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  1. Racin Jason 72

    Premiership Pairs

    Not seen a official line up yet which is worrying. It will be standard points money and none of the top riders will want to ride in it. expect lots of van breakdowns and illness
  2. Racin Jason 72

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Think it was only a 28 day contract he signed and that’s probably the reason the BSPL took so long to ratify the signing as it was obvious it was to achieve a facility once the contract ended. a cynical way to treat the fans. Honestly is always the best policy. I remember at mildenhall when they signed Kaj laukkenan on a similar deal I asked the question at the after meeting forum to the then promoter who lied and said he was here all season. Two months later kaj left the club. that promoter was Laurence Rogers
  3. Racin Jason 72

    Ipswich 2022

    Here is a thought Would Ipswich benefit from employing alun Rossiter as team manager. his record is second only to Pete adams. Could his man management get much more out of Troy and Ben ? could one of his contacts be the rabbit out of the hat if a team change is made ?
  4. Racin Jason 72

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Coventry and Cradley fans haven’t got season tickets
  5. Racin Jason 72

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Hume replaces Rowe on Monday
  6. Racin Jason 72

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Cardiff is the perfect example. Just leave the track alone !!!!
  7. Racin Jason 72

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Like all speedway regs. Clear as mud and ineffective
  8. Racin Jason 72

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    It would not count as he was a guest rather than a regular team member. The rule was introduced to stop teams getting better riders as guests if a current rider didn’t fancy or go well at a certain away track.
  9. Racin Jason 72

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    How does Sam keep getting employed by tv companies ??????
  10. Racin Jason 72

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Well you should have plenty in the pot seeing as you didn’t spend much on your team this season. getting 100 tons of shale any paying a professional team to relay the track won’t be a issue then.
  11. Racin Jason 72

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Coz your promoter threatened to close last year due to financial circumstances. And had a go fund me page which I contributed to
  12. Racin Jason 72

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    The track has obviously been neglected for several years and is badly worn. I’m sure the track curator would have been asking for more shale to build it back up but I suspect would have been told they can’t afford it. now they can’t afford not to replace the track surface.
  13. Racin Jason 72


    I’d previously mentioned Ben Morley and got shot down for it but he certainly helped Plymouth beat Poole on Tuesday by scoring paid ten. whilst admirable keeping faith with George he isn’t what you need at the moment.
  14. Racin Jason 72


    You had all winter to sign a rider to bring you up to the limit but didn’t. If you replace a non scoring 4 pointer with one that will get 6 at home and two away that will be a decent improvement on what you currently have. the most important thing for Newcastle is to win at home consistently. Regular home defeats will end in disaster
  15. Racin Jason 72

    King's Lynn v Wolves 05/05/22

    It was difficult to find a electrician in Norfolk with just five fingers to do the work.

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