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  1. Fair comment chunky. Your definitions are acceptable.
  2. The uniortunate thing is that over the past 90-plus years there have been various groups organising/ruling British speedway. While the just might have retained details of major meetings under their jurisdiction, in all probability they did not pass on this information when their governance was superseded. There are at the 'Newspaper Museum' in north London - bound volumes of speedway magazines going back to !928. These would in all probability contain reports of all speedway meetings over the years. And also in the early years of speedway the two motorcycle magazines 'Motorcycling' and 'Motor Cycle News' also reported speedway racing.
  3. I wanted to emphasis that a genuine National League should typify the best teams available in a country. On the other hand the description National DEVELOPMENT League is in order as it is a nationwide collective of lower status teams being groomed for higher grade competition.
  4. I see the thread title as follows. If that's not the thread theme then what is? MSDL Results no longer included in Speedway Star?
  5. Frittenden & DMCC - Summer Spectacular 'Pairs Meeting' Grasstrack on Sunday 28th July 2019 at Sandhurst Bridge Farm, Frittenden, Kent. Sat Nav: TN17 2ED A bumper lineup for Frittendens 3rd running of the popular Summer Spectacular 'Pairs Meeting'. Racing looks to be fast and furious as solos & sidecars take to the smooth Frittenden raceway in Kent. The 500cc solos looks to be worth the admission alone, and entries so far include Eastbourne Eagles captain Edward Kennett pairing with multi-masters champion Paul Hurry, former Eastbourne Eagles Charley Powell & Mark Baseby once again team up & a 'Team New Zealand' see's Bradley Wilson-Dean team up with compatriot Jade Mudgway. The Upright Solos has again a big lineup with over 20 riders entered, with many former and current champions in action, these include newly crowned 500cc upright champion Bob Dolman paired with Nigel Coates, 250cc Upright Champion Chris Mackett paired with Tim Neal, and one of the fastest riders around Tim Curnock paired with Mike Dowling. As always with Frittenden there is a big sidecar entry, and none more so than the 1000cc Right Hand Sidecars, with Masters Champion Gareth Winterburn/Liam Brown paired with returnee Myles Simmons/Robbie Simmons. British Masters Qualifier winners Kieran Hicks/Kieron Ivy make a strong pair, partnered with former Masters Champion Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters. Add in Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth & Tom Cossar/Wayne Rickards and Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott with Matt Fumarola/Gareth Williams it will be hard to pick the finalists let alone the winners! With 3 sidecar classes & 4 solo classes it is set to be a fantastic days racing! If you have never been to one of our events, the pits is open to all, so get up close to the riders and their machines! Come and make a weekend of it, with free weekend camping available from Midday Friday 26th July through to Monday 29th July. There is fresh water on site, flush toilets, with hot food, beer tent our sponsors 'Clean MyRide' will be in attendance with their stall and fantastic cleaning products plus other services on the race day itself! Please keep an eye across our social media pages, Grasstrack Banter or FDMCC.co.uk for the latest news and the finalised entry list. Signing on: 9:30am | Practice 11am | First Race: 12:30pm Admission: Adults: £14, Concessions: £12, Under 16s: FREE! Souvenir programme: £2 http://fdmcc.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR2K98QodG_antuR65y1lADqsZx_mzledMuyTRJS1DDOxJAyQPSF2L0zlHg
  6. I did once ask earlier in the year probably in February if the National League was a Development League and was pooh-poohed for my comment. I was assured that such was not the case. The attached SGB Link possibly clarifies that situation. However I have no recollection of making a similar query in regard to the MSDL. https://www.speedwaygb.co.uk
  7. Here's an interesting Link in regard to 'women in speedway'. Follow the index letter to make progress. http://www.oldstox.com/images/Women%20speedway%20riders%20later.pdf
  8. Does the average speedway goer really care that many results have never been recorded? I doubt it very much. The only speedway followers who care about a - for example - 1935 Sunday junior match at Barnet are statisticians, who are very few. I first saw a speedway meeting in April 1946 and in subsequent years attended many tracks and saw many meetings. But TBH offhand I cannot recall one that I desperately need to know the result of. If there was one I would try initially SPEEDWAY RESEARCHER. If that failed I would make a query on a forum. Then again if there was no answer I would just drop the query.
  9. I did not suggest 'Speedway Star' should not give coverage to the MSDL. All I did was opinionate that I doubted their inclusion would dramatically boost circulation.
  10. I agree - 'Some mistake surely...' unless you want to be known as a 'Richard Skull.' All I did was to initially comment that I doubted if publishing MSDL details in 'Speedway Star' would dramatically increase its circulation. Since then I have traced the Facebook MSDL page and used the SHARE option to place a Link for it on five Facebook pages for which, if you read previous messages in this thread properly, you will see that I have been thanked for my efforts. So, if that still tallies with your comment welcome to the debate 'Richard Skull'!!!'
  11. As previously mentioned I found the Facebook link for the MDSL. Consequently I have shared its existence to five FB groups where I am a member. Hopefully this will increase further awareness of the MDSL existence.
  12. I have managed to trace a Facebook page that caters for the MDSL and a southern competition. I concede that it is active and well up to date. No doubt about that fact. I compiment those involved for their dedication. For all that I still maintain that so far as promised future MDSL coverage in the 'Speedway Star' is concerned there's unlikely to be a sizeable boost to its circulation because of the competition's inclusion.
  13. We are more than half way through the season. Then somebody points out that the Speedway Star has not been publicising the MDSL competition. To me that demonstrates just how much it has been missed by a majoority of the Speedway Star readership. As I said I am active and a member on various Facebook speedway pages and over the years cannot recall seeing any reference to the competition. Nor have I ever seen a mention apart from in this thread that there is a Facebook page/pages that give reference to this minority sector of British speedway.
  14. I have been a member on several active Facebook pages for some years. So far as I can recall none of them have ever mentioned the MDSL in any way. I wonder how many speedway followers outside those involved with it and its advocates on his thread are really interested in the competition? I doubt that its pending inclusion as appears to be the case in future editions of Speedway Star will boost its circulation in any way.
  15. gustix

    Poole 2019

    If there's only one league - outside the NDL - surely it would be the top league?
  16. That's an excellent reason to explain why the 'Speedway Star' has not been giving MSDL details.
  17. gustix

    Poole 2019

    If staging the U16 Cham[ionship was not a viable financial option it's understandable why Poole declined the event.
  18. Much is being made of the need for race times to be carried in 'Speedway Star.' Has anyone considered that sometimes - maybe not often - that a given race time might - just might - not be accurate. For instance a race time officially may be 72.4 seconds. But the meeting reporter could have a touch of 'fat fingers on his keyboard' and key in 73.4 seconds in his report. A reader who attended that meeting may notice this difference but not take the matter up on the assumption they have the time wrong. Thus the error presumably would last for speedway posterity. And, offhand, wasn't there a period in the late 1950s when no race times were given at meetings?
  19. gustix

    Missing comment

    The facility to Create New Topic/Start New Topic is still functional in this section. However (for me at least and I presume other Posters) at top right in the standard green box I do not see the message 'Reply to topic.' Am I alone in regard to this or is it happening to other forum members?
  20. 'Speedway Star' may well cover grass track racing because its research has shown that it has a strong readership base among those who prefer this form of motorcycle racing? Additionaly the same reason could apply to the fact that grass track racing has a larger following than the Development Leagues? Many grass track riders are also established speedway names which is more than could be said of those taking part in Development Leagues.
  21. A brilliant hat-trick of a period without the BSF. Is it just me who is affected?
  22. For the second conescutive day there has been a long period when the BSF was not functioning.
  23. I tried to make my first Forum visit since February 2019 on Sunday July 7 2019. The BSF was down for the day. I thought I had been blocked by the Mod. Several friends who still visit the BSF were also affect so I realised there was no block. I cannot see any mention by the Mod - at the moment - in regard to the Sunday Shutdown. For those affected and really interested in what takes place a comment would be appreciated.Or have I missed it?
  24. gustix

    California Reunion 2019

    The Fourteenth California-in-England Reunion Friends of Speedway are pleased to announce the date of the above reunion to be held on 13th October 2019 at the Country Park where the speedway took place. There is an hourly bus service, number 3B from either Reading or Bracknell Railway stations which stops at the park entrance. All are welcome to attend and please bring any memorabilia that you may have to share with others in attendance. Details from Stu Towner on 0208-397 6599 or 07860 135939 or stutowner@rocketmail.com

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