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  1. Racin Jason 72


    Well that was well worth the wait. Ffs. No wonder the sport is on its knees in this country.
  2. Racin Jason 72

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Rumours of Somerset pulling out of the league
  3. Racin Jason 72

    Rye House

    I would urge everyone who reads this thread to please object. We have lost far too many tracks and can’t afford to lose anymore. You never know it could be your local track next
  4. Racin Jason 72

    Sheffield 2020

    I think you will have jack and Chris holder in your team. Chris was due to go to Ipswich but his visa didn’t come through in time and Ipswich signed crump instead. shortly after Holders visa came through !!! Truplant are long term sponsors of holder. Financially I can’t see him asking more than pedersen
  5. Racin Jason 72


    Until a independent control body is put in place then history will repeat itself yet again. peterborough could lose tungate iversen and Andersen yet Rosco wants Doyle and batchelor to remain at Swindon. understandable definitely. But it will mean a poor panthers team and a completely top heavy Robins. When Peterborough are the opposition the home crowd will be poor. Peterborough will have poor crowds at home and no one wins !!!
  6. Racin Jason 72

    Connor Bailey - Suspension

    When I read the article in speedway star it didn’t really say who or where the bullying took place. normally in these cases there are three sides to the story with the truth in the middle. bullying is unacceptable in any workplace. Hopefully this can be resolved or agree to stop any further accusations on both sides.
  7. Racin Jason 72

    Glasgow 2020

    How does this affect commonwealth riders. Do Australians not need visas from jan 1st ? make sense to bring over some more fresh talent over especially as they stay in the uk all season.
  8. Racin Jason 72

    What are they doing now?

    Someone asked Chris Morton on Tuesday had him and pc settled their differences and the answer was a definite no. this was a lee Ashby Facebook chat.
  9. That’s your presumption. I’d prefer definite news without the attitude.
  10. Exactly !!! Have to say he impressed me greatly. Very entertaining tbf
  11. Enjoyed the meeting despite the rain trying to spoil the event. Great effort from all the riders and refreshing to have no restarts. thought David Rowe and Chris Louis did a fantastic job. Didn’t miss the screaming or the normal cliches. Much better imo.
  12. Bang on the money !!! The same riders who whinged about not racing then decline the first opportunity. One claimed he didn’t have time to prepare !!!!!!
  13. I didn’t see any field for a mobile number so I didn’t provide but just received my email a few minutes ago. So don’t panic. my dilemma is I was bringing two under 15 but I’ve no idea if I can now as surely they must be included in the total thousand capacity
  14. Racin Jason 72

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Don’t know when you last went to Ipswich in person but the stadium is vastly improved in the last few years. Enough seating for 3500 and excellent views from all of the stadium. The track has been altered 3 times to try and improve the quality of the racing. Whether that has been achieved is open to debate but the club has continued to spend big sums to try and up the entertainment levels.

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