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  1. geoff58

    Kings Lynn 2019

    so glad he failed to get is mucky hands on our club when morton/gordon left manchester council seen right through him !! bent has dog's hind leg !!
  2. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    in Aussie for Wards Wedding and it's LEMMO
  3. geoff58

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    you are not grasping the issue of manchester people have far more choice of sports to watch than say kings lynn or ipswich or poole there for a start 4 of the biggest prem football teams to start with !! in north west also rugby league none of that outside north west / yorkshire plenty more to mention but that will do for now !!
  4. geoff58

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    correct doubt we will see another purpose built speedway stadium from scratch i mean not built around a existing stadium !! i feel green eyes are all the NSS
  5. geoff58

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    the city of manchester is vast with 2 of the top premiership football teams & many other teams at lower level !! also 5/6 rugby league teams also rugby union lancashire cricket team ice hockey team manchester has far more other sporting events/teams to support than any other speedway team has FACT
  6. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    free progs saving £16 and its odds on with the team the colts have they will be involved in extra matches for sure !!
  7. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    you for got the free programme £2 per match = £16 saved that's without extra matches pretty certain the colts team we will be involved in play/offs & extra koc !!
  8. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    stock cars no chance safety to close also in field 4g football pitches !! also stock cars is declining quicker more than british speedway !!
  9. geoff58

    2019 Confirmed Teams - Premiership

    berge could be doubtful for BVA if he can't sort a mechanic out ??
  10. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    again you know nothing of the full story behind it that one local councillor was chasing votes in the local election and went cap in hand to the MEN local evening paper the fact is the other remaining councillors all support the NSS and the very issue was replied to by adrian smith in the speedway star i suggest you and few others read it !!! and like i reported we were given £70k last year for the stadium and youth policy !! also adrian smith is moving house with his wife to live up here in manchester from buckinghamshire which tells you that's commitment & the owners are close friends with adrian &are still well on board the club !! so speculate all you want there are other clubs in far worse positions than us FACT
  11. geoff58

    2019 Predictions

    what people put on there profile doesn't mean anything so i suggest you grow up FFS !! and i don't give a toss what you post ok so do one !!
  12. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    you won't be dissapointed !!
  13. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    part of the ongoing saga with gordon/morton it was supposed to be done in original build but was signed off by council & builders along with many other defects not finished some are done now but regards as south stand its ongoing situation ??
  14. geoff58

    2019 Predictions

    bellview its not one word and spelt totally different try BELLE VUE ACES

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