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  1. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    With Allerdale Council so keen to throw taxpayers money at this white elephant and screwing over the most successful team in the town for years into the bargain, would not the kindest thing for them to have done was pick up the debts (if any) owed by the speedway, and cleared them as a goodwill gesture, after all they are getting what they've always wanted....rid of the noisy/smelly speedway and no more hassle to deal with from the sport's objectors? It's a funny thing, Reds want the pitch 18' wider/longer to meet the FA criteria yet surely that means Town would have an even wider try line to defend than the one they struggle with now and further to run length wise to score, that's some trade off??
  2. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    Any likelihood there are to be any more signings this side of Christmas?
  3. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    Oh dear Singy....£10 wouldn't buy the cork from one of mine!!
  4. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    You don't realise how close to the truth that is but.... only "two cans" the fourteen year olds drink more than that?
  5. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    Do you think they'll still have that in 50yrs J?
  6. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    Deffo, not much success but a lot of good times!!
  7. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    One thing's for sure Singy, 50yrs time won't see either of us around to point the finger and say "I told you so"
  8. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    You don't build a stadium for Scotland internationals tho Singy and, how often will they happen, what do you do if Scotland decided to play in Scotland where are your 8000 crowds for RL coming from then? I'm looking at the local scene here for sport not the occasional big game involving somebody else, how often will Town fill it with 8000 or Reds that's what I'm saying and, why not address the point I made about the temporary seating, it can be done so a triple sport stadium could be built and if one or more fall by the wayside it's still usable in some form? What I don't appreciate is this nonsense of buying into the ground for 50 year's before your in and what's to say that neither football or rugby won't fold up in this town before the time's up, time's are changing, low level sport isn't that popular for the leisure pound thesedays so it's folly to suggest that just coz it hasn't happened before it "couldn't" happen in the future? I personally think that the time for new stadia was 25yrs ago with Town around and in SL, that revamp proposed back then would have rendered this development irrelevant as it was just modernising what was there, the chance came and went and we are now where we are? It would be a nice option to preserve the ground for the Speedway but, I think the council may want their pound of flesh from the sale of the land rather than letting Motorsport have it, time will tell and probably sooner rather than later?
  9. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    Beg's the question then, why sign yourself up to 50 year's of payments for stadium usage you may never see out? Also, should both club's expire before their collective time, who's picking up the bill for the shortfall?
  10. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    The way things are it's hypocritical for both the Football and the RL team's to commit to a 50+ yr lease agreement as both are spent forces and highly unlikely to be around themselves in anywhere near that timescale? The council should be looking to benefit "all of the sport" in the town and not just provide a new home for those whom feel they have a god given right to perform in one? Neither club will fill an 8000 arena so it's already certain that outside factors will take the lion's share of usage in order to make it viable, West Ham moved into the Olympic Park and simply put temporary seating in to get fans closer to the action, an option not even considered here but eminently workable and, a reasonable chance of larger crowd access and bigger events being brought in to make use of the extra capacity? It just re-emphasizes the narrow minded/parochial view of the people in charge that the most successful club in the town are "potentially" being forced out of existence by the use of a completely nonsensical agreement that really means less than the paper it's written on?
  11. Lord Lucan

    Workington 2019

    Yeah, season's finished and there's nowt else to do on ere? Could there be a ghostly apparition of William Wallace in the background playing the part of Mel Gibson?
  12. Can't honestly believe that this meeting is still under consideration for another replay? Call it a draw, 1pt each and have done with it, even the four heats tonight were so one sided a 60+ score was almost inevitable.... but for what purpose?
  13. Probably Lakeside did as well and didn't want a single figure lead to defend up here?
  14. Good stuff, oh wait a minute.... it's ht13???
  15. In the great tradition of hindsight, with the threat of rain in the area was it never prudent to bring the start time forward?

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