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  1. This meeting looks like a "good advert" for speedway! I hope there was no first time spectators there? Doubtless we'll hear in the match report "how the riders defied the elements"?
  2. A recent match only had 10 heats run before a verdict was allowed. That could happen here....? Interesting to see Tyson Nelson is at track. Just what goes with this guy I wonder?
  3. JohnHyam

    Underrated Ipswich Riders From The Past

    I last saw Kevin Teager at Wimbledon - not in his speedway days there - but racing a Stock Rod to winning effect in non-contact class racing. That must have been at least four years ago. I don't think he drives any more?
  4. It will be interesting to see a Rye House version explanation of Tyson Nelson not being in Chevnograd - assuming that he isn't. But after Shadders find on facebook and him being at Rye House last night it looks that way. Weatherwise on the BBC for Hoddesdon is at http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2646807 This forecasts 7pm heavy rain shower, 8pm heavy rain, 9pm light rain shower. Get the wellies on if you're going by the look of it!
  5. I am sorry I do not. I just saw a previous message on here that Nelson on an updates was given as a n.s in heat 1 at Chevnograd. I wish that I could help you more. ????? I don't understand this...!
  6. If he does not appear in any of the heats 5-8, the next sequence, it's likely he's still on his way there!
  7. Then he'll have to move fast if he flew out this morning - the meeting is scheduled for today according to the FIM fixtures: 11 May FMU Qualifying Round 1 Chervonograd Ukraine
  8. Yes, the Rye House publicity machine has been very quiet on his whereabouts of Tyson Nelson after publicising on Thursday that he MAY face problems on Friday at the Ukrainian office in UK authorising visa entries to their country???
  9. BBC Weather at http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2646807 predicts heavy rain quite soon!
  10. Just looked at BBC Weather - rain to start from 1pm and continuing beyond 8pm. It looks like Sheffield may have to hit the road - will that mean paying their travelling expenses if there is a rain off? Has anyone seen an answer as to the availability of Tyson Nelson if the match is on - or did he get cleraance to go to the WU21 qualifier in the Ukraine?
  11. BBC Weather for Hoddesdon Hertfordshire on Saturday is showing rain from 1pm through to 8pm.
  12. Is anything scheduled for 2013 at Lydd Speedway in Kent? Their site only updates for 2012? http://www.lyddspeedway.co.uk/
  13. JohnHyam

    Lydd Speedway, Kent

    This looks really interesting. It will ne excellent to find out names of some of the starters nearer the date. Will they be updated on the website?
  14. Most likely in the days of Belle Vue at the famous Hyde Road venue a civil law in regard to noise abatement and time curfews did not exist.
  15. Have the Ukrainians refused his entry visa then?
  16. Yes bad weather on way - one heavy shower due at 8pm according to BBC Weather. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2646807
  17. Why does Tyson Nelson have so many visa problems?
  18. Obviously with the curfew at Central Park something Kings must avoid. Out of interest - how long did Monday's Kings v American Internationals match take to run? Would that have met the time deadline had it been an evening fixture?
  19. I found the Sittingbourne website most interesting but the history does not continue after about 2001. Is this the same Sittingbourne venue that operated for several seasons in the Conference League in the early 2000? http://www.sittingbo...speedway.co.uk/ I remember watching Sittingbourne involved in some 'derby type' matches against Wimbledon in the Conference League era. There always seemed to be a warm bond between both teams, management and supporters. Up the Crusaders! A great bunch all round. When Wimbledon were put out of Plough Lane by the GRA at the end of the 2005 season there was some talk of them locating to Sittigbourne but the venture sadly never reached fruition.
  20. I think a nationality derives from the father...so Scott Campos could well be classified as an American?
  21. I think it was three? Scott Campos, Chris Thomas and Jamison Dilkey.
  22. JohnHyam

    Tweet Tweet

    Sadly the trend these days, and it has been raised elsewhere, is that sites like facebook, twitter, etc are gaining popularity at the expense of the traditional forums like the BSF and others. A site that was once well established has not had a post made on it since May 2012, while another I visit regularly has been debating the lower message flow over the past couple of years. Indeed, sites like facebook and twitter have their own discussion forums on speedway subjects, and one can also post photos on them. For my part, I did have a facebook membership for a time. In the end I hated it for its general appearance and the rambling factor of the topics running into each other so I ended my facebook link. Of course, as with all forums, one gets 'weird' comments on major speedway events but in the end where saner counsels prevail you can find the basis of some excellent debate. As time stands at the moment, the British Speedway Forum holds sway by a very large margin as the premier source for objective comment on speedway subjects. At least I think so. In fact, yesterday I read in a national newspaper that facebook had lost a considerable number of posters over the past year so hopefully the novelty of these communication links may be coming to an end.
  23. The present greyhound/stock car stadium may not/is not the most prestigious of venues - you describe it as 'a dump of a stadium' - but where else would you have liked the Aces to have been based after the loss of the famous Hyde Road venue? Here's how the Belle Vue stock car promotion Startrax describe the venue: Monday 6th May BELLE VUE STADIUM – Manchester 1600cc Bangers – Micro Bangers – Hot Rods – CARAVAN DEMOLITION SPECTACULAR! BELLE VUE GREYHOUND STADIUM, MANCHESTER – Monday 6th May at 1.30.pm – CAR WARS & CARAVAN DEMOLITION DERBYAll admission is pay at the turnstiles from Noon – Belle Vue has luxury glass fronted viewing in a 2000 seater Grandstand with Fish and Chip shop, bars and fast food catering! Admissions: Adults £14-Concessions £11-Children 5 – 15 £6-Under 5′s Free-Family Ticket 2+3 £38
  24. The latest on Oxford Stadium from the 'Oxford Mail.' http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/yourtown/oxford/10372031.Heritage_hopes_for_city_stadium/
  25. What credibility does a petition have its signed by people who don't live in the area and probably will never attend the venue? For example. like a man living in Penzance, Cornwall who wants to save salmon fishing in the Orkney Islands - he's never been there and unlikely to do so, but been asked to sign to save the facility and does it. Equally so, what use is a petition signed by say 4,000 people when it will be shown by opponents that attendances for greyhounds averaged 1,000 and in the speedway days around 750-800 went to watch? All arguments that will be thrown against the Oxford SOS venture. So far as speedway is concerned, my advice is try to find new land and do something like Buxton. That really is worthy of support and worth consideration.

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