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  1. You're very quiet on the Swindon v Ippo thread Gav?! Nothing to say about the defeat? No excuses?!
  2. Not at all. I wouldn't dare have a go at a track/meeting that I had not seen myself. There have been a couple of comments on social media from riders and others that the track is not the same as when it produced great racing when Panthers were last in the top league. I am merely looking for a non-biased view if there is such a thing.
  3. Aside from the final result, I'll be interested to see any 'impartial' views about the track prep and racing.
  4. Not trying to defend the indefensible - I thought it was abysmal. In fact the worst 2 home meetings at Poole that I've seen for a long time in very different conditions but I shall also continue using my 3 season/sponsors passes for the rest of our home fixtures. Some on here were talking about apologies, so I was merely stating the facts that apologies on behalf of the management were announced over the tannoy, so that those directly affected ie the fans that were there, could hear it! Very little point in stating anything else to a wider audience in the media or on the website if they weren't there!! There are clearly already enough ' negative fans' to put the proverbial boot in to speedway in general as it is!! The track was watered heavily overnight - fact! The track was still being watered when I arrived for 10.00am - fact. However in the very hot sun it did not bind the 'thin' shale that it appears we are still using - and it was the worst dust I've seen at a daytime bank holiday meeting for some time - there is always dust in the hot sun but this was the worst.
  5. Apologies were given over the tannoy.
  6. Skidder1

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    It would surprise me!!
  7. ....not forgetting the current track record holder as well!!
  8. How about an apology from the riders who didn't want the track watered once racing started?!
  9. Unfortunately it says a lot about so-called Poole fans when it takes the Swindon manager to publicly back Jack Holder and for people to get off his back so early in the season! See facebook .
  10. Not much chance of him being at Poole - not if his main sponsor has anything to do with it!!
  11. It worked well enough last season!
  12. So which available heat leader(s) would you suggest are signed?
  13. They have no opponents cos all the other six teams are already racing!!
  14. Except when there's a long tradition of clubs riding on certain Bank Holidays!! No issue with Leicester having priority for their evening meeting at Redcar - just questioning how long it would take to get to Redcar from Poole, with most of the holiday traffic going in the opposite direction?
  15. So is it impossible for Richie to get to Redcar for a 7.30 start??

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