a Sheffield race jacket next season ;-)
  9. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    If you want to make an omelette you have to break some eggs ;-)
  10. OdsalBoy

    Scunthorpe 2019

    This post makes me smile, Kasper Andersen will more than likely be with Sheffield. Kyle Howarth will more than likely be with Sheffield.
  11. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Anyone reckon Mark Baseby could be worth a shot in the Championship next season ? Has he ever ridden at that level consistently before ? Always seems to do a solid job in the NL...
  12. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    I know in my previous post i wasnt sure about Charles but that is a very tidy looking line up, massive fan of Adam Ellis.
  13. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Josh G - YES Charles - NO Kyle - YES Kasper - HELL YES Zaine - Already signed so YES Lawlor - NO Dimi - YES
  14. OdsalBoy

    Workington 2018 .

    Title should have been with Sheffield.
  15. OdsalBoy

    Sheffield 2019

    Don't shoot the messenger but ..... A reliable group of friends are saying that David Howe is not far off being announced as signing No.2 for the Tigers very soon ..

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