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  1. Racin Jason 72

    Panthers up for sale.

    Ben Barker commented a few weeks ago he wasn’t a asset when he thought he was. What about Jason Garrity wasn’t he sold on to scunny in return for MPT.
  2. Racin Jason 72

    Eastbourne v Mildenhall 21/10/18 Play Off Final

    The stadium is being used on the weekend for a music festival.
  3. I think it is. It’s painful being here. It’s starting to get cold now
  4. Put us out of this misery please. Waiting for the floodlights to come on. This is why fans are leaving the sport.
  5. Well done the comets. Hope you got a massive crowd tonight and another one in the final so you can come to the tapes again next season.
  6. Because that’s the very reason why the rockets closed mid season
  7. Thank you very much for your updates. We are intending to go. Going to leave around half two so hopefully see you there. Keep on updating
  8. Agreed. I need to make a decision soon
  9. I’m hoping to travel up from Ipswich. Could a kind soul local to Rye house tell me what is the current weather situation is please
  10. Racin Jason 72

    Ben Fund

    Hmmmmm my guess is rider apathy to blame. Hope I’m wrong
  11. Racin Jason 72

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Manzares looked a fantastic rider in his first season at Ipswich. His second season was hugely disappointing and it seems he has dropped even further as a full season in the reserve berth should have seen his scoring rocket.
  12. Racin Jason 72

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    I’ve bought a copy every week since 1985. Nowadays I get the digital version direct to my phone so can read it anytime from midnight Wednesday. Still thoroughly enjoy it
  13. What were the crowd levels like ? Many lakeside fans or more Rye house fans present tonight ?
  14. Racin Jason 72

    Stoke v Eastbourne September 8

    I saw a photo of the track on Facebook on sat morning and there were puddles everywhere.
  15. Racin Jason 72

    Is speedways refund policy even legal?

    I got hammered on Facebook a few weeks ago because I complained that mildenhall had cut short their meeting by two heats because a paramedic had got shale in her eye. Thankfully she made a full recovery. It made me think that perhaps a two pound discount on the next admission would be the correct thing to do. Im my job as a carpenter if I agreed to fit 15 kitchen units and only fitted 13 before cutting myself and unable to continue. You would expect me to return to complete the job. But if I said sorry but I’m not coming back to fulfill the work but I still want the full amount I priced despite not finishing. You would not accept that strangely enough H&S had recommended a year ago that the track and medical staff should wear eye protection. That has not happened even after the incident. This isn’t a go at mildenhall as the situation would have been handled exactly the same at any other track. But it’s another reason why fans drift away

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