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  1. Just now, King Jamie said:

    Not sure if it's a Scottish thing but my dad (68) is type one diabetic and Nicola hasn't sent him a letter as yet.

    You would think that would apply to everyone in the UK, but it is Nicola after all :rolleyes: Hope he's fit and well...

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Grand Central said:

    Not true at all.

    55 years old with diabetes that seems impossible to get under control was sufficient to get me the shielding letter at the end of March. 

    From the many conversations I have had with others; none would back up the criteria you believe is operating for shielding advice.

    Everyone i know with type one diabetes got the shielding letter, regardless of age...

  3. I remember going to something like that, and after the final meeting John Louis and Ole Olsen had tied for first place. John was streets ahead of Olsen in the run off, but suffered an engine failure on the last bend and Ole piped him on the line as John costed in. That could have been at Wimbledon or maybe White City, but i can't remember where exactly...

  4. 5 minutes ago, waiheke1 said:

    One estimate of the number of grains of sand in the world puts the number at over 7 quintillion

    Ferguson reckons its 45,677 quintillion ...

  5. 6 minutes ago, stevebrum said:

    Sorry for quoting your post RAR it’s just the numbers I’m having an issue with.

    For the 4th time in 7 days people I know have lost someone, however have had NO known symptoms yet all 3 have had Covid19 on their death certificate.

    What I’m starting to understand that ALL deaths seems to be attributed to Covid19.

    im sure those 4 people and their families aren’t the only ones questioning those false diagnosis's.

    Many Doctors are starting to expose the scam brum. At least no one is dying from stroke, heart attack and cancer anymore. It's a joke...

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  6. 5 minutes ago, EnglishRoundabout said:

    Thanks for the attached Blu. Doyley as ever being as open and as honest about the situation.

    Furthermore, Confirming my opinion that there will be no British Speedway this season. 

    I suspect you may be correct English, we can only hope all clubs survive to re-open next year. Jason is a top man ...

  7. 6 minutes ago, YerRopes said:

    If it's true that BV have lost 4 of their riders to Poland, I can't see how the PL can run this year, other PL team riders are heading east too.. 

    Subject to easing of the lockdown, no reason why CL and NL can't run though.. 


    Do you think six man teams may be an option, and a reduction of the points limit ?

  8. 12 minutes ago, spiegal said:

    I cannot begin to describe my loathing of these cretins who question and moan and complain about a Government which is trying its ar*e off to get us out of "the plague"

    Just imagine the horror of a Government headed by CORBYN/McDONALL/ABBOTT.

    These cretins have probably never had to run a company, never had any REAL responsibility, answerable to literally thousands of people.

    I bear no love for the Governing party, but my loathing of the gripes, moans and questioning of these self important idiots literally knows no bounds.

    There will be plenty of people with no companies to run after this. Unlocked countries have all had lower death rates per million than the UK, and not destroyed their economies in the process. The link below gives the statistics in case you haven't seen it ...



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  9. 2 hours ago, BuxtonTiger said:

    Today's newspaper is saying Cardiff expected to remain a hospital until April next year. The Welsh Rugby Union are looking for alternative venues for this year's Autumn Internationals and next year's Six Nations.

    Yet Cardiff tickets and coach travel are still available to buy on the SGP website, i just checked...

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