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  1. E I Addio

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Melvyn Robinson - One Time musician with the Temperance Seven, who later became my Art Teacher and eventually became a professional artist and was still exhibiting paintings in his 80’s.
  2. E I Addio

    Song Title Game

    Here Comes My Baby - Tremoloes
  3. E I Addio

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Paul Prichard - Cricket
  4. E I Addio

    Song Title Game

    On The Beach - Cliff & The Shads
  5. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Well, that’s your view, but but unless you have the gift of clairvoyance I doubt that you or anyone else could hazard more than a wild guess at what will happen in the future. At present both the Labour leader and at least one of his shadow cabinet are saying we won’t rejoin. But we live in strange times. It may be that neither of them are even in place at the next election, nor the Tory leader come to that. There are any number of permutations of what might happen next time round. Personally I expect things to get worse rather than better, and more divided , more bitter, than more united, not just in the U.K. but around the world. Apart from that , I wouldn’t attempt to predict what will go on in the Corridors of Power.
  6. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Yes, the UK is part of Europe, and Europe is part of a world in turmoil, to use the words of the Secretary General of the UN.
  7. E I Addio

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    David Jason - Actor/Comedian
  8. E I Addio

    Song Title Game

    Living Doll - Cliff
  9. E I Addio

    The Colston Statue

    That’s a good question and there is no easy black and white answer . However when the Berlin Wall came down communism was being rolled back and the check points on the gates had been opened to allow free movement between East and West, so the wall was no longer serving any practical purpose. At one time protesters dismantling the wall would have been shot but that was no longer the case. That seems to be a long way from removing the Colston Statue. If people want to protest they can but there should be financial consequences for the losses incurred by others for the damage caused by the protesters.
  10. E I Addio

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Ok . Andy Smith - Speedway
  11. E I Addio

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Madeline “Maddy” Prior. - Singer
  12. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Actually one Wes Streeting did also say they probably wouldn’t want us back after all the trouble there has been! With a world in turmoil who can really say what Europe or the EU will look like in even two or three years time ?
  13. E I Addio

    Your Sandor Levai stories and anecdotes

    I didn’t see much of him but he was chalk and cheese against the world class Hurri-Ken McKinlay. It’s like comparing,Claud Vissing to Leigh Adams. I have to admit that my opinion is based on not seeing much of much of him but whereas Tony Mac described him as a hard man I would say that is a euphemism for “ dirty rider”. The memory etched in my memory is of him with leading Olle Nygren, doing all he could to keep,Olle behind when he suddenly snapped the throttle shut on the back straight causing Olle,to hit the back of him and go head first over the handlebars. A stupidly dangerous move against a superior rider he was never going to beat by fair means, and one for which he was immediately excluded.
  14. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    “ If anybody thinks we are going back in the EU after the next election, whether we have a Labour Government or any other government they are very much mistaken. “. - Wes Streeting, MP , Remainer and Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Health , 26th Jan 2022.
  15. E I Addio

    The Colston Statue

    It appears he did.:- BBC - History - King Richard I , However, be that as it may we return to the fact that the thread is not about slavery, not about burning witches, bur about the principle of damaging property because you dont happen to agree with it and expecting the taxpayer to foot the bill.

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