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  1. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2018 .

    Why not J, only been running since April so.... what's the rush!!
  2. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2018 .

    Has this been agreed IS, looked on Comets website and there is (as per) nothing to suggest any meeting has been arranged for any time, certainly the first I've heard of it?
  3. Skullduggery, subterfuge, just not playing the game...nah, this is speedway populated by honest folk whom would baulk at such innuendo TW!! Up to now tho someone somewhere is making life very difficult for us to achieve the necessary, we have, at this moment in time, no more Championship meetings to race until the beginning of August of which virtually all of our home meetings were for the Friday night's and are now having to be re-assessed for some other date's not yet forthcoming, so when we will actually start our home campaign is very much up in the air? Is this deliberate, an unfortunate coincidence or a combination of both, who knows but come September and we're fifth and still have 8 home meetings to fit in well....it could get messy!!!!
  4. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2018 .

    That's why I quoted weekends, even moving everything back to Saturday we don't have enough to get in what needs doing? Could easily ruin a potentially successful season for the Comets this?
  5. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2018 .

    It's been quoted for ages that method because it should be so simple to implement, maybe why they don't do it?
  6. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2018 .

    Can't see that happening mate the league fixture is still inside the cut off point so I doubt we'll get any change out of em for that? Agreed with the fixtures tho, even if we start home meetings in August we've eight to get in and only 6 weekends max to do them in?
  7. Workington should read 2 home 7 away so far mate, we've not even been that busy at home this season?
  8. Lord Lucan

    Craig Cook

    Well done Gazc, you worked me out!!
  9. Lord Lucan

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Absolutely, made all the difference tonight, without a doubt a confidence booster for him!!
  10. Lord Lucan

    Glasgow 2018

    Was he not looking at a Polish club to help improve his chance's in the GPs?
  11. Lord Lucan

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    This is looking a lot tighter than I thought, just hope that RR doesn't prove our undoing? If we can maintain our good run of form we should get at least a point tho I would be disappointed if we couldn't sneak a cheeky win by 2!!
  12. Lord Lucan

    Glasgow 2018

    I thought that was the reason we didn't try to re-sign him for this year, GP rider's in the championship wasn't an option, well, certainly got that wrong? No surprise tho, seems like anything goes this year?
  13. Lord Lucan

    Craig Cook

    Well well well, a GP rider in the Championship, who'd have thought it, won't be seeing much of him then!!
  14. Superb effort and what a great result for us, certainly didn't expect that tonight considering how hamstrung we were and how well Newcastle have been doing lately, but still, fair play to all the lads who turned out that was impressive, a big well done!!
  15. That's not looking good then, what happened to Mason...guest + RR I'm thinking if there's anyone available at short notice?

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