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  1. Matt Ford had no need to lie. He is known for saying it as it is so why would he not say he is swapping out Sundstrom for Harris? Spanner was axed for Jakobsen. Truth is Linus had turned it around and was scoring well. But he wanted out, whether it was his form or not happy with the travelling for renumeration, who knows. Matt said at the time he was disappointed with Sundstroms decision.
  2. Anyway back to the thread. It’s going to be extremely tough for the boys to keep it close enough tomorrow night. Let’s hope the track is properly prepared for a change to give both teams a chance to race. If it is we could be in for a treat. If it’s like the last time we visited then Somerset will probably do enough tomorrow to make the second leg a formality. Loads of Poole fans making the trip up to cheers on the mighty Pirates. Weather looks OK. Fingers crossed for a great meeting that will be talked about for the racing rather than anything else.
  3. Poor meeting. Gate and go. When Zmarzlik struggles its game over. Hampel gating zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  4. Steve Shovlar

    Poole 2019

    I have been to the new NSS about half a dozen times now and nothing touches it in the UK for facilities and track.
  5. The troll doesn’t like facts that don’t fit his pathetic agenda.
  6. Great tactical racing in heat 15. After the dirge of last night this was a breath of fresh air. A great meeting earlier this afternoon and an even better meeting there. Hope this evenings meeting is just as good.
  7. He most certainly did and Matt was disappointed as Linus scores were much improved.
  8. Great ride by Kasper in heat 15. Rybnik virtually home and hosed. Hope we see a similar Kasper tomorrow night.
  9. Great meeting. Rybnik need at least an 8 point lead, any less and it probably won’t be enough.
  10. Gavin. The gift that never stops giving...
  11. Agree, though the way he acted made it look red. Red got under him and he tried to fit in a gap that wasn’t there. Leaned on red who wasn’t budging.

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