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  1. Re Government money for sport. This was for WINTER sports. Also speedway - for what it is in spectator appeal nationwide about 20,000 a week!!!- would have come under the umbrella of MOTORSPORT.

  2. JohnHyam

    if you could vote

    This is a bright interesting topic jenga. Thank you for its creation.
  3. JohnHyam

    if you could vote

    Original poster name corrected...jenga not jingo!!!
  4. JohnHyam

    if you could vote

    You are correct jenga. Discussion is accepted. The thread title is: Speedway News and Discussions
  5. JohnHyam

    2021 speedway season !

    Will there be one? ==== 2021 speedway season !
  6. JohnHyam

    'The Voice' Winter 2020

    Friends of Speedway Press Release Friends of Speedway (a non-profit making organisation who are proud to part sponsor the British Youth Speedway Championship) are pleased to announce the 79th edition of their magazine the Voice which is packed full of interest and enjoyment. This issue is a huge 28 pages, which will keep your interest for hours! In this issue Charles McKay says ‘Of course it’s legal’ and ‘We are following official advice.’ Sue Towner on her Soapbox again plus pens a review of the Dave Jessup book. John Hyam on Squire Split Waterman. Roy Delaney looks at Here and Then. Slider says, ‘The time to Panic is Now! Stuart Staite-Aris speaks of Alf Mattson. TAG Allison reports on Reg Luckhurst’s attempt at Spanish speedway. Plus more to keep you interested. Available from Friends of Speedway; 117 Church Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2DP. Please send your cheque for £12 made out to the above for four issues of the Voice to Stu Towner at the above address or ring 0208-397 6599/07860 135939 for more information.
  7. 1954 - Ron Sharp - California Poppies (team based in Wokingham area)
  8. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    Hmmm!!! I see the thread originator has been to his basic spelling book and now corrected Anwers to Answers!!! Now a fuller explanation on his part as to what the thread is supposed to be about would be helpful.
  9. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    Thank you for correcting me Midland Red. Can any members explain/define what the Anwers the opening poster is seeking? And define what an ANWER is please?
  10. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    From what I understand - and if I am wrong apologies to the thread's originator - the thread is asking for an answer/answers without specifying any question.
  11. JohnHyam

    just answers please

    What is the thread trying to determine please?
  12. JohnHyam

    Jason Garrity

    Slightly off topic but what are the odds on this thread beating the mammoth epic we once had for Darcy Ward?
  13. JohnHyam

    Is there?

    A BSF thread is dedicated to the indicated topic. In serious vein is there such a thing? The thread's title is: == Discussion of the future of our sport including the potential league restructuring and new rules,
  14. JohnHyam

    Coventry Drone

    I am told this is a reference to motorsport/speedway at Brandon Stadium, Coventry. On my part I cannot seem to trace it. Can anyone please find and explain what it is all about? Thank you: === 'Lawrence v Coventry (No. 3) [2015] Supreme Court judgment'
  15. What size was the crowd? Did they all follow the health guidelines?
  16. JohnHyam

    Eastbourne 2020

    Off speedway topic but Spedeworth Motorsport and the oval circuit car racing appear very active with their Arlington ventures at the moment.
  17. JohnHyam

    2021 speedway season !

    In what context HGould?
  18. JohnHyam

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Some 20 or more years ago when I was working on the sports desk at the South London Press I recall editing the Colliers Wood United match reports.
  19. JohnHyam

    Is there?

    I don't understand why you made this comment. My Post was to ask if the criteria put forward for discussion was achieving that. There was not in my opinion anything detrimental in regard to the sport. All I asked was were th´points being put forward being fulfilled. The tally of responses so far made give that answer as I see it.
  20. Details of the new non-speedway stadium at Plough Lane, former home of the Wimbledon Dons, oval circuit car racing and greyhound racing: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12893625/afc-wimbledon-new-ground-first-inside-look?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebarweb&fbclid=IwAR3lmRlFhU9ZtWc8xX9VRH_FUymefHdFyYjJr9heFN-HxyrVgK-Y2T0ikcU
  21. It would depend upon the criteria as to whether the event was for natural Australian riders or an open championship for riders competing in Australia.
  22. JohnHyam

    The NEW Wimbledon Stadium

    Doncaster are the first team to play away at Plough Lane on November 3
  23. JohnHyam

    'The Way Ahead'

    'The Way Ahead' - is there?
  24. JohnHyam

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Thanks dontforgetthefueltapsbruv. How long have you been in the same the team as iris123 and chunky?
  25. JohnHyam

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    There's a Frank Mussett on a Facebook group. I wonder if he's related to Terry Mussett?

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