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  1. romans lovechild

    Predictions thread

    1.leicester 2.somerset 3.glasgow 4. birmingham 5.redcar 6.eastbourne 7.poole 8.edinburgh 9.scunthorpe 10.berwick 11.kent 12.newcastle
  2. romans lovechild

    Fantasy Team

    1.Pedersen -she 2.Andersen -pet 3.king -ips 4.eliis -swi 5.cook -k.l. 6.lidsey -b.v. 7.nicol -wol
  3. romans lovechild

    Transfer Window

    a move nearer to a squad system?...….maybe
  4. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    RIP to roman,always in our thoughts.
  5. romans lovechild

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I did mean josh pickering, usually get the 2 mixed up.
  6. romans lovechild

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Jordan stewart for scott nicholls and I reckon that 7 would be challenging in the play offs.
  7. romans lovechild

    2020 NL Season

    great to see the ndl racing return to Scotland, would love to see the return of a Sheffield/scunny joint venture again in this league.
  8. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    what we have left to play with is 6.31 kurtz I believe will be on a 4.00 average(that's why hes a bit of a gamble)and with signing morris I cannot see us signing a 5 and half point man for the last place leaving about 0.80 unused when we could have had a better option than ash morris at reserve. riders under 6.31 available and not announced as signed anywhere yet include- heeps, MPT, musielak, bewley, harris, bellego, Lawson, allen, nicholls, covatti. from those im sure some have deals already under the table, apart from 2 which stand out as nothing sorted yet.....musielak and bellego, I would expect the last one to be musielak... time will tell.
  9. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    only numbers 6 and 7. reason is probably cos he`s peter mole`s car washer. poor signing IMO
  10. romans lovechild

    Wolverhampton 2020

    gem???? they've got the next big thing on their hands, with dougy and broc theyre going to be strong elsewhere. cant see why the tigers didn't move heaven and earth to get him to stay, good luck wolves.
  11. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    todd would be saddled with a 4 point average, which I don't think he will maintain, berge at 4.14 would be a better choice, given his performances around owlerton previously.
  12. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    nicol, kennedy and macdonald are all Sheffield assets, broc would be a better shout and at least with zaine and chunk theres room for improvement, I personally don't see all the hype over todd hes always been a decent second string at 2nd tier level nothing more never improved beyond that,would sooner take stewart,berge,nicol,pickering, starke,ayres, who are all around the same average.
  13. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    I do hope its either broc or chas wright, I think with the announcement of nicki that one or two might fancy a spell at owlerton alongside him, so could be a better signing for us than just a number one.
  14. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    well done tigers on getting us a genuine number 1 who will be one of the top 3 riders in the league, shows we are not in it to make up the numbers. there does seem to be a lot of animosity and negative comments towards nicki`s signing, but im sure there isn't a fan on here who wouldn't like him in their side. and I neither love him or hate him.
  15. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2020

    with Swindon having to lose a rider what about tobias musielak??? we could track b.kurtz k.howarth j.grajzonek t.musielak c.holder r.douglas b.nicol or m.vaculik k.howarth j.grajzonek j.allen/k.huckenbeck b.kurtz r.douglas b.nicol I would be more than happy with either of those sides.

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