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  1. @scottydogdart @officialkoch like you lost it at welsh open #thug

  2. @KLSpeedway @TheAces @SpeedwayGB hollow win without top 3 ????

  3. @nklindt hopefully back on it tonight and flying around NSS ????♣♣♣

  4. @NSSCspeedway @gbyouthspeedway ask him is he proud to mess another season of a total balls up ????????????????

  5. @SkyNews ffs pathetic one season wonder why ??? #mental

  6. YES crazy to think he isn't seen all matches home & away !!
  7. the crazy thing is this is a re-arranged fixture already so the GP qualifier date must have been known always a possibility of some of our riders getting drawn their good job bewley didn't get drawn their as well
  8. it will be between jack holder brady kurtz josh grazoneiek ?
  9. geoff58

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    rye house leicester somerset as well
  10. geoff58

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    clubs who have to move race night's won't survive
  11. geoff58

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    crowds are down for everyone poor last night at poole as well
  12. @scottydogdart @middlo57 hit any more old people like at welsh open ????????????

  13. £18 standing £20/£23 grandstand seating !!
  14. crowd will be healthy for sure swindon have there own financial problems has reported by rosco and the fantasy new stadium not appearing from 3 years since the farewell meeting !! also couldn't afford to keep doyle this season !! let's see who is the best team around 9-30pm on monday night perhaps some swindon fans could make the journey up to swell the crowd ?

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