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    Swindon v Poole. Prem. 22/8/19

    I think it may be difficult for the BSF Mod to identify multiple account users. If you suspect a person is doing this it might be best to use the REPORT facility to advise your suspicion.
  2. gustix

    Swindon v Poole. Prem. 22/8/19

    If you know for certain there are users with multiple accounts name and shame them. Some years ago I was guilty of that happening and deservedly received a substantial ban from the BSF.
  3. gustix

    The forgotten forums

    These are now dormant groups that were once active in regard to speedway: London Speedways == http://londonspeedways.proboards.com Midger Car Panorama == http://midgetcarpanorama.proboards.com The Speedway World === http://subedei.proboards.com Speedway Museum Online === http://speedstox12.freeforums.net/board/1/general-discussion Crystal Palace Motorsport === http://palace-motorsport.proboards.com Times have moved on and all have been dormant for a long period although they are still able to be viewed. There must be many similar groups that have become dormant but are still possibly able to be reached for research purposes?
  4. gustix

    The forgotten forums

    West Ham recalled. One of the many great speedway clubs that once graced the capital. https://www.freewebs.com/customhousekid/history.htm
  5. gustix

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    There is an old saying that could apply to Buster: "...he has many faults but being wrong is not one of them...!"
  6. gustix

    The forgotten forums

    This is a real oldie - it deals with Sunderland who closed in the early 1970s. Sunderland Speedway == http://www.sunderlandspeedway.co.uk
  7. gustix

    The forgotten forums

    I have traced this forum relating to Oxford. You need to click the Links at the top of the board to bring up its various sectors. My guess is that its been inactive for about 10 years - at least! I found it difficult to navigate - it has several drop-down Links one needs to enter. http://cheetahschat.proboards.com
  8. gustix

    The forgotten forums

    Is the old Oxford Cheetahs' forum still live? If so may we see its Link please?
  9. gustix

    New Forest Training Track 1958-1961

    Oh dear! rain and not racing! The curse of predictive spelling and not cross checking what has been written. Now is it hamburger or amburger?
  10. gustix

    New Forest Training Track 1958-1961

    I was working in a full-time speedway publicity capacity between 1954 and 1962. At no time in that period do I recollect anything to do with this rain venue. But I do recall the Ringwood venue and that it also had a team operating in the Southern Area League in 1954 and 1955. Among their riders were Ernie Lessiter and Mike Tams.
  11. A look back at when the sport of track circuit motorcycle racing was so very different to what is known these days. http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/misc.htm#John_Slider_Shuttleworth
  12. I am in regular contact with former rider Dave Gifford (New Zealand). Consequently I thought his recollections of speedway days gone by would be of interest. http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/Dave Gifford Page.htm
  13. gustix

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2019

    What was being shown before the speedway to cause your complaint?
  14. gustix

    Ron Johnson death mystery

    Doubtless BSF members will be pleased that this concludes some of my memories of 'speedway days gone by' as I recall them. http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/John Hyam page 4.htm
  15. Why was this match called off after two heats?
  16. The career of Australian pioneer Vic Huxley by Tony Webb Shaleways: http://www.speedwaymuseumonline.co.uk/vichuxley.html
  17. A look at some more items relative to a more dedicated time in regard to my interest in speedway. http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/John Hyam page 3.htm
  18. Forwarded message: SPANISH DUO DOMINATE AT REDCAR Ferran Sastre claims his first win but cannot deny title rival Gerard Bailo the 2019 crown Gerard Bailo was proclaimed the 2019 Indian Motorcycle DTRA UK Flat Track National Champion in Middlesbrough on Saturday night, becoming the first title-holder from outside of Britain since Italian Marco Belli scooped the prize in 2008. Second place for the reigning world number two at the Media Prima Arena means he cannot be caught at the final Round in September, although on this occasion he had to play second fiddle to fellow countryman Ferran Sastre. Sastre, fastest in qualifying, won Heat One at a canter and - after a narrow defeat in the first Semi Final - extracted his revenge when it mattered in the fifteen-lap Final, getting the better of Gerard Bailo by a one-and-a-half second margin. Bailo had made the faster start, pursued around the outside line early on by King’s Lynn winner Gary Birtwistle, but by the end of the second lap Sastre had left the Brit behind him, and two laps later he performed a near-identical pass on the exit of the pits bend to hit the front. Birtwistle meanwhile, second in the points arriving in the North-East, lost two positions in the space of two bends and slipped out of podium contention after dropping behind Toby Hales at the start of lap four. From there the number eleven had his hands full with small track specialist Rob Mear, who put in his best performance of the season so far on the 271 metre Speedway oval but had to be content with fifth. With his overtake on Birtwistle, meanwhile, Hales provided the only British representation on the podium whilst continuing his strong recovery in the second half of this season. The youngster from Lincolnshire was second-fastest in qualifying, won Heat Two and the second Semi Final with some comfort, but when he met the Spaniards for the first time in the Final he missed the start and left himself with too much work to do. On the back of her Eastbourne Hooligan success Leah Tokelove put in her best result of the UK Nationals campaign, her seventh place secured the hard way after a sixth place finish in the Semi Finals had forced her to battle through via the Last Chance Qualifier, which she won ahead of Conrad Little. In the Final, Tokelove put in a combative ride and recovered from the third row, only to find her route blocked by a defensive-riding Maikel Dijkstra, the Dutchman unable to replicate his Amman Valley exploits and seeing his pursuit of a place on 2019’s Championship podium come to an end. With the title race itself settled in Redcar, attention now turns to the fight for second and third overall with three riders in the mix. Ferran Sastre and Gary Birtwistle now have a win each and are separated by just five points, while the dropped Round rule will favour Toby Hales who fell from the lead at the season opener. Gerard Bailo can head to Greenfield in September the most relaxed of them all, having earned his place in the record books as the first Spaniard to claim Championship honours in the UK. But his 2019 victory, which provides the DTRA with a third different title-holder in as many years, proves the depth and unpredictability of the fast-growing Flat Track Nationals. [Alex Raby] RD6 REDCAR RESULTS: 1. Ferran Sastre 3:50.976s , 2. Gerard Bailo +1.412, 3. Toby Hales +3.466, 4. Gary Birtwistle +5.958, 5. Rob Mear +6.658, 6. Maikel Dijkstra +10.461 CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: 1. Gerard Bailo 98, 2. Ferran Sastre 88, 3. Gary Birtwistle 83, 4. Toby Hales 78, 5. Maikel Dijkstra 62, 6. Rob Mear 52
  19. Message from Flat Track/Dirt Track School organiser Peter Boast: "This Sunday October 23 2016: Flattrack School Level 1 is taking place. This is your chance to have a full day riding in the indoor arena. Places still available. Phone 01673 878426,or book on through our website www.flattrackschool.co.uk."
  20. Forwarded message: ROBERTSON RECORDS CLASSY REDCAR REVENGE Having been pipped on the line by Conrad Little in the Amman Valley, Robertson reversed the order of the top two in Middlesbrough’s Intermediate Final. Jamie Robertson made it back-to-back podium finishes in the Intermediate class of the DTRA UK Flat Track Nationals and this time the top step beckoned. The 33-year-old made his first pro Final with a stunning Semi Final appearance, then topped his own class Final by almost two seconds. But having sat out the opening two Rounds Robertson, as the fourth different winner in five Rounds, can only watch on with only two remaining contenders for the crown. Conrad Little’s runner-up ranking in Redcar means he has beaten series leader Simon Parkin in three consecutive meetings. But consistency has been the key for Simon Parkin whose two early-season victories and now another pair of podiums leave him seven points up with one Round remaining. DIJKSTRA DOES THE DOUBLE Back-to-back Thunderbike wins for Maikel Dijkstra, but Tom Clemans took a crucial step towards the title with second place The 2019 Sportax Thunderbike Championship is now a two-horse race after contenders Tom Clemans and Dan Ridge shared the podium with Dutchman Maikel Dijkstra for the second time. Dijkstra had been beaten by both in Heat Two but pulled well clear from the front in the Final, leaving Ridge and Clemans to settle among themselves who would lead the series heading to the decider at Greenfield. The number forty-two claimed second at Redcar, his fourth podium in five Rounds, and with the dropped Round rule taken into consideration he is the net series leader despite Ridge, who claimed third, leading the totals by a four-point margin. [Alex Raby]
  21. Those with long memories will wonder where riders like Vic Duggan, Jack Parker, Eric Langton and a few more may fit in with a best ever rating!
  22. Any estimate of attendance for this GP? On FB I saw a 'guesstimate' at 16,000.
  23. A further look back to when speedway dominated my sporting interests. http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/John Hyam page 2.htm
  24. gustix


    What a bizarre thought! I hope the comment is in jest?
  25. gustix


    Why should Bulls be involved with speedway?

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