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  1. gustix

    Former Riders

    That's correct Chunky. In my latest Post I did not indicate that I had forgotten Al Sparrey. I just wondered if after some near 60 years any other posters recalled him. Delighted to see the Post gave you a chance to get on the anti-gustix bandwagon once more!
  2. gustix

    Former Riders

    I think that Al Sparrey was a grass track rider before he took to speedway? Also that he was a car salesman in Walthamstow working for the old-time Cradley Heath and Rayleigh rider Alan Briggs. After speedway Briggs switched to stock car racing and was a leading competitor when there was a track at Walthamstow Stadium in the 1960s..
  3. gustix

    Speedway In Cornwall ?

    Has there ever been follow up interest for speedway at United Downs in Cornwall?
  4. gustix

    Gil Blake

    I do know that during WW2 Gil Blake was in the RAF. And one of his fellow airmen was Mike Tams who post-war rode for Eastbourne, Santry, Belfast, Newcastle, Southampton and Ringwood.
  5. gustix

    Former Riders

    Anyone remember Al Sparrey who rode for Yarmouth in the early 1960s?
  6. gustix

    SON 2020

    Spot on comment. I can't think of a better reason come to again consider the reason for the postponement.
  7. gustix

    SON 2020

    Isn't there a fixture in boating for rowlocks!
  8. gustix

    SON 2020

    Probably called off to meet government guidelines re coronavirus and crowd size. Health safety is far more important than a speedway meeting anyway!
  9. gustix

    Speedway books and magazine

    I have many speedway books stacked in the spare room. I haven't read most of them and doubt I ever will. All they are doing is gathering dust.
  10. Latest Government coronavirus guidelines restrict assembly of people to TWO. So no problems there for speedway!
  11. gustix

    Online Museum Website

    Yeah! Hit keyboard in wrong way - should be BSF and not BSF. But the comment that has decided me. A long rest from the BSF. I can see there is no place for me these days. Maybe I'll vote myself to making a few HIDE factors on what I have already placed and which seemingly annoys most BSF posters.
  12. gustix

    Online Museum Website

    Germany calling! Germany calling! It must be 10 years since I came 'under scrutiny' from Hamburg. And it would also appear that 'dedicated Germanic stance" will be ongoing for so long as I retain an interest in what appears on the BFS.
  13. gustix

    Len Read RIP

    Forwarded message: ‎Tony Hurren‎ to WSRA World Speedway Riders Association I have just taken a telephone call from Pamela Maureen Hedge informing me that former Norwich, Plymouth and Liverpool rider, Lenny Read, passed away today after a short illness at the age of 102. He was a life member of the World Speedway Riders' Association. Lenny rode briefly for Norwich immediately after World War II but a bad injury ended his career with The Stars. He switched to Plymouth in the National League Division 3 in 1948 where he scored 344 points and increased this to 427 points the following season. In 1950 Plymouth rode in the NL Division 2, but Lenny's good form continued with 218 points. Plymouth didn't open for the 1951 season so Lenny joined Liverpool in the NL Division 2 and he was still good enough to notch up 211 points. He again rode for Liverpool in 1952. but suffered an injury early in the season that ended his career. Lenny was a remarkable man who could talk articulately about every aspect of his speedway career, his wartime experiences and how he handled life after his speedway career ended. He is featured in Karl Fiala's Where Are They Now series and I'm sure Karl, when he reads this, will post it on this site as a tribute to Lenny. Until the last two years Lenny was a regular at the Norwich Speedway reunion lunches. To illustrate what the man was like, last year, he booked a ticket for the lunch but was unable to make it. He insisted on sending his ticket money to Pamela to boost the fund. The photograph shows Lenny with the legendary five times World Speedway Champion Ove Fundin at the 2017 Norwich lunch. It was an occasion when presentations were made to Lenny in the run-up to his 100th birthday on January 8th, 2018.
  14. gustix

    R.i.p. Tom Farndon

    Well said brianbuck. It illustrates to a large extent my thinking in regard to long past speedway riders.Now who said "Wal Morton"??
  15. gustix

    R.i.p. Tom Farndon

    I once read - in the 'Daily Mail' weekly medical section - that a memory time span is estimated to be over the previous 20 years. There were comments both in favour and anti the theory. But if it is correct, a good memory of a previous time would only be onwards circa 2000. No Tom Farndon - or Ove Fundin!!! - fitting into that time frame.

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