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  1. Steve Shovlar

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Already got my tickets for Plymouth and Eastbourne away. These two meetings are advance online tickets only, with no pay on the gates. So it wouldn’t surprise me that Poole follow suit and you pay online and print off tickets. Then a simple scan on the gate and you are in. Another advantage is that once the 1500 tickets (as an example) are sold, that’s it. No point turning up hoping for access, and it means no upsetting fans by turning them away at the gate. If there are long queue sirs a covid risk. Online means you can stroll up one minute before tapes up knowing you will get into the ground.
  2. Nasty crash. Desperation from older riders no longer able to compete at the top level or at their previous heights.
  3. Great meeting. So good to see Leszno not being such a dominant force this year. Like the fact teams have weaker reserves. Evens things up nicely.
  4. Picture is buggered. Buffering then racing through at 300x speed.
  5. Great meeting by the way. Really enjoyed it.
  6. Pawlicki at fault 100%
  7. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Excellent and accurate article. Brexit completely wrecking business. So unnecessary to decimate profitable businesses that were bringing jobs and prosperity to the U.K.
  8. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You do realise Littlejohn, the “journalist” who lives in the Caribbean, is a hard brexiteer and utterly right wing tory who would slot nicely in with the ERG? This article is so wrong on so many levels. The EU are not punishing us. They are applying the rules which the U.K. helped write. If there is red tape, tons of paperwork, vets certificates etc it is all the U.K. S doing as we left them, not the other way around. Why do brexiteers have trouble in understanding this basic, simple concept? Seriously it proves the recent large survey that brexiteers are much lower in intelligence that remain voters. They would believe this drivel.
  9. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I really hope so. It will solve a multitude of issues and we will still be ‘out’. There was absolutely no need for such a hard brexit. Nothing was gained but much was lost. Even with the BBC and 80% of the British press hushed up by the government and press barons with good reason for wanting Britain out, brexit woes will filter through to Mr and Mrs Smith of Nottingham that the nation is suffering badly compared to everyone else. Biden this week, on praising the EU, had a dig at Britain and there’s no way any trade deal will be in place in the foreseeable future. In fact I doubt one will happen at all during Bidens presidency. As for Truss, we are yet to see a single trade deal of note. Every deal she has made so far is what we already had whilst a member of the EU. We would need 4 USA deals to make up for the shortfall of leaving the EU. There’s not enough trade deals to do that. This U.K. - Pacific trade deal the U.K. gas applied to join is utter nonsense for most U.K. based businesses. It has no real benefits whatsoever and will leave a huge carbon footprint. How can that replace a great deal we had being members of the second biggest trading block in the world, litterally on our doorstep?
  10. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You might think the odd quip funny, but the reality is a very small business turned over just under £850,000 in 2020 throughout covid but I will be lucky to do 25% of that figure in 2021. It clearly shows the effect of brexit on U.K. businesses. Imagine if my business employed 100 people. 75 would have to be made redundant. All through brexit.
  11. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Sorry no. The U.K. is 100% the sole reason for this. No brexit, no issues. Brexit voters have heaped carnage on U.K. businesses. Glad a brexiteer has suffered as well as those sensible enough to see this coming. As for importing goods being not a problem, we’ll just wait a little while. The U.K., realising they were unprepared, has suspended customs import checks until the end of the year. Just wait until auntie Mavis kettle she ordered on Amazon and sent from Germany comes with a little email demanding £12 handling fee, £8 import duty and 20% VAT. And will probably take a month to arrive through all the red tape.
  12. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

  13. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You wouldn’t believe this is true. But it is. Any company that supported brexit should not be receiving any compensation for loss of earnings. Instead, they should be sent a large bill, and that money passed to businesses who voted remain.
  14. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Interesting article in the Guardian. The owner of a cheese company received a call from a Govt minister about his £250,000 shortfall. Bloody hell they should have Johnson on the phone to me then, as my shortfall in 2021 will be over double that!

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