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  1. It has been announced that Pirates will have to put out a similar team to that which rode at Kings Lynn on Monday. Different guests but still r/r for Brady and 3 guests. The result is likely to be similar to Monday which is a shame for the top of the table clash. A full strength Poole team could have come away with a point or more but no chance with the current injuries and guests. 55-35ish.
  2. Steve Shovlar

    Poole 2020

    Where? I know it’s just under 40,000
  3. Well it’s been fun tonight. For me anyway. Well done to Swindon. It was their year and to be honest if they hadn’t won the title it would have been a surprise. Congratulations. I’m off to bed. Flight to Venice in the morning and then onto the Italian Alps for some flying for a few days, weather permitting. Enjoy your championship. Shame we can’t challenge it back next season but it looks like we’ll be visiting different clubs in 2020.
  4. Age. Ipswich a team of oldies. Fight fades with age.
  5. We certainly bottled it. Choked. No way were Ipswich good enough off their own backs as it showed in the final.
  6. They are not showing league speedway next season.
  7. We have got 2 draws at Swindon this year, and one defeat. We ride pretty well around there. Would have got within 12 imo. But all speculation.
  8. I was answering a question, would any other team have done better tonight. The answer is absolutely yes.
  9. Yes! Absolutely! Ipswich had no fire or desire! Swindon would have still won but Poole would have given them a challenge, no doubt about it. Brady Jack, Josh and Nicolai all ride Swindon well. Something like 50-40, not 62-whatever.
  10. What are you on about? I don’t hate Ipswich at all! I don’t ‘hate’ any speedway club.
  11. Glad to hear it. Hope you and a SteveO are there and not watching on tv.......
  12. All over. Well done to Swindon. All very easy as expected. The worse playoff final on record, and by a margin, but certainly not Swindon’s fault, who have been favourites since mid season. Glad they got a big crowd. That’s what the playoffs do. Bring in the fans. If that sized crowd could be a weekly turnout the sport would be in good shape. Lets all hope we don’t get another final like that again though.
  13. You had to be born before 1960.
  14. I find, even now, utterly amazing how many have had a go at what was, clearly, a humorous tongue in cheek post.( Ford digging holes, Swindon gating tarts) Actually I find it funny so many didn’t “get it”.
  15. As they raise the cup, the Birdy Song blasts over the tannoy and all the fans flap their arms. Der Der Der del Der Der Der, clap, clap, clap, clap.....
  16. Sounds of the 70’s all blinking night. Hi ho bloody silver lining, Hot Chocolate, ELO......
  17. Swindon got lucky. Don’t know why their fans haven’t admitted it. If it hadn’t rained at 7 pm in the first leg of the semi at WR, we would have demolished Ipswich by at least 20, meaning it would have been us in the final. Then Matt would have made a few more bumps and Doyle would have struggled along with the other gating tarts. Poole winning 58-32 and cruising it tonight. I know it. Rosco knows it. Would have been title number 9.
  18. Sitting here enjoying a slice of Walls Vienetta. Mint flavour. Far more enjoyable than what I have been watching.
  19. But Ipswich haven’t really been in it. Woeful by anyone’s standards. It’s not that Swindon are just a better team, Perks was seeing off King in that one before King del. No excuses Ipswich have been rank and not up for it.
  20. Gated then moved over to waive them through. Summed up a team that wasn’t up to even making a challenge. No fight no guts no glory.
  21. Ipswich waived the white flag heat one at Foxhall. Not worthy of being there with this performance.

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