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  1. E I Addio

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Sam Hagon - Speedwayj
  2. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Aukus is a disaster for the EU | The Spectator
  3. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Are you sure you didnt simply see the sign on Twitter ? David Hedley Todd on Twitter: "RT @wallaceme: You might have seen this sign about supposed Brexit shortages, spotted in a branch of Subway - it’s had thousands of retweet…" / Twitter
  4. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    This should put all the scare stories for about the Government sweeping away workers rights to bed for a while. Note the reference to the terms of the UK-EU Trade Agreement . https://brodies.com/insights/employment-and-immigration/post-brexit-review-of-workers-rights/#:~:text=Post-Brexit review of workers' rights dropped Following reports,post-Brexit workers'
  5. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Of course you are not going to get into discussions about it because apart from gossip and speculation there is no solid evidence of the Government wanting to “ Sweep away ALL protections “ ( your words ) . Laws are being updated , codified, overhauled and amended all the time, as society changes and technology changes but that rarely means a lowering of standards, far less a removal of standards as a net result. The Party conferences come up in a few weeks and we’ll see what if anything might be revealed then , but at this stage, as of today, your claim that they are ALL going to be swept away is merely scaremongering.
  6. E I Addio

    Joe Biden

    “ Hope springs eternal in the human breast “ . Was that Shakespeare? I don’t know , but what about this:- Every empire that became the most powerful administration of its day , ie Greeks , Egyptians Medo-Persians etc , eventually collapsed and another took over, until we get down to the Roman Empire. I was reading the other day something H.G. Wells wrote about it that set me thinking. The known world had expanded by Rome’s time and Wells take on it was that Rome big and incorporated so many different peoples it became, in Wells words a “ vast administrative experiment” that basically caught its governors unawares, and it got so big it became impossible to administer properly and like previous empires. Now, thinking about the term vast administrative experiment, that is in a sense what is happening to the world today. For the the first time in history we live in a global village. No country can stand alone, but there is no leader, no overall cohesion, nobody wants to give up their individual power or share their individual wealth. So like the smaller empires that have gone before it’s fracturing. This shouldn’t really surprise us because not only history but Ines day to day experience of life teaches us that the bigger things get the more inefficient they generally become and more difficult to administer they get. So perhaps the world is condemned by its own inefficiency, greed and bureaucracy, to go from bad to worse , from crisis to crisisand from one broken promise to the next. Just a few thoughts....
  7. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Virtually all our food standard laws , employment laws , and environmental laws are of higher standards than the EU minimum and higher than most of Europe . They have been maintained thus far after Brexit. We had this a few days ago when Pieman 72 claimed employment laws had in his words “been quietly dropped” Post Brexit. When I challenged him on this he couldn’t name one, nor could you. Since you have raised the the point again, and indeed now gone a step further , claiming the Government want to sweep away ALL protections, can you please identify for us the legislation that has repealed any of these laws, or any white paper that proposes the repeal of these laws ? .
  8. E I Addio

    Joe Biden

    Nor did I.
  9. E I Addio

    Joe Biden

    Where is the evidence that it will ever get better and not just stagger along from crisis to crisis, from failed government to failed government, and from one broken promise to the next ?
  10. E I Addio

    Wally Lloyd

    Not forgetting, in more modern times Leigh Latham and his brother running a chip shop !
  11. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    They’ll know the French subs are there because with their old Diesel engines they will have to surface after about 11 days. The AUKUS nuclear can stay down for 3 months And Frau Von Der Lion has started spouting off about an EU Army again. That would be the EU Army we were told on this thread there were no plans for
  12. E I Addio

    European Union - In Or Out?

    NZ have thrown their lot in with China. Money talks.
  13. E I Addio

    Wally Lloyd

    Alf Hagon , Tommy Price, Eric Boothroyd , Tommy Roper, Tommy Sweetman, Norman Hunter, Len Silver, Ken Middleditch, Barry Briggs and Ivor Brown are a few that spring to mind albeit a little more recent than Wally Lloyd.
  14. E I Addio

    Joe Biden

    Miss Idris, Mr Bold and Judge Kessler, I am not sure why poking a bit of fun at China Joe leads you all to the conclusion that it somehow suggest I am implying Trump is the better man. I made my opinion on Trump clear a long time ago :- Could not be possible in your joint opinions that they are both a pair of duffers ? Perhaps rather like Anthony Crossland's reported comment about the 1963 Labour leadership election which he said was between a crook and a drunk, except that this might be said by some to be between a crook and a dope ? Be honest men, don’t you find it even a teeny bit funny that the POTUS can’t remember the name of an ally he’s just done a multi billion dollar deal with ? All seems Monty Python-esq to me. Plenty of room for Trump comments on the Trump thread, although personally I dont find anything about him much other than distasteful. So take it lighted hearted guys.As a famous man once correctly said, it’s only a speedway forum, not life and death ( if you see what I mean?)
  15. E I Addio

    Joe Biden

    Keep your eyes on the auto-cue Joe ! ‘That fella down under’: Joe Biden appears to forget Scott Morrison’s name | News | The Times

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