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  1. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    The FB forum now appears in order but you may need to join it. But have a try at this revised Link: https://www.facebook.com/stu.towner
  2. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    An interesting point. There is some glitch on the forum and this just might be what it is.
  3. gustix

    Wimbledon Memories

    Stu Towner is much respected as a 'back room' boy at Wimbledon. Hopefully this FACEBOOK link will give an interesting insight into into his activities over the years: https://www.facebook.com/stu.towner?__tn__=%2CdC-RH-R-R&eid=ARB0k75l1UlvnoMt20vzylm3oGnX79DQll1mS_KXNelEHfTdV-TGD00IKL_9a6AZbbXxKMKcZIB4btCB&hc_ref=ARTsEIHoHdtx_cXBB-8tO0YPcWsERnEK5IdoY0vIb3PfLnoRbGWlMjTlwcqe_qUAkgE&fref=nf
  4. gustix

    Barry Butterworth, New Zealand

    I have known Bob Andrews since he first turned up to ride for California in the old Southern Area League in 1954. He must have then been about 16 years old. That contact has continued over the years even after his emigration to New Zealand. Another is Tom Sweetman, like Bob from London, who also emigrated to New Zealand. I know he is a near-neighbour of Bob's. There are others who I could name. It is people like them who do much to keep alive my interest in speedway. They enable me to participate albeit not deeply these days on speedway happenings. My contact with them and others of their quality reflects a welcome change of attitude in comparison to those 'forum shotgun detractors' who delight in discrediting my BSF ventures.
  5. gustix

    One Club Servants

    Correct. Eric Chitty was a one club rider.
  6. gustix

    Barry Butterworth, New Zealand

  7. gustix

    Barry Butterworth, New Zealand

    Another Barry Butterworth link:
  8. Here's an interesting item forwarded to me by former England, New Zealand, Wimbledon and Cradley rider Bob Andrews. It's a tribute to four wheel New Zealand star Barry Butterworth. https://www.facebook.com/barry.butterworth.21?__tn__=%2CdCH-R-R&eid=ARB12cJVqkAt-zJp7963zRQ6VqYTliKY070DiwB9bqRtCOk3n8h3xvHHc_bWyapCS1J_aR_y0toSE7Tc&hc_ref=ARSi13LYM4hGbKolS-ffV45LRoJ9C39jjXGS7PNFgtl2FXyLvinyXYpRWo8EFJEVED0&fref=nf&hc_location=group PS: Why a midget car driver on the BSF? Because in New Zealand the governing body recognises the cars as a speedway sport - as I personally do as well.
  9. gustix

    The Ninth Man

    I wonder why the Ninth Man column finished? Or may be that's when he joined the 'Croydon Advertiser' series?
  10. gustix

    The Ninth Man

    Interesting. For how long did 'The Ninth Man' column run for? I am still researching on the eventual graduation by 'Ninth Man' Fred Philpot to sports editor on one of the editions in the 'Croydon Advertiser' series.
  11. gustix

    The Ninth Man

    Thanks BL65. That equates very much with my now fast dimming recollections of Speedway Star circa 1952-54. Early in 1955 Eric Linden left his full-time Speedway Star role to commence his brilliant career with TV Times.
  12. gustix

    The Ninth Man

    What year was this please? My main contact with Ken Chaplin was when he had an evening job circa 1954-55. It was to make up accounts to send to bulk distributors of Speedway Star. It was probably his last involvement with the Star.
  13. gustix

    The Ninth Man

    My opinion is that it almost certainly is the same Ken Chaplin.
  14. gustix

    The Ninth Man

    As I recall the Ninth Man column was in my early days at Speedway Star. 'TheĀ“Merlin Man' was another freelance writer aka Ken Chaplin.
  15. gustix

    The Ninth Man

    Speedway journalist Fred Philpott. Does any member recall Fred? Around 1953 he was a prolific letter writer to the old 'Speedway News.' Then he turned to speedway journalism on a freelance basis for 'Speedway Star' in 1954 and early 1955. He wrote under the name The Ninth Man. Fred's speedway writings ceased when he became sports editor for the papers in the Croydon Advertiser group. As a speedway writer Fred mainly focussed on Wimbledon and the several other London area tracks operating. I wondered if any member may recall Fred?

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