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  1. T Balfe Construction are proud to sponsor Peterborough Panthers who are a British Speedway Team. In 2019 they will be in the premier league and we look forward to supporting them. https://www.tbalfe.co.uk/t-balfe-in-the-community/
  2. BluPanther

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Of course they are interested, the difference being they know their team line ups and are not as frustrated as the poor Lynn fans. They are being treated like mug punters in my book...
  3. BluPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    They are still listed as promoters, one can presume that is the case until the club announces otherwise ... http://www.peterborough-speedway.com/clubofficials
  4. BluPanther

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You have more money than sense
  5. BluPanther

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Just a shame that hardly anyone reads them anymore
  6. BluPanther

    2019 Predictions

    Prem Lge 2018- 67 home wins, 15 away wins. Would suggest otherwise ....
  7. BluPanther

    2019 Predictions

    All teams have Home advantage tbh, that's the nature of the sport ...
  8. BluPanther

    Kings Lynn 2019

    He's available, but at this rate the team won't be known till Good Friday ....
  9. BluPanther

    Ipswich 2019

    You're kidding right
  10. BluPanther

    2019 Confirmed Teams - Premiership

    Frederik Jakobsen, Paul Starke, Kyle Newman, Josh Auty ....
  11. BluPanther

    Kings Lynn 2019

    So every other team is doing it wrong then....
  12. BluPanther

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Nothing Nowt Absolutely Nothing
  13. BluPanther

    2019 Predictions

    Nah, it was spelt correctly ...
  14. BluPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Absolutely correct. Another piece of fixture planning straight out of the compost heap ...

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