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  1. Because of Government guidelines in regard to crowd sizes it has been decided NOT to stage this year's California-in-England reunion. It had been scheduled for September 20 at the Country Park, Wokingham, Berks.
  2. gustix

    'The Voice' Autumn 2020

    Friends of Speedway (a non-profit making organisation who are proud to part sponsor the British Youth Speedway Championship) are pleased to announce the 78th edition of their magazine the Voice which is packed full of interest and enjoyment. This issue is a huge 24 pages, which will keep your interest for hours! In this issue Charles Mckay says ‘See you at the speedway in 2020? Sue Towner on her Soapbox, with an update on the progress of young Sam Norris. John Hyam on New Cross. Roy Delaney looks at the famous Hawkeye. Slider says, ‘Thank You and Good Night – The Supporters Have Left the Building’ plus an Obituary to Stoke Speedway. Ron Jones looks at the birth of Dirt Track racing at Coventry. Revival of speedway at Southampton and Oxford? Plus more to keep you interested. Available from Friends of Speedway; 117 Church Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2DP. Please send your cheque for £12 made out to the above for four issues of the Voice to Stu Towner at the above address or ring 0208-397 6599/07860 135939 for more information.
  3. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

  4. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    Thank you salty. An interesting comment. After leaving Speedway Star, circa 1962 to 1970 I was at Weekly Post Newspapers in West Middlesex, firstly as sports editor then Group Editor. From late 1970 to 1973 I was sports editor at the South London Advertiser. From 1973 until 2013 I was at the South London Press, progressing from a subbing editor to Chief sub-editor and retired in August 1997 because of age. Within two weeks they recalled me on a part-time basis two days a week as a sub- editor. Sports wise in that SLP era I also did coverage of Wimbledon speedway 1973 to 1991, then the Conference League era 2002-05. Also in the SLP days besides the sub-editorial work I reported on the oval car racing at Wimbledon Stadium and dabbled in reporting on other local sports like women's football, baseball, tennis and athletics. Somewhere in the preceding load of bumf hopefully I have established albeit rather confusingly that post-Speedway Star era days I had some ongoing links with speedway for many years.
  5. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    Being me! it's more than likely I have missed the relative Post. But is there a Post which details the start and end of the racing career of Lloyd 'Sprouts' Elder? Thank you.
  6. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    I don't ask for or seek special rules in regard to what I post on the BSF. If I break them - which tends to happen - I get a 'warning shot' from a BSF Mod. Then I try to comply with that guideline from then onwards.
  7. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    On reflection I doubt anyone really cares. It's just another of those sadly tedious items that tend to belittle the BSF when more interesting topics are available. For all that I can see it is attracting much interest with a Hamburg-based BSF poster.
  8. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    You don't give up do you? Have you thought about taking medical advice in regard to your passion for posting adverse comments/responses to other members' posts?
  9. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    The comment made about me by Martin Rogers seems to offend other people more than it does me. I have been in reasonable contact with Martin Rogers for at least 60 years. I had my most recent FACEBOOK PM from him only a few days ago. As I see it other people are more concerned in regard to the comment than I am. Especially the hamburger iris123 who seemingly has his Germanic knickers in a very tight twist about it. And that just as we were entering the 11th year of his ongoing debunking of most BSF comments I make! Watch for his response to this Post! Watch for something like Ha! Ha!
  10. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    You are correct in regard to the Mike Bast issue. It was a foolish attitude on my part and should never been allowed by me to carry on as it did. For my part I have no idea what being described as 'whimsically eccentric'. may mean. TBH you seem far more concerned about the reference than I am. " As a renowned 'clever rrrrsss' yourself suggest a definition of it. Or move on to another thread I am on and debunk that instead. BTW do you know the actual date from 10 years ago when you first selected me as one (there are others) of your thread victims?
  11. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    Mrs Dorothy Charles Batson was indeed a delightful person She used to regularly phone my own dear late wife. I cannot still recall coming home from work at the South London Press and my wife saying, "That lovely lady Mrs B phoned me today."
  12. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    As usual you make an evasive Post to avoid an answer when a question is fired at you. I do not readily undesand what Martin Rogers in his book implied with the 'whimsical eccentric' comment. NOR DO I CARE OR WORRY ABOUT IT. I am still in contact with Martin via FACEBOOK but have no intention what is now some 50 year old description meant. Nor do I care about. If you want a definition for it I suggest you PM him via FACEBOOK. On th´other hand - and in your usual characteristic 'assassination' mode I think you have a comment to decide what was meant. So let's have it or SHUT UP.
  13. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    As you have been a 'dedicated' follower of my BSF offerings for at least the past 10 years maybe you can clarify what Martin Rogers meant with his comment? I daresay you already have one ready but need a preamble from myself to justify its use?
  14. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    I guess it was a rather foolish attempt on my part to stimulate some debate about Lloyd 'Sprouts' Elder. I appear to have done that but sadly the wrong sort of comments. TBH since my early years of Following speedway - more years ago than I will detail! - I have been an ardent admirer of Elder. In another BSF time when I was known as speedyguy I often commented on what a great rider he was. And other Posters criticised me for praising him so much. Your offerings in regard to his speedway achievements do much to confirm the admiration I have always had for him. Thank you chunky.
  15. gustix

    US riders of the 30's

    TBH I am not sure what the comment means in the first place. I have never evader seen a copy of the Martin Rogers book so have no idea of any preamble leading up to the remark that may have been written. My suggestion - and I make it sincerely - is that you try to buy a copy of the Martin Rogers book. The preamble there may help you in your inquiry.

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