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  1. GAH

    with or without

    Oh right wow a statement I'll remember that goodbye
  2. GAH


    not quite
  3. GAH

    with or without

    Oh God the bore is back take another 5 mth of please
  4. GAH

    with or without

    Brain cells must be dead what a bell end takes one to know one I'm off fishing now must find my fishing rod
  5. GAH

    with or without

    don'tforgetyourbraincells when posting
  6. GAH

    with or without

    another troll bore off !!
  7. GAH

    with or without

    jesus you are more painful than toothache stop trolling me weirdo !! go away and bore someone else please
  8. GAH

    with or without

    if you think that you are deluded as i thought !! but never mind small things amuse small minds !! not a lot more to be said what a loser saddo !!
  9. GAH

    with or without

    Yeah name calling exactly what you have done must be in same playground
  10. GAH

    with or without

    You get back to your box room at your mummy's trolling
  11. GAH

    with or without

    Clearly something in the water down there makes you deluded
  12. GAH

    with or without

    You stick to facts first saying you have seen changes well you haven't fact secondly you said b/vue had run British final with fans WRONG and I never said tracks are not covid ready if I did show me the post ?? Complete Numpty
  13. GAH

    with or without

    you read the posts properly as well !! where have posted clubs are not ready ???? i haven't !! and for your information there was NO FANS at the british final at b/vue which ipswich were suppose to be holding that it self deserves the numpty quote
  14. GAH

    with or without

    just like the bbc quiz show pointless that's you

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