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  1. JohnHyam

    A voice of reason?

    Climate change activist Greta Thunberg. What views on her activities?
  2. JohnHyam


    What is the legal situation in regard to the use of electric scooters?
  3. ...and how many spectators is 'another big crowd'?
  4. JohnHyam


    Didn't George Cole ride for Tamworth in 1947?
  5. What great entertainment this is providing on TV
  6. JohnHyam


    England Women Who Play Football are through to the Euro Final to be played on Sunday.
  7. JohnHyam

    Wolves v Kings Lynn 25/7/22

    That's a rather strange happening IMO!!!!
  8. JohnHyam

    Wolves v Kings Lynn 25/7/22

    Very true IMO!!!
  9. JohnHyam

    Canadians Who Raced In Uk

    These riders from Canada had Links with London tracks: 1) Eric Chitty, West Ham, 1936-53. (2) Jimmy Gibb, West Ham, 1938-39, Wimbledon 1949, 1951. (3) Charlie Appleby, Smallford 1937, Hackney Wick, 1938-39, Crystal Palace 1939. (4) Eddie 'Flash' Barker, West Ham Hawks 1938, Crystal Palace 1939. (5) Crocky Rawding, New Cross, 1938, Wimbledon, 1939. (6) Goldie Restall, New Cross, 1938. (7) Bill Matthews, West Ham, 1947. (8) Sandy Sturgess, West Ham, 1948. (9) Sean Venables, Hackney, 1988, 1989, 1990. Pre-war other Canadians who raced in England were: George Pepper Elwood Stilwell Bruce Venier. Bob Sparkes. Others who have raced for British tracks post-war are Charlie Appleby (pre-war at several London tracks), Les Tams, Mike Tams, Kyle Legault Rob Fisher (generally regarded as an Anglo-Canadian), Were there any more Canadian riders active in the UK? I seem to recall there was a Polish rider who had Canadian connections?
  10. JohnHyam

    Ken Le Breton

    My apologies for all the confusion I appear to have created in regard to Ken Le Breton.
  11. JohnHyam

    Ken Le Breton

    Didn't Le Breton die in a double death tragedy in Australia in the early 1950s which also involved Ray Duggan?
  12. JohnHyam

    Ken Le Breton

    Ken le Breton was not riding on the night he was introduced from the centre green to New Cross supporters while carrying an umbrella.
  13. JohnHyam

    Ken Le Breton

    As a New Cross rider I think Ken le Breton only rode once for New Cross, as a reserve in an away match at Belle Vue.
  14. JohnHyam


    I always understood Squire Waterman was called 'Split' because of his laugh?
  15. JohnHyam

    Ken Le Breton

    The swap deal as I recall was Ken le Breton and £1,000 to bring Jeff Lloyd to New Cross.
  16. JohnHyam


    Is it advisable to change water in a bird bath on a daily basis? Or is it in order to just 'top up'?
  17. Is there available a schedule for the 2022 British Flat Track season? Thank you.
  18. JohnHyam


    Can anyone please clarify what happens in regard to viewing on FREESPORTS TV65 after the end of June? Thank you.
  19. JohnHyam


    Please note my query. I would appreciate if possible an update. Thank you.
  20. Is there any CURRENT news available in the UK Flat Track world please? Thank you.
  21. Any race schedule yet available for the 2022 season?
  22. Can anyone please provide an answer? Thank you.
  23. JohnHyam

    A voice of reason?

    May 16, 2020. A historic formation day for this thread.
  24. JohnHyam

    European Union - In Or Out?

    What a wonderful observation - originally made on December 18, 2015!!!

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