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  1. Rye House 2018

    The rule kus not illegal unless and until it is tested in the courts. The general opinion is that it very likely would be deemed illegal but as long as both sides consent to the situation there is no problem. It seems to me therefore, that the real issue therefore is whether anyone is prepared to invest the time and money fighting such a case.
  2. Rye House 2018

    I am just thinking aloud here , but let’s take the scenario you suggest, and promoter A signs a rider out of contract who is an asset of promoter B . What happens next ? Step one, can the BSPA refuse to sanction promoter A’s team, in which case he can’t compete without signing someone else ? That would mean it’s pointless signing the rider in the first place. If not, what would be the next step ? Presumably litigation, but the downside of that is that is would take probably two years and a lot of money the get to court . Next question. what would promoter B sue for ? Presimably his only loss would be for loan fees. I dont know what a seasons loan fee amounts to but if it is less than about £5000 it would probably go to the small claims court with no costs being awarded so employing lawyers would probably cost more than the amount involved. Given the dire state of speedways finances would any promoter really want to to take such a case on ? Would any rider be bothered to when he can get another job easy enough? These are thoughts that I have pondered over for a few years now, not saying I am right but it seems to me that given the state of speedways finances, it seems to me that nobody is likely to have the time, money or inclination to do anything other than trundle along* in the same old way. Anyone else have thoughts on the practicality of the situation?
  3. Lakeside 2018

    They haven't been allowed to do anything yet because neither Lakeside nor any other team has yet been approved.
  4. Lakeside 2018

    I think you can take it as read that there will be not Thursday race nights. The whole reason Cook had to decline the Premier League was because mid week race nights don't pay. Friday/Saturday have been the only viable race nights for years, and that's what it seems it will be.
  5. Poole 2018

    What’s going on with Holder these days ? A couple of years ago I would have said Poole was in his DNA but he seem# to have lost his way now, in more ways than one. Has Darcey s injury and Dave Watts retirement got. something to do with it , being without his mates.? Or would I be wrong to suggest th3 younger Holder is a package of trouble and causing problems ?
  6. The C word ( chaos )

    It’s quite amazing that Philip Rising tells us there are “many” rules that contradict one another but neither he nor anyone else can name them.
  7. Robert Lambert

    There have always been talented 19/20 year olds down the years, many of them travelled halfway round the world on their own to be here. Some went on to become World Champions some never quite fulfilled their early promise. As far as I can recall I don’t think a single one of them had their mother causing trouble wherever they went. The jury is still out on Lambert. maybe he will go on to be genuine world class, maybe he will merely be very good but the sooner he detaches himself from that dreadful woman’s apron strings the better.
  8. Who is the Greatest ?

    Finishing on the rostrum in 8 consecutive World Finals does not, of itself prove outstanding professionalism . Fundin had 12 or. 13 consecutive rostrum finishes and far more than Mauger in total but that is is not proof of greater professionalism. Mauger didn't suddenly come along and drag a rough and ready sport out of the dark ages. He was part of an ongoing cycle of development. What Mauger did was to take ideas that were already developing and take them a stage futher, just as others took Maugers ideas and developed them further. Mauger was the best rider of his generation, assuming you class Briggs , Fundin and Moore in an earlier generation, and the top Danes in a later generation. I dont think you can put it more precisely than that.
  9. Who is the Greatest ?

    What exactly was Mauger doing that Ronnie Moore wasn't doing in principle 10 years earlier and or that Tommy Price wasn't doing before Moore even arrived here ?
  10. Who is the Greatest ?

    There are quite a few riders who didn't exactly think it was a bundle of laughs riding on the same track as Fundin !
  11. Who is the Greatest ?

    Perhaps it’s horses for courses though. Briggs form was more erratic than Fundin (or Mauger for that matter ) but when he was on form and really had his head in the right place he was IMO completely unbeatable. You only have to look at the footage of his World Final win in Sweden in ‘64 or ‘66 (cant remember which ) when it rained furiously throughout and there was more sawdust on the track than shale.Everybody else was all over the place but Briggo waltzed home as if it was perfect conditions. The other thing to remember is that in the Briggs /Fundin era they didn’t earn the money they get now and towards the latter half of each career they both had outside interests which must have been a distraction, and with the financial incentive of the modern sport they both may well have ridden longer with undivided attention and achieved even more than they did. Finally, as I have said before Ivan Maugers words : If there was no Barry Briggs there would have been no Ivan Mauger. What he meant was to be World Champion he had to study everything Briggs did and build on it, just as Olsen and later generations took Mauger as their example and built on that, so it’s really a bit futile to put one against another from different eras.
  12. Lakeside 2018

    Hope not. Paul is ok as a rider and a competent mechanic but too hot headed IMO for TM
  13. Lakeside 2018

    Its confirmed in Speedway Star that Scott Nicolls had agreed terms with Lakeside before being told he wasn't allowed to ride in the CL. So just to be clear, Lakeside were not allowed to sign a rider that finished last season on a PL average of 7.78 , but it was ok to sign a rider that finished on an average of 8.87. Anyone fancy having a go at explaining the logic behind that ?
  14. Lakeside 2018

    No mention of Kelvin coming back. I hope I 'm not reading too much into the fact that he hasn't been mentioned but he has a big role to play especially with the younger riders. . I hope Ken Driscoll is back doing the track next year. A lot of riders were praising his track prep last year .
  15. Lakeside 2018

    Spot on its horses for courses. Personally I never really liked National League racing last year but some enjoy it so I don't see why others feel the need to knock it, If people don't like the racing at any track nobody is forcing them to pay to go and watch. BTW, admission for next year set at £17 for those that are interested.