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  1. Hamish McRaker

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    Surely if Scott Nicholls needed to skip a GP tv date because Leicester need him for a re-arranged fixture, he would be released by BT without any problem?
  2. Hamish McRaker

    Craig Cook: what next?

    Please keep this level-headed, which includes not indulging in attacks of a personal nature against Craig Cook. He has seemingly left Peterborough for contractual reasons on the eve of the season and Glasgow in the CL is now his sole UK team. I do not know if he has team places in Sweden or Poland, but I'm doubtful. Does he have other income to replace his Peterborough job, will he secure a team place at another PL club, or has he burned his boats with respect to his career as a top level speedway rider?
  3. Hamish McRaker

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    Well I for one am looking forward to reading about Rob Godfrey's thoughts about sports broadcasters in this week's Star.
  4. Hamish McRaker

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    Sadly it seems the first rule of commentating is to ensure no silences, but of course this is the age of constant noise, much of it of poor quality. Barry Davies was another from the old school now consigned to obsolescence, Peter Alliss is probably the only surviving one. I am certain that Rob Godfrey would agree with this.
  5. Hamish McRaker

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    The number of studio and pitchside experts deployed to live sport broadcasts is becoming ludicrous. David Coleman and his like didn't need that, and what is more they wouldn't have tolerated it.
  6. Hamish McRaker

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    Liberal use of the record and fast forward facilities gets around that one
  7. Hamish McRaker

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    I think one of the problems we get when averages "collapse" as a consequence of smaller leagues, is an accompanying reduction in the "wow effect" when a lesser rider upstages one of the higher scoring ones, because having a 10-point average, in the minds of the spectator, creates more of an aura than if that same rider has a "mere" 8-point average. The achievement by the lesser rider is probably just as great, but the reaction is possibly more muted because he has "only" beaten an 8-pointer, especially if that 8-pointer is having what you would call an off-night. There just aren't any riders taking part in any league nowadays who has that sort of aura. The collapse of averages produced by smaller leagues plays a part in that, but other factors have contributed significantly to a situation where no rider in the world has that aura.
  8. Hamish McRaker

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    True, the less knowledgeable and experienced the spectator the more impression will be made on him by the normally lesser rider who pulls off a win in a crucial heat, against the grain. Of course the more seasoned spectator will be much less prone to such rashness, being more highly aware of the wider picture. The manner of winning also has an effect, due to the chemicals which will flow from the spectator's brain into his bloodstream as a result. The senses and human biology have a greater role than mere data.
  9. Hamish McRaker

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    No matter how many statistical permutations and theories are advanced, it is always people's individual perceptions of reality that ultimately have the greatest influence on their thoughts and decisions
  10. Hamish McRaker

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Absolutely. Promoters have to be so careful they get the right blend of fans allowed to attend matches. An individual interview should be conducted before access to the stadium is allowed, they can't risk the happy clappers being put off from coming back because of too many miserable sods having been let in. PS. RIP Jeremy Hardy
  11. Hamish McRaker

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Is there one named Buster taking part? I wouldnae be putting any money on it winning.
  12. Hamish McRaker

    Kings Lynn 2019

    A lot must be going on there if poor old Kings Lynn speedway can't get their team news out
  13. Hamish McRaker

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Thing is, North Norfolk's a real hotbed of top sports and so it's a very tough task to get the timing of any announcement right, such is the competition for media attention. We have much the same problem in the Outer Hebrides. Try finding the right time for announcing the new line up for the Stornaway over 65's Curling team, it's a nightmare.
  14. Hamish McRaker

    Kings Lynn 2019

    They've forgotten to do it. Surely somebody there must wake up soon
  15. Hamish McRaker

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Peterborough team was sorted months ago. And then it was un-sorted

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