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  1. Hamish McRaker

    Race Nights - What do you think so far?

    Out of the 80 who I guessed as being probables, not many would be involved in those meetings
  2. Hamish McRaker

    Race Nights - What do you think so far?

    I think there would be about 80 riders from the current teams lists who would take the "no Poland" pledge, as long as they had assurances of sufficient UK matches
  3. So there we have it. Complete faith in Robert Lambert to finish at least third, even when he was in fourth place from early on. No expectation for Woffinden to do anything but forge ahead. No expectation for him to check on the race situation behind him and respond accordingly. Was this strategy based in part on Robert having got past Janowski a few races previously? As to who decided on the strategy, who knows and who cares? Interesting that in Woffinden's statement (and this observation has nothing to do with the above in case anyone construes othwerwise).... in the list of key people he pays tribute to, one name is missing.....
  4. Garrity looked to be riding in a more controlled way. He used to overcook it too easily but last night I noticed he had lost that habit. Maybe he will actually turn his undoubted ability into being a high quality rider but of course he needs to do this on tighter tracks as well. It's not too late for him to get into the new Team GB setup.
  5. I think we might have to wait for Rosco's book before we know the real answer to this baffling mystery
  6. Sounds like it's already happenedj
  7. Thank you, I had the impression that Woffinden was not especially looking for Lambert during the finale, but wasn't sure but you've kind of confirmed it. I also have the impression that during day two, Lambert had to fend for himself more than was the case on day one. Once again though, I'd need to re-view the heats. If that is indeed the case, I can only presume there was a change to team strategy on day two in that respect - whatever the reasons for it were...
  8. I wasn't. Anyway, what nobody knows, is what if any orders the riders had been given. Maybe the orders were for them both to just focus on getting the best possible race placing and forget about any jiggery pokery. In which case Tai was just doing what he'd been told to do. Wouldn't mind seeing the race again, but I don't recall Tai looking around to see where Robert was after the first lap - but am far from certain hence need to see it again. Who knows what was said and agreed before the race?
  9. So do you think that a rider who is in the final of a world championship competition, should need assistance to pass someone in front and get into 3rd place? He had done it a few heats previously. And the rider he passed wasn't exactly a slouch, was he?
  10. Well I think that Woffinden will now be mostly concerned about his next riding commitment. However, he will probably not despair for Rossiter not having managed a World title winning team as he eats his cornflakes tomorrow. This does not mean he will be pleased that GB finished second. Hopefully that's clear and simple.
  11. Read it more carefully
  12. It is obvious that he (Woffinden) doesn't like Rossiter and returned to the fold despite his continued prescence as team manager. In the end, Woffinden chose to do his own thing and you could say that after what he had done up until then, he was justified in taking that approach. He must have known that Lambert would not get past Emil, and consoled himself with some well deserved personal limelight, and also knowing that Rossiter would not be a World Championship winning manager.
  13. Hamish McRaker

    Poole Pirates Vs Kings Lynn Stars 13/06/18

    Fight em on the beaches. It may have taken a season to out- muscle the blighters, but they need to be firmly put in their place
  14. Hamish McRaker

    Dull Danes

    Loved Jan O Pedersen. They need someone like him now, to stir up the blandness.

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