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  1. Linus was sacked he didn’t take time out......that’s the party line so that Harris could be brought in. Gavin please could you back this statement up with your proof that this is in fact correct.
  2. I know what you mean. This getting older is a bugger. In your head you can do some things but your body says not jolly likely.
  3. Sherborne Green

    01/08/2018 : Somerset v Swindon : Premiership

    The reason was because it would have put The Rebels a very,very small margin over 42.5. I think it may have only been about0.01 of a point.
  4. Sherborne Green

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem B. 1st August 2018

    Please explain how you get an average of 46.5 when the official green sheet averages as of 1st August issued by the BSPA show 42.26. No trick question but would like you to explain.
  5. Sherborne Green

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    In your dreams
  6. Sherborne Green

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    That really works. You Doctor a track after the meeting has taken place and there are no more meetings for over a week.
  7. Sherborne Green

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    Well done Rebels. They are looking an excellent team.
  8. Sherborne Green

    Are Poole’s team changes fair?

    Looking forward to DC2 comments on Leicester changes. They now only have Hans Andersen from the original team.
  9. Sherborne Green

    Are Poole’s team changes fair?

    I think Poole have made two tactical changes. Yes they have replaced James Shanes and Mateusz Szcepaniak and these were tactical. Shane's replaced by Nicolai Klindt and Mateusz by Frederick Jacobsen. All within the points limit. The case of bringing in Richie Worrall and Chris Harris is totally different. Chris Holder was chosen for the team but because of the well documented reasons he could not take his place. Peter Kildemand was brought in as a temporary replacement until Chris Holder had settled his problems. This did not happen so Peter stated he could not carry on in the UK. Richie was signed as a replacement for Chris. Linus Sundstrom decided he could not ride in four leagues and wanted to drop the UK. He had been improving but the stain was too much. Chris Harris who was out of a job came in. Neither of these can be described as tactical. All this and the Poole team are still 0.29 under the the 42.50 limit. I know some people do not like Poole but in this case how have they bought improvement. In fact Poole must of saved money. Air fares would be being paid for Kildeman, Sundstrom and Szczepaniak. Now only for Jacobsen as Klindt, Worrall and Harris are all UK based.
  10. Sherborne Green

    Are Poole’s team changes fair?

    You are quite entitled to your views and express them. However, taking into account your other Poole posts a question must be asked at your motives. True Poole changed four riders since the start of the season. Two riders because of their form but the other two because they wanted to leave British speedway. The two brought in for the ones who wanted to leave were one who did not have a top league spot and one who was made unemployed. The other two replaced riders who were "not cutting the mustard". One of these was already an asset and the other who was coming over next year. Therefore it can be argued Poole have only made two tactical changes. Somerset have made two tactical changes and others at least one. I would not be surprised if other did so by the end of the month.
  11. Sherborne Green

    Somerset 2018

    That was the point I made.
  12. Sherborne Green

    Somerset 2018

    I just had a look at the green sheets for before Vissing was replaced. Is the reason that Chris could not sign for the Rebels is because it would take their average to 42.54. Just over the 42.5 by .04?
  13. Sherborne Green

    Belle Vue Aces Vs Poole Pirates 25/6/18

    I was not there it is true. However what I will say that in speedway, as in many things, there are always ifs and buts. They probably balance themselves out over the season.
  14. Somerset were excellent last night. On Monday they had a good result at BV. Charles Wright had a nightmare at BV and the Rebels could well have come back with 3 points if he rode to his normal standard. This is the the first time I have seen either team this season. Living half way between the two tracks we used either one. From this showing Somerset are going to surprise a good few teams this year. A well balanced and effective team. Poole on the other hand I feel will have to make some decisions re their team. Chris Holder coming back will make them stronger but I feel there could be more changes than that. On paper they looked strong but you ride on the track not paper. The track was not up to its normal standard and for much of the meeting there was no overtaking. After heat 5 they did track grading. They did a great deal after heat 3. Jason Doyle came out onto the centre green and explained that there was too much dirt on the inside of the track and it was dangerous. He said it was dangerous and hoped the track work would improve things but it would take about half an hour. Racing did get better but not up to the normal standard at Somerset. Enjoyed the meeting however, must say it was very cold and glad to put the heated seats on in the car to come home. May the Rebels continue their fine form and the Pirates make the changes they need. I am sure with this both teams will be in the mix at the end of the season.

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