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  1. Skidder1

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Sedgman confirmed as a guest at 2. Hopefully Pirates won't lose their number 1 for the whole meeting like last year!!!!
  2. Skidder1

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    Dillon Ruml guests for Drew Kemp while the Tigers are still considering their guest options for Brennan - otherwise r/r.
  3. Dont think turnip on the centre green is going to be possible - he will probably take root!!! ps. Danny Ford explains the early decision in the Echo online. Plenty of days/dates available to reschedule
  4. Meeting is off tonight due to severe weather forecast!!
  5. Skidder1

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    Well done Brummies and particularly Sedgy with 14 points.
  6. NB. to all those attending on Wednesday (and for the next few weeks) Wimborne Road has roadworks north and southbound. Currently its the area from the George roundabout close to the entrance to the Stadium, so please allow additional time or consider an alternative route - if there is one?!
  7. So what would all the doom and gloom 'fans' actually do in these circumstances? No Auty and no Ellis so what are the realistic options for the Brummie promotion?
  8. This issue has been brought to a head by the Oxford away fixture on an off-racenight ie Tuesday as it clashes with Adam's Swedish League commitments. As the press release states if Adam had simply missed the Oxford fixture on Tuesday he would have been banned for a period (28 days?) affecting both Brummies and Sheffield with no facility available to the club Not sure if this fixture was in the original fixture lists but it would have happened at some point (early June?) with Plymouth - being a regular Tuesday track.
  9. They are both listed on both Plymouth and Poole previews. Thats why I put 'subject to what may happen on Tuesday.?
  10. Track is superb this season.
  11. Harris is guesting for Sheffield. BV preview still states 'they are awaiting news on Ethridge'?? Thats despite the fact he's not riding for Berwick either Tuesday or Wednesday.???
  12. Berwick using r/r for Flint at 2; and Kye Thomsen and Dan Thompson guest for Etheridge and Proctor (subject to what may happen at Plymouth on Tuesday.)
  13. Skidder1

    WOW! It's been 10 years...

    So great of Havvy to dedicate Poole's win at Redcar on Friday to Lee's memory. (ref. article in www.bournemouthecho.co.uk)
  14. Nice bit of editing there Lewy. Is that because your source isnt really sure?

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