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  1. These petitions are all very well but often fail because the ratio of signatures is usually far in excess of the average attendances at the stadium under threat. For all that, I would like to see Oxford back as a speedway venue but I will not sign the petition because my address on it would show that I am not a local resident and therefore unlikely to attend the place if it is saved. Isn't there another site in the area where a track could be laid, a development perhaps similar to Buxton or Scunthorpe?
  2. Thank you. But why the comparison with epilepsy - a very unfortunate and stressful condition? However, I now understand what the overall comment was all about.
  3. ] Sorry. I still don't understand. Maybe I'm not 'one of the in crowd' and it's all above my old head?
  4. Re your comment on James Grieves. That's a bizarre comparison? What exactly does it mean IN NICE TERMS?
  5. gustix

    Is Speedway A Family Sport

    I think the tag 'family sport' is meant to be used in the context that it is suitable for all family members to see and not in relation to convenience in regard to the time when a meeting starts or finishes.
  6. gustix

    Rye House V Plymouth 13/4/13

    Any update on Jason Bunyan's likely return? His inspiration is much needed.
  7. gustix

    Woffy's Charity Ride

    This is an excellent venture and deserves widespread support. Good luck Tai!
  8. gustix

    Woffy's Charity Ride

    This is really deserving cause and deserves massive backing from all speedway followers.

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