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  1. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    Yeah, didn't have the nouse to move the club forward when we needed to and wouldn't move aside for anyone who could? Basking in the glory and couldn't see the wood for the trees?
  2. Just think, if it all goes to plan the Comets could meet the Forces of Evil in the KO Cup final, imagine that??
  3. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    That's them, couldn't remember the name, I was thinking South of France region because of Catalans? Well this thread is about Derwent Park and RL does take place there!!
  4. Lord Lucan

    Play offs

    Being as there is a lot of negativity about the Comets on other thread's here's some on this!! I predict that whenever the play off dates are arranged it'll rain and we'll need to have another go at it, there, I've said it!!
  5. Nah!!!! There's no right and wrong here, it just appens!!
  6. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    Being as we're just nit picking now Town played in the First Division 1995/96 after winning promotion and just missing the play off places, due to the new SL format being a "summer" objective they carried straight on into SL1 after barely finishing their original Div1 fixtures hence why I quoted "two" seasons in the top flight which effectively it was, one after the other and another reason why we didn't survive? Oh and by the way, do you remember wondering why every time we won a match in that era and moved off the bottom of the table that French side always managed to beat someone they shouldn't have just to put us back down again, there was self interest in RL back then as well?
  7. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    Pleased to read that and I appreciate your passion for your sports!! I am well aware of how Town didn't survive in SL and I visited every single ground in the country at the time witnessing the evidence first hand for the two seasons we did survive? We could and should have survived in that division, my opinion, and we had the crowds to achieve this but didn't capitalize on the opportunity? I doubt we'll ever see SL again but to achieve the standard required even in the next league up is going to take financial backing this area doesn't have!! Some things certainly have to change with regards all sports but, will any venture be supported enough to succeed? I want "ALL" sport's catered for in this town not just the one's with the scourge of modern sport....."self interest" does that sound familiar eh..marra??
  8. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    Now, if you'd said Town had finished a creditable fourth in SL and averaged gates of 7000 I'd have been a lot more impressed!! I bow to your superior knowledge of 2nd Division finance's my friend, a subject not close to my heart I'm afraid?
  9. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    I was being diplomatic Geoff, deliberately left that bit out!!
  10. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    No is the simple answer. Reds are just a p/t outfit playing in the Northern League and I'd imagine a ton per game for any one of them would be too costly for them over a full season? As for Town any foreign players are generally of the resident type and are offered a fixed rate contract or game by game fee, highly unlikely to be massive and sponsors will be helping out with some of it, it is a tight budget for them but....they seem to keep their head's above water but it's not just crowd's that contribute to their survival? Difficult environment for all over here thesedays, not exactly awash with capital so you cut your cloth accordingly?
  11. Sounds like another attempt to undermine the Comets, introduce some bad feeling between the rider's to put us off our stroke.....these voices that were heard, didn't happen to have a Scottish accent by any chance??
  12. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    The council already owns the land the grounds are on so for them there will always be rental income as well as a sale value!! A two sports venue only would probably see the developer as the landlord if the council chose to sell the land on and that could leave both Town and the Reds with a larger rental to pay for the use of it, (usually the way with private companies) and for me that brings in the viability of either to afford it? Upgrade the existing DP site instead could possibly be a better option but...at what cost to the track, and for how long, or, take a chance that the Comets will be around for a good few years and build a three sports venue, at least you could always expand the viewing areas into the track space in the future if speedway fails so it would have options for any eventuality? In any case it'll probably take year's to sort and build so it may not necessarily matter in the long term.... hope I'm wrong tho!!
  13. Lord Lucan

    Derwent Park

    Also tho George what have the Reds/RL club got to offer a new stadium? Neither are competitive, Reds will very likely never be back in the FL and 42 yrs of failure probably justifies that, as far as Town are concerned they can barely compete in the league they are in and are more interested in the peripheral usage of the stadium by external factors? It's without doubt a very awkward situation especially for three poorly supported sides to justify one over the other, a multi sports stadium nowadays would have to accommodate all sports or risk losing someone and potentially have a ground more beneficial to other activities than the sport itself that it's supposed to be built for?
  14. Lord Lucan

    Play offs

    It was tongue in cheek my response mate.... I have watched Bodyguard as well, as an aside, but as far as I'm concerned you can watch telly anytime? Must have watched half said programme on catch up, doesn't detract from the enjoyment at all but if your bag is live local sport that's something you can't catch up on on the telly so you makes your choice?

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