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  1. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    very happy with this line up, i think we will be entertained at home this season with these guys, play off spot beckons for us.... but.... we have 3 top heat leaders that will score points home and away, kasper, who could prove the trump card in this league and add 2 pts onto his average, then we have 3 guys who we should not heap to much pressure on, drew - should also add 2 pts maybe upto 3 at least on his average, broc - showed last season that he can ride, but suffered machine problems after a good start, capable of adding a full point on his starting average. zaine - most first year aussies return an average of between 4-5, I would be happy with this figure. question is - who will ride at number 2? personally I would go for broc, if only to allow zaine time to settle in through the easier reserve berth. as injuries play a big part in this sport now, if these guys can stay injury free we are in for one hell of a ride come the end of the season.
  2. romans lovechild

    Somerset 2019

    bwd and Zach waj to complete what will look a good team for you.
  3. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    I reckon that could be the team,and would be quite happy to go with that 7,dimi berge has been mentioned by a few and I for one would love to see him back at Sheffield but he has signed to ride in Poland,so I reckon we would be out of his plans more than him out of ours.
  4. romans lovechild

    Somerset 2019

    i think your all forgetting a 2.5% reduction for roo boy having started in the conference for Sheffield.
  5. romans lovechild

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    sholdnt bombers average get the reduction having rode in the conf league at 15?
  6. romans lovechild

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I reckon it should be 2.64 with his reduction of 2.5%
  7. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    i reckon the favourites are in order 1.lawson 2.garrity 3.proctor 4.wells 5.nicholls top 4 are all local.my preferences would be either number 2 or 3.
  8. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    assuming kyle uses his CL average,we could go with- 1.howarth....6.95 2.andersen...5.20 3.douglas....6.12 4.kurtz.........5.91 5.bates........6.54 6.kennedy....5.20 7.lawlor.......2.00 total....37.92
  9. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    berge has signed a deal with a polish club so that would rule him out for us.
  10. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    so what averages will everyone be using for next year its a bit unclear on the bspa website. will kyle who finished with a championship average of 6.95, have to use his premiership average of 5.16, which converts into 7.74????? a strange one could be rory schlein 8.59 CL average, but a converted prem ave of 12.00, they need to come out and say which set is going to be used, until messrs chapman and godfrey need to fit someone in.
  11. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    not enthralled by the changes announced by the bspa, but 38 pts as a limit, that is going to put quite a few riders out of a job I reckon, and sundays? hmm, might suit myself better as I wont have to rush from work on a Thursday for a 7.30 start, lets hope we have a start time of 6pm or 6.30 as any later than that is not going to pull many kids through the gate.
  12. i reckon 500 is a generous figure too, quite surprised by the size of the crowd given it was the last meeting, and a cup final too.
  13. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    well the correct grammar you are looking for then. is previous two and not past two,that is why i stated shanesy.
  14. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    if your talking facts....which i believe you are,dont forget james shanes has improved on his starting average.
  15. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2019

    it could be scott nicholls.

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