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  1. I thought that an advisory panel of some sort was established in mid-summer? http://www.poolepirates.co/news.php?extend.936
  2. gustix

    Nothing Changes

    Perhaps he didn't want to!
  3. gustix

    Norwich To Return ?

    Just straight hard facts on your part. What a charade thee original launch in July 2012 has turned out to be. A lot of hopes were raised and then dashed. Very sad indeed.
  4. gustix

    Brummies Website

    Hougaard Racng Fans: I don't think that's something you should make general knowledge! I clicked a link about the Swindon website and it took me to AP Media. The same Link came up for several other club websites that I tried. http://www.apmedia.info/
  5. gustix

    Brummies Website

    Go it boy with him! Your interest soon solved the Syrian chemical attack problem (see General Discussions). Now you are set to get another important matter settled.
  6. gustix

    Brummies Website

    An interesting point that should perhaps be sourced elsewhere. The local MP might be able to advise on this?
  7. gustix

    F2 Speedway - Any Views?

    I don't think that short track does claim to be speedway any more than grass track racing does. And let's remember that in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, that sidecars, sprint cars and midget cars are recognised as being speedway.
  8. gustix

    F2 Speedway - Any Views?

    This will again clarify what F2 Speedway has to offer. http://formula2speedway.com/ May I offer this someone first involved with speedway in 1946 and rode speedway bikes between 1955 and 1960 - not at competitive level but at many practice sessions? But I don't use that to claim "I am an expert" far from it because I accept that we can always learn something new.
  9. Hougaard Racing Fans has "won acclaim" for his "learned debate" on General Discusions on the thread "Should we intervene in Syria". In that context he also claimed published links with the 'Peterborough Evening Telegraph' for his opinions on that matter. It leads one to presuppose that eventually there will be some connection between that theme and the matter currently under debate here. I do apologise if my response confused you - it was more directed at Hougaard Racing Fans than the general fraternity of message posters on this Forum. For that, please everyone - do accept by apologies.
  10. Is this being pencilled in at the UN for a comment from President Assad of Syria who has it seems been following the matter with some concern? He is hoping to get a copy of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph where your comments might be published.
  11. gustix

    Brummies Website

    Not attendancewise surely? I think the site meltdown could have been technical not spiteful. On the Chris Evans show this morning I heard that one of the BBC sites featuring a "soon to be mega concert" had crashed. It can happen anywhere on the internet system.
  12. The late Chick Woodroffe was 'the founding father' of the Arena Essex motorsport venue that now houses the Lakeside Hammers speedway as well as other forms of motorsport. Chick passed away some years ago when the venue then transferred to the management of his son Tony. As a promoter, Chick initiated the start of speedway at Arena Essex circa 1984. He never competed as a speedway rider, but Chick was involved in small oval-cum-stock car racing. There is also debate as to if he also competed in the more speedway-orientated midget car racing. Can any BSF member answer the query? http://midgetcarpano...chick-woodroffe
  13. gustix

    Newport Wasps To Return?

    This venture may not be Newport but the development is in Wales. I notice in its many objectives that a kart track is proposed? It might be an idea to add a multi-use speedway track that could also feature stock cars - I suggest both sports because of the track being used to the maximum NOT to favour car formulas. As if I would? Any comments from more local people on this proposed new motorsport venture? http://www.construct...racing-circuit/ PS: I have an idea that this topic may have been initiated under another title some two years or so ago?
  14. gustix

    Why Can't All Speedway Be Like This

    Agreed: It's like a football cup final! Not consistent fare throughout the season.
  15. gustix

    Why Can't All Speedway Be Like This

    What do you mean by good crowds? 4,000 or 5,000?
  16. gustix

    Panthers 2014

    Did you glean that information when presenting them with the thesis on the war in Syria?
  17. gustix

    Sky 2014

    The trouble is that Hougaard Racing Fans is too involved in solving the Syria problems to sometimes take his switch into speedway debates with any seriousness.
  18. gustix

    Panthers 2014

    I don't think he was but did I read somewhere he may have carried a placard asking "what's the latest situation in Syria?" - or was it a fan waving the placard at the time?
  19. gustix

    Pirates 2014

    It's good to see that Hougaard Racing Fans can relax with speedway data following successful moves by him in regard to some form of settlement over chemical weapons in Syria.
  20. gustix

    Crayford Speedway 30th Anniversary Reunion

    More details on the Crayford Kestrels website at http://www.crayfordkestrels.co.uk/?page_id=9
  21. My guess California-in-England is used to reflect the old days of the 1930s-1950s. Come along on October 6 and debate the issue with Stu Towner. He'll be delighted to meet you and give you a warm welcome to the day. On the Speedway Researcher - it's just California Speedway. http://www.speedwayresearcher.org.uk/california.html
  22. Urgent message from Stu Towner: ::::::::::: Everyone is welcome on the 6th October whether is be bike or car fan, please do come along. One word of warning is that I only found out to-day that the cafe has closed so please bring your own snacks. We hope to be able to provide hot drinks though. Please contact me: Stu Towner on 020-8397 6599 or 07860 135939 - see you there and come and introduce yourself at the Friends of Speedway table next to the silver Transit van'.
  23. I thought you would be debating a more serious thread in General Discussions?
  24. gustix

    Crayford Speedway 30th Anniversary Reunion

    I am sorry to read about the event's cancellation as it is obvious a lot of preparation work had gone into the venture.

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