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  1. No he didn't. It came out of the BSPA purse
  2. Four loads of wet clay added before BV meeting. Nothing else. Normally it is two of clay to one of shale. That's why it was crap
  3. Sorry, meant to say" that's even an understatement"
  4. That's even an overstatement
  5. crazyb

    Olching UK Tour 1973

    Bring back the second-halves and get some youngsters having a go against the 'big' boys. It's the only way to improve
  6. Why not cancel the match. It shortchanges the public but when has promoters ever thought of fans. There are enough dates in the calendar for re-runs: we have less than half the meetings we used to have, even for taking into account the tracks have other things on such as greyhounds
  7. Never in a month of Sundays is it as good. Cut down on the expenses and have one rider from each country, or just cut the cards
  8. So, whatever happened to the World Team Cup, not enough riders to go round, or too expensive
  9. He doesn't rife in this country and the SON is only a glorified pairs meeting
  10. British speedway should have come out of the FIM years ago and done their own thing. The FIM have never been interested in the sport this side of the channel
  11. In order: 58.9, 58.9, 59.9, 59.3, 58.2, 58.6, 58.8, 59.6, 59.3, 59.5, 58.2, 58.9, 58.6, 59.5, 58.5. Just hope that Chapman can get the outside line working later in the meeting.
  12. Agree. Absolute cr@p fixture list.
  13. It's the BSPA themselves, not just Chapman, who own Pboro and Ippo I'm sure: bought, on paper, purely to keep the league going.
  14. All about staying injury free: Panthers know all about that from last season
  15. Just hope Chapman can prepare a good racers track, unlike his own one-liner.

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