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  1. coomie

    Somerset 2019

    He's 24 so he should be pushing on now,looking at his scores over the last two seasons that I can find 4-5 points per meeting is normal,having said that did not find many 0's,bottom end of the team looks to weak for a title run but will see in a few months time.have been wrong before!
  2. coomie

    Somerset 2019

    Is it from the kings Lynn meeting in the cup,thought he was carrying a injury
  3. coomie

    Somerset 2019

    Why are people not surprised jake has left the rebels,good scores and fans like him,or am I missing something?
  4. coomie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Sad to see jake leave but wish him all the best.
  5. coomie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Why are you not surprised to see Jake leave?
  6. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    How about Nk Iversen,Aj or even bomber Harris.
  7. coomie

    Poole 2018

    Go most weeks to the Oak tree and Your very lucky to have josh,great team man,wins more big races than he gets credit for.wish him all the best,will be missed by the rebels.
  8. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    hope we get a move on then before they all go.
  9. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    kildemand would not like that either if we had him.wish we know the team already.
  10. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    How about k bjerre as no1 now he's free,
  11. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    Nobody knows anything,and we won't until most teams have been filled,just like the last few years.
  12. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    jason has said on Twitter that it's a one off appearance and has nothing to do with where he's riding in 2018.
  13. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    that would be good for me,apart from greaves,would like to see how he went mind.
  14. coomie

    David Bellego Any Takers?

    on a 7.37 average let's hope not as he might have to be a heat leader,don't think he good enough for that.might be wrong,would not be first time!
  15. coomie

    Somerset 2018

    I guess we will have to wait about a mounth for any riders to be named at Somerset for 2018,always last!

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