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  1. 42 minutes ago, Bonzodog said:

    My first post here as only recently discovered speedway even though I'm in my late 40s. 

    Coming at it from a newcomer I can see the point of concentrating on the target audience of the middle aged. However I would assume the majority of these people discovered the sport as kids so I still think kids should be targeted more.

    I have been going for last 3 months with my two daughters (13 and 9) and they absolutely love it. They dont understand or would be bothered that most races finish as they start from the gate. They love the smell, the roar of the engines and interacting with the riders afterwards. By the time they are older and are more aware of the politics behind the sport they will already be hooked.

    To a child this sport is still very exciting...as long as they know about it. I asked my eldest to bring her friend to the last meeting and they were instantly hooked too even though the races were poor.

    What smell is that ?

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Baldyman said:

    Speedway could learn from chocolate, tasted for the first time how many go back for more chocolate,, chocolate has also moved with the times to keep relavent. Cider did the same, now gin is doing it, it's giving the customer what it wants, by investing in itself and moving on. Speedway needs to be more like chocolate and gin. 

    Speedway crowds and chocolate bars do have something in common, they both get smaller year on year ...

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Mick Bratley said:

    Of course they’re not going to give you the reason why, but even the thickest of Speedway fans could see why it was done. Do you honestly believe that any business wouldn’t have done exactly the same? It’s 2019 mate not 1819.

    Most businesses don't own nearly half of their competitors though. Appreciate and respect your honesty...

  4. 7 minutes ago, Mick Bratley said:

    I think you’ll find that if Harris hadn’t gone to Ipswich there quite possibly wouldn’t have been a top league this season and in any case Tungate for Harris is looking a pretty good swap right now. As for Cook, Buster never actually had a signature on a contract did he, that’s hardly his fault, and Cook wouldn’t adhere to the rules that Buster set for all his clubs but in the end had to back down.

    I really think the crap that Buster gets is unjustified, I honestly believe that if he hadn’t done what he did you would have nothing to moan about right now. Honestly some people on here really need a Speedway financial reality check. Big time.

    Interesting... Not exactly the reason given to Panthers fans on Jan 18th..

    It is common that with new ownership (of the club) comes a different business model, and it has been identified that to operate at Premiership level, some cost measures are now required.The promotion are working hard to find Chris alternative employment within Premiership Speedway, so the British fans can still witness his skill and flair on the track.

    Some honesty goes a long way in this world, and Panthers fans never got any..

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  5. 3 hours ago, Mick Bratley said:

    I don't think anyone is asking you to kiss his arse, but not even Buster (as the messiah) can prevent riders crashing, getting injured and having loss of form.  Essentially that is why it is not a wonderful season, not because of Buster's ownership. One club has to finish bottom (and I'm not convinced that will be Peterborough BTW) and the team that does finish bottom is usually the one that suffers the worst of luck with injuries and loss of form. IMO he most certainly does not hold the customers in contempt, he rarely speaks and you know what, I don't blame him because he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

    If he hadn't ripped up the team originally announced i doubt if there would have been any criticism. Harris to Ipswich and Cook to Lynn was a slap in the face, that's when he lost my respect. His excuses for that didn't fly with me, and i suspect many others as well...

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  6. 12 minutes ago, semion said:

    I have never seen anything from Ged or Neil Watson that was detrimental to Buster or indeed his take over. So to me that sounds like both were quite happy with the deal and too walk away.

    You might not have seen it, but i believe Mr Watson has stated on this forum that he was no longer welcome at the Showground after Pratt was appointed by Chapman...

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Steve0 said:

    What was the man with the red flag doing in the middle of the track?  It looks like the rider is going to go past the flag man (at slow speed) but the man decides to move to his left to block the rider cauSing the rider to ride into him.  In reaction to that, the rider tries to head butt him - which is clearly not an acceptable reaction but the flag man was definitely in the wrong but that doesn’t excuse the head butt. 

    Why did Cook ignore the Red Flag though. One of the first things you learn as a novice is always obey the red flag when on track...

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Bald Bloke said:

    I think Ippo will nick this one.

    As said all 6 Lynn boys have to be on it from the off. Cookies going to be a busy rider tonight. 6 rides for him. 6 for Riss or TJ as well.

    Heats 13 and 15 is where Lynn should of had an advantage, but that's not the case tonight.

    I'm not to worried about Lewis at reserve, but Nick hasn't had much track time yet.

    I expect Lewis to at least match Ed at 6. But Nuts could be a trump card at 7, and I expect him to out score Nick by a long way, if he is used properly by Hawkins.

    Plus we don't know which Cookie we will get tonight after the trouble he seems to be in. How he will be handling things mentally ?.





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