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  1. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    Poole only proposed Wednesdays (rather than Thursdays) when there was an impasse at the AGM because 2 Championship clubs -I assume Ipswich and Redcar - threatened not to run if they weren't allowed Thursdays!! Thursdays have always been Poole's official 'rain-off' day so no issues for them.
  2. Apologies. As a sponsor myself I was advised by a fellow sponsor that such a conversation had taken place. I presumed it was prior to the meeting but maybe it was on an earlier occasion. In any case I had no issue with the watering, it was the number of racing lines that was being suggested.
  3. First chance to get on the forum since last night. What a disappointment for Pirate fans. Pirates were well beaten by the Robins in virtually every department - aside from PK (and he's a Swindon asset!!). I congratulated Rosco last night and don't think I can add anything else to this thread other than to question all the flack about Linus?! At least he scored in every race albeit against 'less-skilled' riders. Incidentally Glyn Taylor spent some considerable time pre-meeting chatting to some of the sponsors. In his opinion the track has several racing lines - even though they weren't apparent last night. The track prep was very different to last week due to the weather so maybe Glyn needs to sit down with the Poole riders and explain how their set-ups should be. Anyway haven't heard how Josh G is after his crash. Hope he's not injured - although if MF needs to make a temporary replacement, he has one ready made for another 28 days at least!!
  4. I do think the 4 clubs currently occupying the top 4 positions in the Premiership table - albeit after only 1 or 2 meetings - are highly likely to be the 4 play-off teams!!!
  5. So Rosco changes the riding order putting Bellego at 2 and Ellis at 4. Not sure if that makes any difference? Another 50-40 will do me.
  6. Don't disagree with a home win but where does 'this Poole team will be too inconsistent' come from after just one meeting with a 10 point win?? 'This Poole team' won't even be 'this Poole team' in a week or so!!
  7. You just have to admire a deluded wind-up!!! ps. I see Cook is missing again from the Rybnik squad today - compassionate or just not good enough?
  8. Poole 2018

    The meeting v BV was an OK first meeting. The track alterations were good but the surface was simply too 'claggy' with all the rain, although it did get better as the evening went on. For Poole Kurtz looked the business with the others doing ok especially as the track dried out a bit (Woryna did comment beforehand that he wasn't happy with his bikes after the afternoon practice!). For BV Fricke was the clearly the star having his best performance (I think) at Wimborne Road. Ably supported by Bewley and Starke but without much support from the others (Batch and Tungate were dire!!) It may have been a little different if Cook and Worrall had ridden but then Starke and Fricke may not have scored as well. No real incidents requiring referee (Ronnie Allan) intervention - Batchelor sliding off on his own and getting off the track not even requiring a restart. Not the best meeting for a more than decent crowd but slickly presented and all done by half nine.
  9. There's a 22 minute video on the Pirates Twitter and Facebook platforms showing interviews before the meeting with home and away riders plus the referee, followed by some action, interviews at the press conference which includes4 Poole riders, Middlo and Matt Ford.
  10. Poole 2018

    It was originally stated it was to cover 4-6 meetings, which if it weren't for the rain-offs would be done by now!!!
  11. I do love a bit of irony!!
  12. Poole 2018

    Would be really good if CH was back for the Swindon meeting rather than the 'Birthday Bash' v Yarmouth!!
  13. Poole 2018

    Not even a Poole fan that started the thread - just another wanting to get a dig in.
  14. Poole 2018

    Strangely, many Poole fans on a Poole thread are interested - aside from it being the reason why Middlo would have missed the Leicester meeting yesterday (previously announced but not everyone sees the Echo) its also about Scott Autrey who rode 2 seasons for the Pirates.
  15. Poole 2018

    Not sure its been solely about his passport either!!!