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  1. Seymour Dix


    (369) Toilet Troubles | Scot Squad | BBC Scotland - YouTube
  2. Seymour Dix


    Its a shame that during the heatwave we were advised to look out for ' hot nannas ' Wayne Rooney has been doing it for years !
  3. Watching the debate last night I was wondering how any of the candidates would fare against Mick Lynch in a TV studio
  4. Seymour Dix


  5. Micheal Fabricant should stand , he is the hair apparent to Johnson
  6. Seymour Dix

    F1 2022

    I missed it , what did he say ?
  7. (306) Boris Johnson offered a young woman a Public Job in 2008 Says he had a sexual relationship with her - YouTube be warned contains foul language
  8. Seymour Dix


    I always post nude photos of myself on revenge porn sites.................. It highlights the low standards of my exes
  9. Seymour Dix

    Train and Other Strikes

    I'm hoping that Nadine Dorries comes up against Mick Lynch on a TV broadcast .............. she'd sort him out, put him in his place
  10. Seymour Dix


    Spike Milligan at his best : (151) Spike Milligan - Parkinson 1980 - Jack Hobbs Dysentery Anecdote - YouTube
  11. Seymour Dix

    Shocking and disturbing news

    I have just learned that UK is hosting next years Eurovision song contest , just when you think things couldnt get any worse ......
  12. Seymour Dix


    I'm not sure why all the fuss about Prince Andrew It seems to be a pretty minor affair...
  13. Seymour Dix


    You wont find this in any souvenir shop
  14. Seymour Dix

    Platinum Jubilee

    One thing that struck me was the skill of the various marching Guards in avoiding all the horse poo on The Mall while still keeping time

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