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  1. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2018

    then its tough,they either tow the line or sell up, turkeys dont get to vote for christmas in real life,but our promoters do. if there was an independent governing body they would surely make sure the sport is cost effective.so that scenario probably would not arise.
  2. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2018

    the problem with people having a bash at the promoters is due to them being in charge of the sport, football fans have the f.a. or fifa to complain about,cricket fans have the ecb to moan at, we have a sport run by the promoters, i understand the reasons why less racenights were voted through,we have rules tinkered with mid-season,but now in the 21st century is it not time for the sport to have its own independent governing body.
  3. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2018

    i dont attend many meetings away,therefore im not really interested in away meetings, i attend my speedway to be entertained and not watch gate and go,to even think of dispensing with lasse would be absolutely stupid in my eyes,one of the top 10 entertainers around owlerton in the last 40 years,and his rides around owlerton should get the fans purring with delight. it seems in these times that a lot of people concerned with the sport in an administrative way or be it spectator wise,have a win at all costs mentality,soon if a team does not win anything in any given season it will be going like football and sacking the manager. edit.... oh and that nicol kid can ride a bike for the doubters.
  4. romans lovechild

    Somerset 2018

    not very professional by any employer to get rid of one person by text and another by a facebook message,when the majority of employers in this country will not accept an absence at work via text, tut tut somerset.
  5. romans lovechild

    Eastbourne 2018

    riding for sheffield last season certainly showed us that he has the ability to succeed in the 2nd tier,was taken in on the terraces at owlerton as a fine prospect and i know most were dissapointed when he was not in our starting line up. but i know what you mean about the travelling.
  6. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2018

    i do hope that nicol is able to score around 4/5 points per meeting,but having travelled half way around the world to be here the guy has to have ambition to crack on in his career,as for georgie im glad to see him back but feel sorry for jack,hope that georgie can score points cos i believe he would have had to give up his teamplace at eastbourne in signing for us and will now be only riding in one league and hope this does not affect his confidence.
  7. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Workington SGBCL 24/5/18 @ 19.30

    i reckon nathan could ride at no.2 comfortably in this league and move todd to 4.
  8. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Workington SGBCL 24/5/18 @ 19.30

    berge? do you know something that we dont?
  9. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Workington SGBCL 24/5/18 @ 19.30

    how about nathan greaves as jans replacement.
  10. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Workington SGBCL 24/5/18 @ 19.30

    klindt was an embarrassment to workington and to speedway in general,running 3 last places,decides to retire from the race on each occasion, he should personally refund the travelling comets fans their admission money.
  11. can anybody enlighten me as to what the crowd was like for a friday with a top looking side, was there most sundays last year but afraid i wont make many fridays due to work .
  12. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    no it wasnt cos riders were penalised for this offence in the charity shield seasons opener at belle vue.
  13. that will be a bit tough on ty when he qualifies for the end of season CLRC
  14. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2018

    as though he had been riding at sheffield every week for the last ten years, defo worth a max.
  15. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    thanks for that,never seen about the rethink over the change, but why change it when the season has already started and some matches have already been affected by it,not to mention riders losing income too.
  16. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    and what about the new rule of riders staying astride their machines whilst gardening,does that not apply in this competition? in one race there was 2 riders off their machines gardening(and one wasnt lasse)
  17. romans lovechild

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    apart from wilko.morris and wethers, wilko always good for a few points at sheffield, morris looked good apart from the one race when he didnt make the start,very quick from the tapes in his other 3,wethers flew out of the start twice but probably needs racetime to regain his sharpness, you will struggle big time on the road with this team im afraid, lindgren has to be the worst number one this season.
  18. romans lovechild


    i will see if my dads up for it.
  19. romans lovechild

    2018 Premiership Predictions

    so hard to predict how they will finish, every team looks about equal to me with no clear favourite, you could make a case for each team and everyone is going to need that trump card to step upto the plate,as stated above there is one guy in every team sometimes two, that if they make a breakthrough,then it could propel their team to glory come the end of the season, so sitting on the fence with this one.
  20. romans lovechild

    Championship Predictions 2018

    here goes- 1.ipswich 2.glasgow 3.sheffield 4.scunny 5.edinburgh 6.workington 7.lakeside 8.redcar 9.peterborough 10.newcastle 11.berwick
  21. romans lovechild

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    will be a good battle between the tigers and the scorps to finish in the play off places,will tip glasgow and the witches to join them in there.
  22. romans lovechild

    Edinburgh 2018

    best 2 reserves in the league, i would take those 2 for those positions,but how long will they be at reserve? you guys could be a good outside bet to make the top 4.
  23. romans lovechild

    Belle Vue 2018

    go same as last year,just swap bjerre for kasprzak and the title is yours.
  24. romans lovechild

    Leicester Lions 2018

    a top 4 looking side there,well done the lions promotion.
  25. romans lovechild

    Sheffield 2018

    thats another title challenging team that we have, thats us,ippo,glasgow and scunny all looking strong,lets hope we can keep injury free and we should be up there challenging and james shanes to keep the top 5 on their toes. thankyou mr bates.

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