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  1. Oh! sorry 3 - it's my typing error))). And I have a question to all who know how to pronounce the names of Dutch racers. is it correctly? Schaap: https://ru.forvo.com/word/schaap/ and Tuinstra: https://ru.forvo.com/search/Tuinstra/
  2. Link to the second day of MFR Cup:
  3. Please be informed about some mistakes: 1). Kakushin - Vakushin; 2). Elisha Vadrin - Elisey Vydrin (name pronounced like second part of Champs-Élysées) ; 4). Panpv - Panov; 5). Zverov - Zverev (namesake of german tennis-player).
  4. I'm sorry, but name of Swinuhov is not Vinim. He is Vadim! Аnd Vydrin's name is Elisey .
  5. windir6

    Finnish News 2013

    Viro? Is it Estonian team? Waiting for Rene Aas comeback)))...

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