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  1. gustix

    1951 SA Tour of Europe

    Sadly, the sort of response I might expect from you. Indeed I did query the same issue on a thread elsewhere - not all users there may also enter YEARS GONE BY. I regard the Brian Collins website as being one of the most informative dedicated to the sport's international history which was why I decided to Post my query on several BSF threads. But let's smile about my apparent misdemeanour - it enabled you to YET AGAIN criticise me.
  2. Thank you more that clarification. I have a similar question on Years Gone By which will doubtless receive the same response. Again my thanks.
  3. gustix

    1951 SA Tour of Europe

    I have a query in regard to the underlined comment that the website is frozen. I have just visited there and it appears - to me at least - that it is 'business as usual'. Do other visitors find there is a contrary happening to my own finding? http://www.internationalspeedway.co.uk/links.htm
  4. For many years the International Speedway website has been a favourite of mine. However, can any member advise if updates are still being made? I cannot appear to find any problems with the website but in various Posts I have read elsewhere that the website is 'frozen' - whatever that means! The Link to me appears that it is very much 'business as usual'. I sincerely hope that all is well with the website. http://www.internationalspeedway.co.uk/links.htm
  5. gustix

    London History Site

    I made the comment in jest - very wrongly as it now transpires - because I presumed my calculations for the overall totals were correct. I have no idea how I managed to miss out the complete details from my overall totals. The tenure of your previous comment also suggested that bad calculation was not a happening on my part when as it happens such was the case - sheer carelessness by me. I am especially offended by the remark in regard to my eyesight. Perhaps the staff at Moorfield will be interested in your diagnosis for me? I have been attending this much respected hospital for more than two years. A basic guide in regard to a response to my forum comment which you apparently disagree with is "...criticise the Post and NOT THE POSTER..."
  6. gustix

    London History Site

    You really detest me don't you? I can accept that I made an error - I wrongly calculated on three matches. I now see each team had FOUR scores to take into consideration. Your response could have been to correct me in a polite manner - you chose otherwise Sobeit!
  7. gustix

    1951 SA Tour of Europe

    Your OP is magnificent brimet in regard to the 1951 tour of Europe by a South African team. Here's a Link to a far more modest commentary regarding the tour: http://www.national-speedway-museum.co.uk/secretsouthafricantour.html
  8. gustix

    London History Site

    Knowing my bad luck on the BSF I have probably got this wrong as well, but I make the team aggregates as: West Ham 95Lea Bridge 72High Beech 64
  9. gustix

    London History Site

    Does any member have more data on the Essex Cup please? It is new name in competitions to me. Thank you.
  10. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    I unreservedly apologise to everyone who has been following the item which I posted in regard to Wimbledon teams from 1929 onwards. As emphasised by chunky and iris123 I got matters very wrong - there is absolutely no doubt about that. On further study through this thread and comments made in regard to other Posts that I have made regarding Wimbledon I realise that my knowledge of the club over the years is to put it mildly dubious. Unfortunately, where items that I have referred to have had continual errors brought to attention, my attempts at correction have compounded my initial mistakes. My efforts to address these had a reverse effect - I expanded my initial mistake. In order that the thread can resume on a more factual basis I will cease making any offerings about the club. Again, my apologies to everyone for the ongoing wrong information I have placed - especially in regard to riders activities in the 1929 season.
  11. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

  12. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    Please note. There is an amendment in the first Post relative to the composition of the 1929 team. . .
  13. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    Are you suggesting then that I revert to the Posting detailing the 1929 team and make corrections there! In a Post that was compiled as such by the late Bryan Tungate based it appears on data originally provided by the much respected historian and speedway author norbold? More of interest, as you seemingly know so much in regard to the 1929 Wimbledon team why don't you provide a detailed list of their riders for that season. Based on all the amendments you suggest be made it would appear you have such data to hand,
  14. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    Don't shoot the messenger!! The team details as I have previously specified were collated by the late Bryan Tungate who passed away some years ago. By all means point out any likely errors, then if needed - as seems likely in this case - corrections can be made. Debate in a rational collective way not personalise everything.
  15. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    Good work guys! So far as checking how the originator of the team lists obtained his facts is impossible! It was not myself but the late Bryan Tungate who sadly passed away some years ago. The other recipient was norbold but again I have no idea where he obtained his information either. As I see matters, the 1929 item does not specify that all riders listed raced in Southern League matches. More that the club were then members of the Southern League and that the riders detailed were associated with Wimbledon.

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