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  1. My electric bill has more than doubled from £800 to £1,700 and the BBC says they could go up to £3,000 by the end of the year! It’s going to cause poor people severe hardship, notwithstanding the government’s £300 grant/loan this year. I understand the world supply issues, particularly with gas being used to generate electricity, but I can’t understand why the daily service charge has increased from 24p to 49p! That seems like profiteering. And my supplier is Shell, which is also making billions from oil. Surely it’s time to cap their profits, tax them heavily or create a State run competitor?
  2. Currently reading The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell, a 900 hundred page love story that I’ve always wanted to read but can’t recommend. I would recommend The Magus by John Fowles, a journey of deception for the reader and you won’t know what to believe.
  3. DC2

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    100% spot on
  4. It’s corrupt that only the rich have access to loopholes, both in terms of knowing about them and having the means to activate them. There should be a government loophole website that everyone can access and where choosing an exemption is simply a matter of entering your NI and passport numbers and pressing a button. No £30,000 fees or tax and legal experts required.
  5. But those restrictions don’t apply to Sunak’s wife. She earns income in the UK. I think though the stumbling block would be owning a residence in India as I think only Indian nationals can buy there, but renting a home might get over it? I don’t think it’s necessary to pay the £30k if you don’t intend to avoid Income Tax.
  6. But she’ll retain her India tax domicile and not have to pay CGT or Inheritance Tax. Just a thought, could we not all declare ourselves to be domiciled in India?
  7. DC2

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Are the queues not down to daft Covid absences in border staff?
  8. DC2

    European Union - In Or Out?

    A non-story.
  9. DC2

    Energy Bills going mad

    So, in short, it could halve the tax. Out of interest I wonder if Norway negotiated preferential rates for the oil and gas it takes from companies that hold the concessions in its territory or did it reserve certain fields for a State run company that can set lower prices for Norwegians? I assume we just trusted in capitalism and sold of concessions to the highest bidders, dimly happy to put ourselves at the mercy of OPEC’s price setting?
  10. DC2


    Apparently 1 in 2 people get cancer. If only we could pump £400 billion into research and treatment.
  11. DC2

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Students and others pick fruit on short term contracts around the world every year!
  12. DC2

    Energy Bills going mad

    Why is this line trotted out: ”Oil and gas are internationally traded commodities and we cannot insulate ourselves against price rises”. Isn’t that rubbish? Can’t we have a cheaper price from North Sea oil and gas? How much does petrol cost in the US and Saudi Arabia? Couldn’t the government halve its tax take (from about 80p to 40p)?
  13. DC2

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Ah, Remoaner short termism and denial of the impact of the stupid Covid response. Regardless, I’m quite happy to grant temporary visas for decent, honest seasonal workers like fruit and veg pickers. Quite different from undesirables being entitled to live here full time.
  14. I don’t know if that’s the truth but I would like to see it as the lead story on BBC News today with a rational rebuttal from the UKHSA if appropriate. Only the mainstream narrative ever gets heard in headline news!
  15. I suspect a state of the art UK car company would be very competitive in the UK compared to imported cars. And just picking the one example of the Scottish government incident doesn’t make a rule!
  16. I’m quite sure that our current or recent employees of Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Ford coupled with our Formula One engineers and commercial and university scientists could provide the expertise upon which to build a car manufacturing company.
  17. I’m not saying that we should not trade, but we should be as self-sufficient as possible in the key industries or have an ethical and secure supply chain. And trading is not “globalisation” or a form of it. Globalisation involves a huge, worldwide interdependent web of supply and it takes only one big State or key (usually cheap or exclusive) supplier to go rogue and you’re knackered.
  18. What a load of hackneyed rubbish. If you think China is the only country that is appalling regarding human rights how about Russia and numerous countries in Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa? We are hypocrites for preaching democracy, fair elections and human rights while at the same time trading with rogue nations that treat their citizens badly and gain their commercial edge by slave and child labour with terrible conditions and pay, and we even sell them arms and bribe them with aid which we know is embezzled by corrupt dictators. We should trade ethically, solely with decent nations, even if that means restricting supplies, such as oil from America and Norway. Nuts, bananas and oranges do grow in this country but I have no objection to such peripheral products coming from Spain and the Commonwealth Caribbean. It’s the fundamental commodities and manufacturing that we should be concerned about, making sure that we retain capability ourselves or have secure, ethical supply lines to service food, defence, energy, construction, communications and transport industries. And while 1970s UK cars may have been below par in some cases there’s no reason why the UK today should not lead the world in modern day technology and production. It’s a matter of will, invention and entrepreneurial spirit, rather than excuses, laziness and sacrificing principles for the quickest buck..
  19. DC2

    Energy Bills going mad

    No half-price for economy 7 nighttime use now. Day and night both 25p. Five years ago night was free and day 12p, so today’s is 400%.
  20. Using the internet or phone to work isn’t globalisation! It’s a nutty capitalist idea where the world swaps products from thousands of miles apart just because it’s cheaper to do so and one greedy chancer can undercut another. Self-sufficiency, national security, decent pay, human rights, emissions, sustainability and local seasonality are sacrificed as a result.
  21. You’ve also always believed in globalisation and shipping goods around the world rather than nations becoming more self-sufficient.
  22. And there is definitely a conspiracy by the disciples of the mainstream narrative to give only a certain slant on Covid.
  23. Ah, Sage and the government.
  24. DC2


    One of the privileges of power is to tell lies to the people who put you there and to feel no shame.
  25. Well now you’re just stating the bleedin obvious. My point was whether they were considering the right information and the reliability of it before making their minds up. And with that the answer is of course, No.

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