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  1. Absolute rubbish meeting. Zzzzzzz. Lets hope tonights meeting is better. Let’s be honest it would struggle to be worse.
  2. Steve Shovlar

    Speedway on Netflix

    Yes it’s true. There’s a Polish police Murder thriller dubbed into English called The Plagues of Breslau. Check it out. Polish PM goes to Wroclaw and is presented with a helmet by the team...... Has the ugliest lead police woman I have ever witnessed.
  3. Steve Shovlar

    Poole Pirates 2020

    So was I. I recall a few Poole fans leaving half way through. Had the P taken out of them rotten for missing the biggest comeback since Lazarus.
  4. Steve Shovlar

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I’ve written off this season. Sticking to watching Polish league for my fix. Try again next year.
  5. Steve Shovlar

    Poole Pirates 2020

    A classic in horrible Brandon conditions if I remember correctly. A real thriller.
  6. Great meeting tonight. Is Leon the best speedway rider in the world at the moment? I think so.
  7. Thanks r@r. Found it before you replied. Going to be difficult for these meetings to be shown live. Possibly delayed viewing at 10pm?
  8. Ok thanks r@r. When are they taking place? OK found the info thanks.
  9. What’s going on? Freesports showing some blokes over the local rec playing cricket. Have they ditched Polish speedway already?
  10. Disgraceful decision from the ref. Edit. Zmarzlik rightly exc.
  11. As soon as riders stand around they go into non race mode and don’t fancy it. Seen it so many times. One or two can sway it for the majority.
  12. Seems it’s being showed delayed or Premier sports are doing a Eurosport and will join half way through heat 7.
  13. Sportsmania has all Sports channels except NSport. Been a member for years. Virtually every sports channel you can think of and catchup as well. Can’t fault it.

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