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  1. Among all the stupid comments you make, to suggest in a round about way, that Rob Lyon is not as good as Swales is incomprehensible (if you know what it means),. Swales should never be in charge at Alwalton again. I dread to think how he would have handled rider replacement last season. You have the best team manager there is and it's ridiculous to suggest otherwise.
  2. crazyb


    The grandstand has 2230 seats
  3. crazyb

    British Speedway Website

    I haven't been able to open the referees scorecard on any match. It could be me, but I think it's rubbish at the moment. If anyone has managed to open the scorecard please let me know how, on my lap top
  4. Probably no-one wants to re-sign until it is clear what the advert in the Peterborough Telegraph today means. An auction on November 19th of all the East of England Agricultural Society effects due to the sale of the Peterborough Showground.
  5. crazyb

    Track Records

    I don't need a new calculator, just a new brain. I realised that the speeds were excessive afterwards but it was too late to alter the post. It was a senior moment, and I shan't say what I did wrong, but I did get the speeds as you have rightly stated when re-calculating. My apologies
  6. crazyb

    Track Records

    Yes, I seem to remember something about that in 1969-70. But working out the lengths of the tracks against the track records Alwalton must be the fastest nowadays.
  7. crazyb

    Track Records

    Is Peterborough the fastest track in the country. Working on track records of Belle Vue, Sheffield and Peterborough which appear to be the three fastest tracks, the respective speeds are Alwalton 68.3 mph, National Speedway Stadium 67.4 mph, and Owlerton 65.8 mph. I can't remember what Exeter's record finished but I believe that was the fastest of all. Are there any others that I don't know of.
  8. Thanks very much. Don't know what's gone wrong at the Speedway Star offices
  9. And also the first leg please. Seems the Speedway Star has stopped putting race times
  10. All they showed on TV was his crash and then him walking away, albeit a bit gingerly, so how do you know
  11. Why Don't want him like he doesn't want British speedway. Best interest of the sport if he stays away for good
  12. And while he's looking he can look at yours
  13. So would Bomber have had Worrall in the previous one
  14. Buster's done to Alwalton what he's done at Lynn. That was one of the best tracks anywhere but it's now a one-liner

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