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  1. bigger troll is shovlar seriously if you can't take it don't give it out remember he was going to NSS to watch poole stuff us ??oops you didn't and we only had 4 riders performing FACT don't give out unless you can't take it back !!
  2. watching last night i don't think so couldn't beat a 4 man team enough said !!
  3. hang on ? who said looking forward to going NSS and watching us thrash you oops you hope that lump lasted a long time on the drive home tissues at the ready by the way we only had 4 riders performing pmsl
  4. hope you bought a big box of tissues pmsl world beaters couldn't beat a depleted Aces team enough said pmsl
  5. so still won with only 4 riders performing poole team that can't beat a depleted Aces team
  6. thank god i will be nowhere near you in the stadium don't like seeing grown men cry anyway at least you see a proper stadium & racing track
  7. you should drive past the current champions home and then visit the one who has won it most times
  8. ah the ones who have not won the league since 1989
  9. motivation works the other way as well also it will be a emotional stadium tonight a win for the late legend will be in order !!
  10. how sad in scumpool don't forget to buy some tissues for tonight
  11. cook needs to start earning money for his baby now you will see craig back on form tonight for sure !!