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  1. gustix

    Speedway On Itv The Motorbike Show

    I didn't realise there was an ITV4. I did know of ITV and ITV3. I'll try and find the Freeview Channel number for this. Will it just be a speedway bike on display or what? - do you have any idea what might be shown?
  2. The next match in the London area (near the old West Ham speedway) is - Sunday 21 July - East London v Gt Blakenham (Div 1 & 2)
  3. gustix

    Kent 2013

    I long ago ceased making guarantees about anything that involves speedway. But each to his own opinion.
  4. I won't quote the previous post about the two parties who are interested in the stadium. I guess it will hinge on when Galliard Homes submit their planning application that things will really begin to happen. Just a case of wait and see at the moment I suppose.
  5. Perhaps it because when I worked many, many years ago, it was in a job that needed me to query all aspects of things to the limit and not to take anything at face value!
  6. Well that last information MIGHT please the present owners! Who are Pascal Taggart and Harry Findlay?
  7. gustix

    Kent 2013

    No doubt about it. Steve Boxall is doing well wit Kent Kings but let's put his vast experience into perspective. He's not exactly a newcomer to the sport is he? Boxall is doing what a rider of his experience should be doing in a competition like the National League. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Boxall
  8. gustix

    Jan O Pedersen Speedway Academy

    And I can remember 1949 when Harold McNaughton, then 37 years old, made his speedway debut at Hastings, then rode for New Cross, Southampton and Ipswich with distinction, then rode for England at Division Two level. Another later starter, at 38 years, was Tom Oakley - he rode among his clubs for Southampton, New Cross and Bristol. They both battled into the top flight with determination and ability, not needing all the pseudo-youth schemes that operate these days. McNaughton and Oakley were determined to be speedway riders and battled to the top with courage and determination. Coincidentally, both retired at the end of the 1953 season. Now riders of that age have virtually no chance of getting into speedway. Times have changed a lot. I often think the sport was the better for the way it brought riders into speedway all those years ago.
  9. gustix

    Norwich To Return ?

    The Norwich fans view... http://speedwaynorwich.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sites&action=display&thread=25
  10. gustix

    Why No Speedway Track...?

    Face it! An attempt to stage speedway with average attendances of about 700! No Government money would be forthcoming for such a proposal. Sad, harsh but reality.
  11. gustix

    Why No Speedway Track...?

    Fair and obvious comments.
  12. gustix

    Norwich To Return ?

    Just 12 months ago inJuly 2012 we were delighted when this news broke - http://www.norfolksh...folk-showground Now in 2013 we are still waiting...!!!
  13. gustix

    Oldest Team Pairing...?

    I trace this as the oldest team pairing - Wal Morton (52 years) and Geoff Pymar (51 years) for Bradford in 1961. The combined total was 103 years. Out of interest, they were also team mates at Wimbledon in 1935-37, at Harringay in 1949, then Norwich in 1957-58.
  14. gustix

    Iow V Kent Kings Koc 9-7-13

    I might add that in 1947 and 1948, despite their poor record Wombwell were averaging crowds of 3,000. But, of course, there wasn't the distraction of TV at that time...which explains why they attracted more people than Kent Kings - where gates are extremely excellent by today's standards.
  15. New Essex track::: ::::::::: A new track has been built and a new town put on the cycle speedway map. Balcarras school in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham is the new home to Cheltenham Cycle Speedway. :::::::::: Birmigham Monarchs website. http://birminghammon....wordpress.com/
  16. gustix

    Kent 2013

    Isn't Steve Boxall a Rye House asset? As earlier posted - see quotes - but Sittingbourne Rockets 2014. It would be nice to see Shadders views?
  17. It's a shame to see so little now happening on the cycle speedway section. A last message posted nearly two months ago. It was very active initially when it started some two years ago. In London there is now only one track - much different to the 'bomb site' track days of the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Spokesman is is an excellent forum in regard to what is happening in the sport - possibly near you. Call the site up, then take your pick of what you want to read as detailed in the Home Page box on the left. http://www.spokesman-online.co.uk/
  18. http://www.oxfordmai...decision_today/ All done on the basis, according to the report, of 87 per cent of 76 people who responded to the proposal through a public consultation? It's good to see that such considerable (!!!) interest exists in Oxford to save the stadium!
  19. gustix

    Rye House 2013

    On the Rye House website --- No-Go at Rye House on Aug 3rd and 24th This is advance notice that there will be no planned action at Rye House on the Saturdays of August 3rd and 24th. With the Silver Ski Rockets away on those nights against Workington and Berwick, respectively, the original plan was to fill those two dates with National League level challenge fixtures, but this has proven not to be. August will still be a busy month in Hertfordshire, however, with the Rockets receiving visits from Anglian arch-rivals Ipswich, Leicester, defending Premier League champions Scunthorpe and Berwick. By the way, that match against the Bandits – on Bank Holiday Monday, August 26th – will be tagged with the (U-16) British 125cc Championship.
  20. gustix

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    The excellent A-Z of Speedway only gives Henry Long's date of birth as circa 1925.
  21. gustix

    Safest Tracks And Others

    I once read an article, many years ago, that the most serious injury happening to a rider if he hits a safety fence is going into it head first. I also read that the primary reason for safety fences is not in regard to riders but to stop them running into spectators! That of course is debateable - and I am sure that it will be on here!
  22. gustix

    Iow V Kent Kings Koc 9-7-13

    Nothing at all - just good tactical thinking if that was the case.
  23. gustix

    Iow V Kent Kings Koc 9-7-13

    I don't know why Streatham keeps getting mentioned by you? I don't live there, I never have, and have no intention of doing so. I just worked there for a few years.
  24. gustix

    Iow V Kent Kings Koc 9-7-13

    Isle of Wight 61 Kent 32 - aggregate 110-76. Kent Kings tend to remind me of the Wombwell Colliers National League Division Three team of 1947and 1948! Here's their record on Speedway Researcher http://www.speedwayr...k/wombwell.html Wombwell also used to feature in similar results in those far off days. One of my favourites in their side was Red Hamley.
  25. gustix

    Iow V Kent Kings Koc 9-7-13

    So long as his inclusion is within the rules/guidelines I suppose.

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