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  1. Steve Shovlar

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Wow, have they visited the local morgue to get a crowd? Never seen such a passionless gathering!
  2. Hence my cool shades emoji.
  3. Give me racing at Wimborne Road every day of the week, month and year over the boring spaced out from the gate garbage served up at Saddlebow road.
  4. Harris is at 1. Kurtz is at 5. New GS for October. Josh moved to 3 to bolster middle order. Much better than Josh at 2 with his meeting over at heat 10, unless picked for heat 15.
  5. Steve Shovlar

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    Whilst speedway may be a small sport compared to football etc, it is still much bigger than many sports people who do get nominated. Speedway is huge compared to netball, womens cricket, womens swimming. It’s down to what sports the bbc covers and the make up of the panel who chooses the finalists. If Woffinden was chosen as a finalist he would outscore the Peatys, and the bloke who spins around on a wooden horse, by the proverbial mile. The get to be a finalist in a tiny sport. Speedway as a sport is vastly bigger in every way. But that has no impact on who is picked. The bbc is now obligated to shows the voting. Woffinden is more than capable of getter enough votes to make third with the amount of fans in the uk. They just won’t have the opportunity to vote for him.
  6. If we ride to our potential, we will be back a week later for the first leg of the final against Kings Lynn. Make Doyle work to do his thing, and no last places. Middlo needs to get in their heads again, and remind them again how Somerset were going to smash us. Should be a hell of a tough meeting but we need to hit them early and don’t allow them a way back we will make the final. Harris rides at one. Brady goes to five. Harris Woryna Josh G Klindt Kurtz Worrall Jackobsen
  7. Belle vue rider being a very bad loser.
  8. Coventry won it in 2010 by the same way with Shamek smashing in similar scores.
  9. As a neutral I can say there is absolutely no chance of Belle Vue making it through to the final. It’s called a foregone conclusion, meaning “a result that can be predicted with certainty”. Belle Vue fought well but once the Lynn riders got dialled in to the track there was only one team in it. Even if Cook declares himself fit to ride it won’t make any difference. I am reading some Lynn fans not wanting to count their chickens before they have hatched but really, they surely have to believe the job is done?
  10. You are 8 points up going into the second leg. At home. I think you can start to celebrate making the final. It won’t come back to bite you on the jacksy.
  11. Teams lose riders when it really matters. Two season ago Poole lost Andersen when it mattered. Last year Wolverhampton lost their top two for the final. This year It’s Belle Vues turn. It’s a dangerous sport and the risk of injury is high. Rotten luck on BV as it was for Wolves as it was for Poole. Kings Lynn look unstoppable.
  12. Allitt does come across as extremely smug. But he should be tonight, as his team romped it. Lemon saying it’s not over yet is bravado but frankly Mission Impossible: No Chance. It is rotten luck for BV but even if Cook had been fit to ride I doubt they would have had any lead. Probably only 2 or 4 down. Bringing in Riss to push Toft to reserve has turned them into Champions elect. Can’t really see how they can be beaten and will win it comfortably. Only Doyle out of Somerset and Poole has the firepower to beat Lambert and Iversen. And neither club has anyone who can beat Toft on that form. It would take a monumental team effort to beat Kings Lynn over two legs.
  13. No point in BT going to Lynn next week. May as well have the full production at Wimborne Road. Shows why Lynn are massive favourites for the title. Big top 2 and a free scoring reserve. No hope for any of the other teams.
  14. Sending out Tungate in heat 15 shows how weak BV are tonight.
  15. All very predictable to be honest. Belle Vue started well, better than expected to be honest thanks to 2 poor opening rides to Lambert and Iversen, but once dialled in found it all quite easy. A shame the racing hasn’t been as good as hoped.
  16. Hearing BV have new sponsors. Aunt Bessies. They know how to do a good crumble.
  17. Who on earth can tolerate that screeching woman center green announcer?
  18. EF’s are not bad luck. 90% of the time they can be avoided.
  19. Reason Kings Lynn are massive favourites for the title. Hit form at just the right time.
  20. Disaster for Worrall. Unacceptable to be honest. All over now for Belle Vue.
  21. Is Toft at reserve for Lynn next month? If he is, they are clear favourites for the title.
  22. Toft a meeting and probable title winner for Lynn.
  23. Lynn now back and fairly comfy.
  24. Surely will have 7 rides.
  25. The fightback is now on.

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