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  1. Belle Vue 2018

    go same as last year,just swap bjerre for kasprzak and the title is yours.
  2. Leicester Lions 2018

    a top 4 looking side there,well done the lions promotion.
  3. Sheffield 2018

    thats another title challenging team that we have, thats us,ippo,glasgow and scunny all looking strong,lets hope we can keep injury free and we should be up there challenging and james shanes to keep the top 5 on their toes. thankyou mr bates.
  4. Somerset 2018

    thats a good looking side the rebels have put together,top 4 material there,well done for getting doyley back in britain.
  5. Scorpions 2018

    we could have joe lawlor instead then, as he is a sheffield asset, would rob want to pay a loan fee for a number 7.
  6. Scorpions 2018

    you will be throwing the name of rod haynes into the hat next.
  7. Sheffield 2018

    i reckon the laughing emoji might give it away as a prank by someone.
  8. Sheffield 2018

    surprised weve managed to get shanes, but excited about the prospect of seeing him in a tigers racing suit, shaping up nicely again, i reckon its going to be kyle and todd as the last 2, i would take todd over jan due to jans average was from the reserve berth where as todds was from the team. welcome james. sorry to see georgie not kept on as looked to have it in him to make the grade,just a pity he did all the driving himself and had to rely on steadys dad as is mechanic when up here.surely his contributions wont be wasted in the bates` memory bank.
  9. Sheffield 2018

    forget about those,what about kai huckenbeck
  10. Sheffield 2018

    is there any need for a strong number 6 now? due to the new tac sub rules both reserves will only need to have a minimum of 3 rides each if they are about the 6 point behind rule in a meeting, then their rides can be taken by inform riders in the 1-5 of the team,as im old enough to remember the old tac sub rule i think this could be an advantage to go for a strong top 5,with reserves capable of averaging around 2.5 to 3.5. lets not forget the strong number 6 should be going out and bombing heat 2,but then is up against an opponent heat leader in his other 3 rides,as well as his own heat leader,i cant see many strong number 6`s maintaining their starting average at the seasons end. p.s. we could see the return of the 21 point maximum if operating r/r.
  11. Sheffield 2018

    ive a feeling this wont be too far off the mark, and be happy to go with this line up.
  12. Sheffield 2018

    so with lasse signing,which of the josh`s aint returning? would love to see us sign nathan greaves as number 6.
  13. so we are stopping an experienced brit who could pass on sound good advice to youngsters from doubling up,but allowing aussies with a higher average than him to double up,when are we going to try and put the GREAT back into britain.
  14. yes a bit naughty from scotty, but you need a bit of luck along the way to win titles,but its not going to change the history book now though.
  15. Ipswich 2018

    thats ippo and scunny setting the marker with 2 strong looking sides,its upto the rest of us to match you now. that 7 should be good enough to get in top 4 for you witches