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  1. JohnHyam

    Song Title Game

  2. JohnHyam

    Spencer Morton Norwich stock cars 1954

    The winning driver was Wal Morton. He later explained that he drove as SPENCER Morton as a tribute to former Norwich captain Australian rider Bert Spencer.
  3. JohnHyam

    Sprouts Elder

    What a wonderful find mlcK50!
  4. JohnHyam

    Sheffield and LongEaton Anyone ??

    Can any member please update this interesting debate?
  5. JohnHyam


    A look at the days when there was speedway at Romford: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romford_Bombers
  6. JohnHyam

    Bonny Good

    Didn't Bonny Good emigrate to Canada in the early 1950s where he competed for a couple of seasons at tracks in the Toronto area?
  7. JohnHyam

    Ed 'Crusty' Pye details

    I have found out that I saw Ed 'Crusty' Pye in action when I attended New Cross for my first ever speedway meeting on Wednesday, April 17, 1946.
  8. JohnHyam

    We Have a Problem...

    I have decided to remain with FACEBOOK. My account/accounts there are now fully operational.
  9. JohnHyam

    Ed 'Crusty' Pye details

    Information on pre- and post WW2 rider Ed 'Crusty' Pye would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. JohnHyam

    We Have a Problem...

    Wikipedia response - The page "John Gustix Hyam" does not exist.
  11. JohnHyam

    We Have a Problem...

    A comment by WIKIPEDIA in response to 'your advice'!! : No results found for John Hyam Gustix. The page "John Hyam Gustix" does not exist.
  12. JohnHyam

    We Have a Problem...

    What SHEER CRAP are you revealing now?
  13. JohnHyam

    We Have a Problem...

    Amazing. The Link you give is a fake account. I have no involvement with any of the SHEER NONSENSE you apparently are anxious to publicise. WHY? - do you have an interest?
  14. JohnHyam

    We Have a Problem...

    Sadly there might be if whoever created the bogus TWITTER account is still active.
  15. JohnHyam

    We Have a Problem...

    I have taken your advice and reported the bogus account to Twitter (it's not Facebook).

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