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  1. Seymour Dix

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I went to London for a break in August ,when some sort of travel was allowed. I saw the effects of the virus on the economy . There was an programme on the London News about the commuter suburb of Merton . A few locals were interviewed, companies had given employees laptops with the appropriate software to use and many were working from home, one commuter said he doesn't want to go back to paying for an expensive monthly season to travel on the sardine special which may or may not turn up on any given day, he wasn't the only one. Also the local economy in Merton was doing well, the local shops and cafes were experiencing increased business due to people staying in the area as opposed to leaving it everyday. Economists called this the ' polo mint effect '. Then there is the flip side , we stayed in a hotel near Marylebone station . We had breakfast in a diner near the Station. It was very quiet. The owner told us he used to open up at 6.30 am and people would come off the trains and have a bit of breakfast before heading to the office , plus he would get lunchtime and other casual trade from the offices in the area, 90% of which are now closed because people were working from home . He was seriously worried about his business , he wasn't sure how much longer he could continue , he'd laid off 3 staff . This virus is not just a health matter, the knock on effects, and lack of commuters could well realign the economy to a more locally based level with spending moving away from City Centres
  2. Seymour Dix


    I watched the ' Directors Cut ' of a porno film last night , the plumber fixed the leak under the sink !
  3. Seymour Dix

    F 1 Today's race

    Anyone see that crash ? Frightening, Grosjean is one lucky guy
  4. Seymour Dix


  5. Seymour Dix


    Enjoy the most famous Double Entendre in British Sit Com history
  6. Seymour Dix

    Sean Connery

    Saint Peter will meet him at the Pearly Gates and say 'Ah good evening Mr Bond I've been expecting you ' RIP Sean ....
  7. Seymour Dix


    The naked gun was on Comedy Central the other night , Enjoy the funniest scene in the film
  8. Seymour Dix


  9. Seymour Dix


  10. Seymour Dix


    What's the difference between Iron Man and Iron Woman? One is a Super Hero , the other is an instruction........
  11. Seymour Dix


    Anyone see this ? I thought Tennant was superb with his characterization of Neilsen. It wasn't until the documentary on Thursday I realised how good it was. There were also excellent performances from May and Watkins. I think Tennant should get a BAFTA for that performance, quite simply outstanding
  12. Seymour Dix


    My Great Uncle has left me a Stately Home in his will. Does anyone know where Sod Hall is ?
  13. Seymour Dix


    I shall say zis only once ....from Minday there will no gotherings of gropes of more than sex people.
  14. Seymour Dix


    If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Instead, there would just a bunch of angry countries not talking to each other.
  15. Seymour Dix

    Whyte v Povetkin

    Didnt see that coming ...especially after the previous round

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