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  1. In order: 58.9, 58.9, 59.9, 59.3, 58.2, 58.6, 58.8, 59.6, 59.3, 59.5, 58.2, 58.9, 58.6, 59.5, 58.5. Just hope that Chapman can get the outside line working later in the meeting.
  2. Agree. Absolute cr@p fixture list.
  3. It's the BSPA themselves, not just Chapman, who own Pboro and Ippo I'm sure: bought, on paper, purely to keep the league going.
  4. All about staying injury free: Panthers know all about that from last season
  5. Just hope Chapman can prepare a good racers track, unlike his own one-liner.
  6. It was the riders who wanted it like that
  7. crazyb

    Meaningful Second Halves anyone?

    Football is around 100 minutes now. If you stop riders gardening (that was supposed to have happened), and referees be sharper when they put on the 'two minutes" then meetings might get back to under 90 minutes
  8. crazyb

    Somerset Speedway.....

    You're not very good at geography either
  9. Would sooner have had Edmund Blackadder. Not many had vans then, used to be a bike rack on the back of a Cortina
  10. That incident was nothing to do with the court case. Howe shouldn't have got involved. Doncaster said that he contacted Ronni later to say that it wasn't Ronni's riding, it was the bike lifting that caused it. I agree that Howe should have been thrown out of the meeting, and never allowed to race again
  11. crazyb

    The 2 minute Polish system

    Can't see what all this has to do with PC, he packed up years ago! Mind you, he could still be coming to the tapes when the others had gone, but he could still pass 'em. There was a time when refs would give five minutes from the end of one heat to the start of the next. Don't know whether it was ever in the 'rule book', but meetings were completed much quicker than now, and there were at least nineteen races. They also had the two-minutes but refs were much stricter then. When I was a 'pusher' at Lynn you got the bikes ready at the pit gate for the next heat before the start of the current one. So why can't the 'mechanics' do the same now, bikes haven't changed that much. PC is correctly blamed for many things, but can't see what it has to do with this; just instruct clerks of the course, team managers and referees to be stricter with time limits, and the Bloody stupid p****s association to back up refs to the hilt
  12. Go back twenty years and the incidents with Ronni Pedersen and idiotic Ben Howe. All caused because Howe thought, wrongly, that Pedersen had brought off Jem Doncaster. It only came out sometime later that Jem had spoken to Ronni the next day to say that the crash was due to Pedersen's bike lifting and it wasn't malicious. Shame he didn't say it at the time though. You don't take other riders out on purpose, as you're just as likely to get injured yourself: just ask Ully
  13. Neil, I seem to have asked this before, but have you any date guarantees should Panthers reach the play-offs
  14. So, if Peterborough make the play-offs, have you any assurances that there will be available dates for the last seven weeks of the season

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