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  1. geoff58

    Wolves 2018

    you can't overtake on a level start there unless its a mistake on the karllson corridor let alone handicap system good luck !!
  2. low life scum hang your head in shame #karma
  3. won't be musielak he is on holiday !!
  4. only because of a weakened team due to injuries
  5. he rode in daugapilvs while you had lindback FACT
  6. still rode while being supposed injured FACT
  7. same has poole did with hans anderson !
  8. geoff58

    Swindon 2019

    the new grandstand is supposed to be stored in wales somewhere isn't it that's what Swindon management told everyone !!
  9. geoff58

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    its on live on premier sports 6pm start
  10. yees when we were robbed lost by 2pts newman should have been exc rode a race with no goggles poole got a 5-1 which should have a 3-3 2016 final say no more !!
  11. fancied our chances with dan but without dan going to be very difficult but the play/offs are what they are all teams start level look at poole last night their experience in the play/offs showed whereas somerset lack of it showed hoping that will be the same on monday Aces have been in last 4 play/offs so plenty of experience and heartache lol whereas kings lynn lacking like somerset it only takes a slice of luck to go your way and you are in plenty to race for over both legs our lads ride lynn well cook/fricke/worrall so you never know ? if it's a gaters track like last night then it could well be our night ? this tie is far from a gimmie like lynn are thinking !! all in all it will be a great semi-final may the best team win !!

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