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  1. Skidder1

    All Clubs are For Sale

    They are listing to the left or to the right - depending where you are viewing from.......!
  2. Skidder1

    Doyle wants Somerset return but......

    Sweden going up to 9 teams in 2019 - but only 6 teams in their 2nd division (Allskvenskan league).
  3. Not strictly true SS but I take your point!!! (NB Bomber still owed for 9 Rye House meetings!!)
  4. Skidder1

    Somerset 2019

    Well if CH is going to continue be close to his son on a regular basis then he's going to need a job in the UK!
  5. Skidder1

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Well Sheffield are staying where they are (Speedy Star 18/10/18) so not sure if that has any direct effect on Leicester's plans.
  6. Skidder1

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    He certainly reached a level at the Oaktree last night!!
  7. Skidder1

    AGM November 2018

    In the Echo as well PoP
  8. Skidder1

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    Or whether the clubs actually pay what they promise in the contracts!!!?
  9. Skidder1

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    Whatever the Polish Ekstraliga decide, it wont affect Lambert as he's not riding in the top league is he? Or have I read that wrong?
  10. Skidder1

    Somerset 2019

    Where would Somerset get the money to pay Doyle again and pay out to buy both Holders?
  11. Skidder1

    AGM November 2018

    ....or maybe the weekend after ie 16th-18th November now that Wolves have arranged their 'talk-in' for Monday 19th!?
  12. Skidder1

    All Clubs are For Sale

    How much do you think Terry Russell would expect to get if/when he sells Swindon?

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