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  1. where is your official conformation of this ? nothing has been said by the club pure speculation !!
  2. geoff58

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    ironically b/vue could suffer for this ? in what was a difficult match against swindon a must win for both teams vissing was a poor reserve for them at NSS but now they can get a decent guest who likes the track ?? only in british speedway eh
  3. geoff58

    Well Done Charles Right

    Believe Charles is a Poole Asset ? Despite being a Stockport/Manchester guy !!!
  4. geoff58

    Thank u Buster

  5. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    well he wouldn't know obviously as well do have to be brain surgeon to work that out
  6. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    let you know on 5th august when we are there ? many a comment from wolves fans early season saying the track was poor !! only recently against peterboro was the track praised !! but was it prepped that way for a poor peterboro side ? lets see how it is prepped for us
  7. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    how would anyone know that without riding it ?? he rode many a similar polish tracks very well so who is to say ?? pure speculation
  8. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    been twice this year been a gaters paradise
  9. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    he also loved riding for but he couldn't handle the track simple so wouldn't earn money unlike riding for wolves or majority of clubs why ride somewhere when you can't earn money ??? rest my case
  10. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    he would rather ride at wolves because he can ride the track and earn money
  11. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    riders do like to earn some money while riding for a club so nicholls would say no again but it would say its the finest staduim facilitys and track in england and one of the best in europe !!
  12. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    how would you know ? you wouldn't !! and nicholls did ride there only is own fault he can't ride it to earn money other wise he would !!
  13. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    yeah right !! and wolverhampton is a great track well iv'e never seen anything crump as wrote and im there every meeting when he was over he was interviewed and loved it wishing he was younger to ride it never seen one rider critcise the track that includes nicholls who can't ride it !!
  14. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    the difference is NKI & HOLDER can ride the NSS
  15. geoff58

    Belle Vue 2019

    only half a season for either of them and who wouldn't want to ride for b/vue at the NSS with all it has to offer ??? never say never in speedway

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