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  1. London Witch

    Ipswich 2015

    Yes Badge. As our fixture was arranged first.
  2. London Witch

    Swindon V Coventry - 13-08-2015

    Not if the Ipswich fixture is already on the calendar.
  3. Both. I'm sure all fans would prefer to see Cook and Masters race against King and Covatti. The public are being cheated.
  4. Damn, back to the drawing board then! Thanks for info Statman.
  5. Sorry, completely missed the part of your original post where you already stated Kurtz and Wethers.
  6. Would you not go with Kurtz? Although I'm guessing that with him riding for a Friday track himself he doesn't get to ride at Armadale that often. Wells might be a good option following last Fridays meeting there. I went for Wethers being an ex Monarch.
  7. Brady for Danny and Matty Wethers for Stef? Shame we'll have to go R/R for Nico though. Gino has said on Facebook that he'll be fit to ride.
  8. No Danny King, no Nico Covatti, no Stefan Nielsen and possibly no Gino Manzares! Don't think we'll be fancying our chances at all!
  9. London Witch

    Ipswich 2015

    No Stef then? Rohan should be back for this. What a farce!
  10. London Witch

    Sharron 'shazzybird' Hubbard - Rip

    RIP Bird. LW xx
  11. London Witch

    Ipswich 2015

    So, Hawkins is my favourite and I'm biased? Guilty as charged. I've been a fan for years and nothing has changed. No I didn't hear the interview (any links to it?) but from what I've been told Phil was given the chance to respond to what Ritchie said, but not the other way round. Finally, believe it or not I've not a problem with Phil. I don't know the bloke. He's made a few dodgy decisions but that doesn't make me dislike him.
  12. London Witch

    Ipswich 2015

    I'm loving the way people are slagging off Ritchie. If Phil had did the first interview and Ritchie had been able to comment on that, then maybe views would be different!?
  13. London Witch

    Ipswich 2015

    Why did he refuse to race? Was he not given the opportunity on the radio to explain this? Something doesn't seem right here, this isn't the Ritchie who was awarded the most improved rider at last years awards.
  14. London Witch

    Ipswich 2015

    Thank you. So Ritchie said nothing we didn't already know and Phil trying to make Ritchie the bad guy! Hmm.

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