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  1. E I Addio

    Wolves 2019

    Based on how Morris perfumed at Lakeside last year I would say that Wolves is a great move for both rider and club. If Morris is given a good racing surface ( which he will get at Wolves) he will be a very entertaining rider to watch I am sure. Pretty good gater, and decent overtaker when he doesn't make the start.. He rapidly became one of my favourite riders last season. He also seems very professional in his set up. Its only the poor racing surface at Swindon last season that kept his average down after a few bad knocks caused by the track. I wish Nick and Wolves well for the season.
  2. E I Addio

    lakeside 2019

    Yeah, but dullards like Chapman and Godfrey see that the other way round.
  3. E I Addio

    lakeside 2019

    Viewing is personal preference. I never minded going to RH a couple of times a year when the weather was nice and ejoyed the close up viewing but I wouldnt want it every week and for regular viewing I much preferred Arena, where I could always see the whole track from the main stand or entry to bend 1. As for racing, what you said is simply not true.Rye House is a converted stock car track. It is also a small track that rides like a big track, I.e.full throttle and if a half decent rider makes the gate and keeps the throttle open he won't be caught, especially as the straights are relatively narrow. . As for Lakeside being too flat, you only have to stand on the stock car track at the apex of the Speedwáy bends and you will see the Speedwáy bends are banked to around knee knee height. The racing at Lakeside was improved when the shape was changed to give more width going into the bends. Neil Middleditch described Arena as a thinking mans track, in other words a rider has to be thinking two steps ahead of where he is on the track all the time. Kelvin Tatum said that because it is mentally demanding a lot of riders are beaten in their minds before the race even starts. I think referee Chris Gay summed Arena up pretty well, he said Arena was not the best track he officiated at but it is in the top half. Unfortunately you, like several others on here want to impose your opinions as being absolute right or wrong, but there are plenty of long term Lakeside fans who take the opposite view. To see a rider like Peter Karlsson going from last to first with one of his famous cut backs, or riders like Ed Kennett or Lewis Bridger scraping the air fence and firing themselves off the banking at Arena is as good as you'll see anywhere. The great thing about Britsh Speedwáy is that all tracks are different and the style of racing is different. The problem is that some fans are too closed-minded to acknowledge that.
  4. E I Addio

    Wolves 2018

    I can see the logic of a one minute warning even though personally, I think it's a bit harsh. My point though, is that the issue is not whether the pit gate is opened or closed, it's a matter of having a fixed time interval in which the riders have to be back at the tapes.
  5. E I Addio

    Wolves 2018

    Opening or closing pit gates is irrelevant . All it needs is for the ref to put two minutes on immediately. If he does that ( which to ne fair many of them do), it doesn't matter whether the rider stays on the track, phones his girlfriend , or goes off and powders his nose, he still has to be back on the start in two minutes, which is hardly a massive delay.
  6. Let’s hope those in charge learn by this. They have to get the fixture list sorted. We have Ipswich fans, for example, having had 13 meetings and a season that finished in early August while others e.g. Lakeside Peterborough and Worky , with great gaps in the fixture list sometimes weeks between meetings then rushing to get meetings in before November.
  7. It would be a big improvement if they were.
  8. E I Addio

    Poole 2019

    Adam is poular whichever club he rides for. I ‘d have him back at Lakeside any day. When he left the club a few years ago he told me that he found the track difficult but wanted to come back eventually and master track because he knew itwould make him a better rider. Trrue to his word he came back this year and has been superb.More tothe point he has been a great team man. Good all round bloke and good rider. Can’t fault him. Any club that gets him next year will be lucky.
  9. He was, but Wards post was at best pathetic and childish so he can hardly complain. Nobody with a shred of decency gloats over Wards injuries, but his childish mentality existed long before he was injured. His post was intended to be provocative and ouch was provoked. That’s about all there is to it.
  10. I love Rob Gofreys comment : “ There was risk of damaging the credibility of the sport........”
  11. Lambert and Kurtz are both a bit strange looking though aren’t they ? A bit odd around the eyes I would say.
  12. That isn’t clear. It was originally listed on the BSPA site as a 2.30 start but when the line up was confirmed on the 20th Sept the start was given as 1 pm. It’s not clear why it was changed or whether the BSPA site was wrong ( not for the first time ) when the time was stated as 2.30.Nothing to suggest it either was or wasn’t changed at Lakesides request.
  13. Well, mor precisely it wasn’t applied two weeks earlier but whether it was there or not,we don’t seem to know. There are two separate things here. The first is whether the paying public were cheated. That we don’t know as far as the curfew was concerned. Answer possibly yes. Second question : did Lakeside cheat by applying a phoney curfew to gain an advantage ? I can’t see that they did. 10 points is not a massive advantage to take to an away track.Bearing in mind Lawson and Morris could go out in heat 15 and Newman more often than not makes heat 14 his own,if I were TM I would go for it and try to build a bigger advantage. Also Mick Bates is no fool. If he was told falsely that there was a curfew when there wasn’t there would be repercussions. I am pretty sure Mick would have checked that out anyway. Alls well that ends well. To decent teams deservedly get one cup final each , despite Godfreys attempts to wreck the season for both of them. Leave it at that.
  14. Am I missing something about this curfew ? Lakeside couldn’t possibly have won on aggregate so why would they claim there was a curfew for tactical reasons if there wasn’t one?
  15. I Wish someone would Tippex Rob Godfreys name off the Management Committee of the BSPA.

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