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  1. gustix

    California Reunion 2019

    California Reunion Sunday October 13 2019The 14th California-in-England Speedway Reunion - Stu Sue TownerAlthough the forecast was not good it was a pleasant morning when we left home to go down to the old track at California Park. One regular attendee was already there and wondering if he had the right date for it. Due to changes there we couldn’t park on the grass lakeside edge as we usually did in the past but had to carry our wares down to our patch. No sooner had we unloaded our van of our goodies for sale and the bikes were wheeled out it started to rain. Thankfully not as much as last year but accompanied by a gusty wind. The funny thing about it was that although we didn't want that type of weather, no one was despondent about it and we had some laughs with those who joined us. One friend was Dave Robinson who is a referee and it was interesting talking to him why he should take such a godforsaken job as that when you are no one’s friend and everyone’s enemy. Our Friends of Speedway stall was set up in readiness to do business but luckily we didn’t suffer much damage due to the inclement weather. When it stopped raining a few more bikes and people appeared from their cars and vans and bikes were unloaded. With a line-up of a much depleted number over previous years, a couple of machines were started up which bought even more folk out to see what was going on. Some were even standing behind the un-silenced machines to savour not only the sound but the smell of Methanol mixed with Castrol R oil - pure heaven. Others were taking photos or video clips of the sight and sound of the machines. It was good to see ex-Poppy rider Jim Gleed there with his son but regular ex-rider Eric Hockaday was unable to attend due to a recent hip replacement operation which stopped him from driving. One of our generous subscribers presented me with a donation of some early speedway magazines which will be on sale at Paradise Wildlife Park next February, plus a complete year of Belle Vue programmes. Should any of you be collecting a title of certain magazine then please send me a list of your ‘wanted’ and I’ll check through our stock. Richard Seal, whose grandfather incidentally cut out the original track with a horse and plough, was present with his BSA Dirt Track machine that was owned by our past late member George Thompson. An appreciation of George’s life was on display courtesy of member TAG Allison. Our thanks to all who attended - your presence was very much appreciated.
  2. gustix

    2020 NL Season

    ...but will local non-speedway followers like it? And they will seek without doubt the backing of their locally ELECTED councillors to support their objections. Sad but a harsh fact.
  3. When stock car racing started at The Firs, Norwich, in 1954, speedway riders were banned by the Control Board from competing there - and at other tracks. Many skirted the ban by driving under other names. The Norwich opening meetings were dominated by a driver named Spencer Morton. I have a suspicion who that may have been. Anyone care to speculate? I'll give my opinion later in this thread - if there are more Posts!!!
  4. gustix

    Speedway's future IMO

    Probably last pay to enter a speedway was New Cross in 1953. The last free entry to a speedway was Wimbledon's closure in October 2005.
  5. gustix

    New Cross track

    Just to clarify the situation. I have always understood New Cross track to be a basic 262 yards. The reason I queried that a mention on FB said it was 354 yards. I raised my query to clarify my thoughts on 262 yards were correct and to repudiate the larger size associated with it. I apologise most sincerely if my initial comment gave a wrong interpretation of my question. Subsequent replies to my query have now given me the answer I sought.
  6. If you are ever in New Zealand (!!!) the Gordon McIsaac Museum is always worth a visit: Auckland . New Zealand. (Please phone before you go, and don't forget a donation in his honesty box goes a long way to help with the collection of memorabilia) 09- 376 2880 14 Parawai Cres. Ponsonby.
  7. gustix

    Online Museum Website

    There have been some variations in regard to the Speedway Museum Online. This is the relevant Link to it: http://www.speedwaymuseumonline.co.uk/links.html
  8. gustix

    Crystal Palace Museum

    The Crystal Palace Foundation is still functioning. It does feature - albeit rather small - some items pertaining to when speedway took place. http://www.crystalpalacefoundation.org.uk/shop/motor-sport/crystal-palace-speedway
  9. There has been recent updates on site to the New Zealand Hall of Fame: http://www.historicspeedway.co.nz/nz__hall_of_fame_2.html
  10. gustix

    Useful history links

    Three history Links with a wealth of information: thanks to John Skinner. www.newcastlespeedwayhistory.co.uk www.defunctspeedway.co.uk www.newcastlecyclespeedway.co.uk
  11. gustix

    Speedway's future IMO

    Perhaps all the happenings mentioned in previous Posts is because basically speedway is not a genuine team/club sport?
  12. gustix

    Caxton Speedway Track ?,

    Caxton is now listed on John Skinner's 'Defunct Speedway Tracks' website: http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/Caxton.htm
  13. gustix

    Poole 2020

    What? More than the often quoted national 'best' of 1,500?
  14. gustix

    Speedway's future IMO

    Do you mean the difference between average 900 for individual meetings compared to 1,000 for a team match?
  15. gustix

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    I have not written as a 'speedway journalist' for any publication since mid-2010. I ceased writing as a full-time 'speedway journalist' in the early part of 1962. Quite likely in that period (1954 to 1962) opinions I made probably were judgemental. For all that I cannot recall ever criticising a rider as 'dirty' - more likely I would have used the descriptive phrase 'hard riding.' That would leave the comment up to the reader to make their own final judgment on what was implied.

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