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  1. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    Yes! Peter's surname wrongly spelt. It's Lipscomb not Lipscombe!
  2. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    Here you are Norman - as requested: http://www.speedwaymuseumonline.co.uk/wemblystadumtheprewaryears.html
  3. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    I appear to get most Posts wrong these days norbold. I think advancing years have finally caught up with me. I'll take a look BUT NOT COMMENT in regard to the Wembley book and your comment.
  4. 1954 - Ron Sharp - California Poppies (team based in Wokingham area)
  5. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    It appears I was wrong and that some minor spelling corrections were needed. These have been made. If I have still missed any please advise me where? Thank you.
  6. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    I have received another message from the originator which claims there are spelling errors in my Posts. I have again checked and cannot see any. Naturally if there are any I will correct same. If any reader can see MY spelling error please advise me where it is. Thank you.
  7. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    I have received a PM in regard to some spelling errors in this thread. I have checked back and cannot find any on my part. However it is possible that there MAY be spelling errors in the book links that I quoted. I have no control over these as they are LINK items from another website to which I have no jurisdiction. All I can do - and it's not really a fault on my part for all that - is to apologise.
  8. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    Hmmm!!! I see the thread originator has been to his basic spelling book and now corrected Anwers to Answers!!! Now a fuller explanation on his part as to what the thread is supposed to be about would be helpful.
  9. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    Thank you for correcting me Midland Red. Can any members explain/define what the Anwers the opening poster is seeking? And define what an ANWER is please?
  10. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    From what I understand - and if I am wrong apologies to the thread's originator - the thread is asking for an answer/answers without specifying any question.
  11. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    What is the thread trying to determine please?
  12. JohnHyam

    Jason Garrity

    Slightly off topic but what are the odds on this thread beating the mammoth epic we once had for Darcy Ward?
  13. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    Enter via the link for fuller details of books related to speedway. A click on the book title will give all available details in regard to it.
  14. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    Book: Norwich Speedway - Norman Jacobs, Mike Kemp http://www.speedwaymuseumonline.co.uk/norwichspeedwaybook.html
  15. JohnHyam

    Speedway books details

    Book: Streets Ahead, the Neil Street Story - Tony Webb, John Somerville http://www.speedwaymuseumonline.co.uk/neilstreetstory.html

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