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  1. Blupanther

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    They will be coming for your karaoke machine next ...
  2. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    You would think that would apply to everyone in the UK, but it is Nicola after all Hope he's fit and well...
  3. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    I never doubted you GC
  4. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    Everyone i know with type one diabetes got the shielding letter, regardless of age...
  5. Blupanther

    Ipswich 2020

    Calm down Badge, social distancing and all that
  6. Blupanther

    One Day World Final?

    Looking forward to it Philip, toffee popcorn is already on standby.
  7. Blupanther

    Speedway bike data

  8. Blupanther

    Seventies Grand Prix

    I remember going to something like that, and after the final meeting John Louis and Ole Olsen had tied for first place. John was streets ahead of Olsen in the run off, but suffered an engine failure on the last bend and Ole piped him on the line as John costed in. That could have been at Wimbledon or maybe White City, but i can't remember where exactly...
  9. Blupanther

    Speedway Crashes

    That looked horrendous, thank heavens for the air fence...
  10. And NKI i presume ...
  11. Blupanther

    England's best ever rider?

    Top five in my lifetime in order ... 1. Woofy 2. Collins 3. Lee 4. Loram 5. Tiger
  12. Blupanther

    Speedway Friends

    Ferguson reckons its 45,677 quintillion ...
  13. Blupanther

    Name the rider

    Ray Tauser (USA) ?

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