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  1. Put it off. I want to watch Arsenal thump Liverpool.
  2. Thomsen and Jack Holder are worthy of wildcard gp slots next year.
  3. Happy to win when the odds before heat 15 were against them.
  4. Chuganov certainly has. Woofinden seems happy in riding well within himself. His whole body language seems off. If I was a Wroclaw fan I would be far from happy with his riding tonight.
  5. Gorzow would put up a better fight in the final imo.
  6. Bewley in an impossible position. Any points he scores a bonus.
  7. Woffinden not committed to his team. Poor poor ride. His attitude seems too laid back in a what will be will be manner..
  8. As soon as Thomsen sneaked by Chris Holder that was a nailed on 5-1 to Gorzow. Noddy just doesn’t have the pace anymore to mix it at the very top. He needed to block Thomsen but left a gap up the inside. Gorzow to win this. They are getting dialled in.
  9. Thought he got stuck in well. I have been critical of him in the past but fair play he showed the home boys the quickest way around. Don’t yet think he is GP material. Struggles to pass a fart when at the back. But time will tell. A pretty poor to mediocre meeting, as have been the majority of extra league meetings this season.
  10. Good ride by Kolodziej in heat 14 but shame on the Gora pair for allowing him to easy pass them both.
  11. Thought exactly the same but highly risky manoeuvre with another rider behind. Not sure what is worse to watch. This or the Chelsea Liverpool snorefest. Both not very good.
  12. Tonight’s meeting looks so much better than what we are being served up here. Fingers crossed for a thriller.
  13. Yes rubbish streams about. Don’t know how to get this mod bro. But in all honesty so far a rubbish gate and go meeting.

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