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  1. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    GED REINSTATED! Saturday January 20, 2018 We are pleased to announce that Ged Rathbone has had his promoters licence reinstated with immediate effect and will now be a full promoter for the 2018 season
  2. 2018 Premiership Predictions

    They do at the moment, the Aces have only got a three man team
  3. Poole 2018

    Cracking team imo. Could possibly win everywhere apart from Wolves and a shame they won't be coming to the Showground, looks box office .....
  4. Poole 2018

    You should change your 'name' to Tommy Cooper after that little peach
  5. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Rathbone has also pleaded with fans to be patient regarding news of Panthers final two signings during what is a frustrating time for all concerned;"We currently have nothing new to reveal as far as our final two signings are concerned and of course as soon as contracts are signed and sealed we will make the necessary announcements. Unfortunately, it does look as though it will be at least the end of this month before there is anything definite to report". http://www.peterboroughpanthers.co/news.php?extend.3282.4
  6. Poole 2018

    It may be 'good' food Steve, but those prices are are a rip off with a massive mark up. My brother owns a 3 star restaurant and catering company and he estimates at least 95% of all A la carte dinners cost less than £15 to bring to the table per head. Just asked him ....
  7. SGB Premiership Confirmed signings 2018.

  8. Poole 2018

    Its cheaper to fly out of the country than attend this dinner, wise choice chap
  9. Bt Sport Coverage

    I doubt it very much. Speedway is dying a slow death like many outdoor spectator sports, in this age of digital entertainment...
  10. Poole 2018

    Inc bonus points Holder averaged 8.00 and Batch 7.87 .......
  11. Poole 2018

    Not easy to completely judge a side with two places yet to fill, but it looks very good to me so far. Will have a bit hitting reserve all year, that's a big bonus...
  12. Sheffield 2018

    So you should be, that could well be the team to beat imo...
  13. Official Teams 2018

    Kyle Howarth returns to Sheffield for the defence of the Championship title.
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Combination of the two maybe. Always enjoyed my monthly visits to Lynn over many years, but gave up on it about six years ago and decided to make the Showground my 'entertainment' venue...
  15. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Kings Lynn has been pants for a few years now, i can't see it ever improving without taking in the corners...