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  1. Poole 2018

    I find it very comical about this rider is better than that rider. He will score more than him. Whoever owns a team selects the riders they want, subject of course to the riders agreement. it is immaterial what any of us think. There are several reasons why a rider is selected. Can he improve his average, how does he ride his home track, how does he get on with his team mates etc. Sometimes, the owner gets it wrong and will try and make changes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is no good anyone saying I am defiantly correct as I have never met such a person. Poole will build a team that Matt Ford thinks will bring the people through the gate. He has done quite well over the years but has got it wrong at times. Speedway is a business like any other and with so many demands on our money it must be a good evenings entertainment for us to put our hands into our pockets. Good luck to all teams this season but remember races are won and lost on the track not on computer keyboards.
  2. Plymouth 2018

    Your comment noted but means very little. The Plymouth fans are very pleased to have their speedway and that is the main thing. Adam Roynon is a great person for the youngsters to look up to. The area,especially Cornwall has brought on some very good grasstrack riders. Has anyone heard of Chris Harris or a certain Mr Barker? There was very little chance for young talent to progress into speedway but these two had a great little set up neat St Austell. Henry Atkins has progressed a great deal in one season after performing on grass and being mascot at Somerset. He is a Devon boy. How many more around? Also Plymouth have over 20 points in hand so who else may they sign? Living in Dorset, but I am a Plymouthian, I wish them all the best for the coming season. I will not be able to see them too often but will try and get there a couple of meetings. This will be easier as Poole and Somerset will be racing on fixed days.
  3. Poole 2018

    Best wishes Starman. Hope you get well soon.
  4. Poole 2018

    The team so far looks good. Nobody at this stage can say if it will perform. We know 4 riders the other 3 are guess work. So much depends on how riders perform, injuries etc.
  5. Poole 2018

    Wolves would have first choice but if not a rider can ride for another team. Swindon have never used a rider who is an asset of another team have they. Your post is just snipping at Poole. Swindon are a great team and deserve to do well but don't think they would never use another teams asset.
  6. Poole 2018

    I understand people discussing if the rules are right or wrong. What I do not understand is why people think that the owners of the clubs who are building teams do not know the rules. They would not sign riders who could not ride as this would be business madness. True it would be better if the BSPA came out with a statement that totally clarifies the matter for the fans. If they did that there would still be a great deal of arguments but the rules would be clear to all. Someone said that some clubs could afford riders and some could not so it must be played to the lowest denomininator. Sorry but this does not rub as in sport as well as other businesses the stronger financially can build their business bettter than those on a shoe string. In sport Man Ciy play in the same league as AFC Bournemouth but financially they ar poles apart. The same goes in Rugby with Exeter Chiefs and Worcester Warriors. That's life.
  7. Poole 2018

    This may be wrong but Poole always seem to be the point of interest from other club fans when they talk about riders to sign. I agree they have a very large asset base and therefore stand a chance of signing many riders. Just because they are club assets does not mean that they will ride for that club as they are self employed. In one post it stated that if Woffys average is looked at then other should as well. Point is he is a GP rider and guide lines for this have already been announced. A ruling will have to be given by the BSPA on all riders not riding last season and what the criteria is. People have their own opinions that they are quite at liberty to state but they must bear in mind that every club owner in the country is trying to build as strong a team as they can within the rules that have been made. If rules are broken then the team would not be upheld by the BSPA. Poole are one of the richer clubs and riders know they will be paid on time and sponsorship is easier to obtain than at some other clubs. I know that these comments will not be accepted by some on this forum but you have to accept that when you put forward a point of view.
  8. Poole 2018

    Just a thought. Does anyone else think Starman and Gavin sound like an old married couple always arguing? Perhaps they really love each other!!
  9. Reassessed Averages

    Who has agreed the principle?
  10. Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    RIP Godfrey. A true friend to speedway.
  11. Somerset 2018

    I think you will find Hans is contracted to Rick Frost not Peterborough speedway.
  12. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    I think your comment even in jest is a little rude to all of the population of Dorset. Fine to take the mick out of other teams supporters but a whole county. I suppose there are no pensioners in your county.
  13. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Gavin. You are such a wind up merchant. You have a way of winding up some of the Poole posters. I think Swindon have the upper hand but hope it will be a good meeting. I truly wish speedway was as it used to be when it was such a friendly sport. Please don't let it like football.
  14. Rye House V Kings Lynn / Kings Lynn V Rye House

    Gavin. No 1 Poole have a team this year that does not deserve to go further in this years competition. No 2 Some Poole fans are wind up merchants and some wear blinkers. No 3 You do give Poole some praise but it appears that deep down you just do not like Poole and seem to find things wrong with most things the club do. Matt Ford has made a number of mistakes with the team this year but I truly believe that will be rectified next year. I watched Poole for many years but admit that the enjoyment has deminished over the past few seasons and my visits to speedway have been few and far between. That may also be because of age and distance to travel. Somerset is as close as Poole and I always loved watching the PL racing there but have not gone this year as they are now in the top league. To be honest I feel that Plymouth racing is much more interesting with their small track, with loads of racing lines, but also because the riders appear to give.it their all just like earlier years. I know you are entitled to your opinion and likes and dislikes but please try and keep your temper. The forum would not be the same without you and a few others. Good luck to Ipswich in the play offs.
  15. Rye House Vs Poole 28/8/17 7.30pm.

    I agree that Poole have cocked up this year. Also I think that Rye House will finish above Poole. Poole I feel will be a totally different club next years. That is what happenened in 2010. The league could well attract more riders next year. I would not be surprised if Magic returns together with Chris and Jack Holder plus.Brady. A new era could well start. This is because Matt is losing with lower crowds this year and if he wants to sell a very successful team would be a better prospect for sale. Also sponsors would come in for a successful team. Should they get to the play offs they will be the first pick for any team.