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  1. BluPanther

    Ipswich 2018

    Maybe Scotty is not available on one Thursday
  2. No, there have been quite a few incidents with aggressive pit crews, eg Sayfutdinov, Holder, Masters to just three. If riders want some handbags, then let them get on with it, but third parties have no right to get involved. Do that in any other sport and you are in hot water, and rightly so. An idiot pumped up on steroids is never going to make a wise decision is he ...
  3. If you believe any pit crew have the right to get physically involved with other riders, i would suggest you rethink your perception of right and wrong. It has no place in speedway and would be severely punished in other sports. Maybe you should stick with WWF
  4. It's time these pit crew thugs started getting bans for their attacks/attempted attacks on riders...
  5. The only plague Matt Ford has ever incurred has been one of Silverware
  6. BluPanther

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    I'm surprised no one has accused Putin of doing it, he gets the blame for most things....
  7. That's just terrible news. Dave was one of the nicest guys i ever met, and i will never forget all the help he gave me when i started riding. RIP dear friend
  8. BluPanther

    Witches v Bandits 9th August

    https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/u12b4ht3f#?date=2018-08-09 Let's hope it escapes the rain ....
  9. BluPanther

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    Any number one that does not get heat 15 at home, is obviously not a number one. You would expect Cook and Fricke to be an automatic choice ....
  10. BluPanther

    Leicester Lions 2018

    The changes were not for the better, it was clear to many that they actually weakened the team....
  11. When did speedway supporters become such snowflakes. Racing incidents have always happened and will continue to happen, even sometimes between team mates. That's the nature of the sport...
  12. He will need to improve on his May visit then
  13. I know screm, maybe you missed the smiley face
  14. Best they check with Lambert for convenient dates first

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