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  1. Headlines screaming from the Daily Express says heatwave forecast for the summer, if it's in the Express must be correct. need some warm evenings to get the punters back in.
  2. van wolfswinkel

    Swindon - Kings Lynn 19.5.16

    Just had a shower in Haydon End, about 2 miles from track, at 4.30. Dry now Cant see any sign of start on new stadium yet, unless someone saw the old wheelbarrow there and thought this was it. Someone's telling porkies.
  3. van wolfswinkel

    Kings Lynn V Swindon - 26/05/16

    That was the surprising thing...he was appointed captain!!! Can beat anyone on his day.
  4. van wolfswinkel

    Warsaw 2016

    Well done Woffy...
  5. van wolfswinkel

    Warsaw 2016

    Unlikely as he's a vegetarian...perhaps someone slipped the key in when he wasn't looking and he doesn't realise it. Or could be his wife's chastity belt key. Superb racing.
  6. van wolfswinkel

    Kings Lynn V Swindon - 26/05/16

    I reckon the Roobins can make it 5 in a row and go back to the top of the table...42-48.
  7. van wolfswinkel

    Warsaw 2016

    I've been to most but the racing doesn't compare to this year's Warsaw feast, it wasn't as good last year though.
  8. van wolfswinkel

    Warsaw 2016

    Warsaw is above Cardiff for crowd size(almost full) and excitement and passing...superb stuff, now the world's biggest meeting. Never see this kind of racing in British GP.
  9. van wolfswinkel

    Warsaw 2016

    It's actually the key to Natalie's hotel room
  10. van wolfswinkel

    British Semi Finals 2016

    Well done Si..
  11. van wolfswinkel

    Belle Vue V Swindon 11 May, 2016.

    Great news but I'm concerned away fans could clash with the notorious "Back-Straight Bog Crew", and selling alcohol can only increase the problems, a daft move IMO. Will extra stewards be employed, and new fences erected to counter this?
  12. van wolfswinkel

    Lee Richardson Rip 4 Years ?

    Superb rider, was a real shock... and Richardson Road on the new Blunsdon estate is fitting tribute to his time with Swindon.
  13. van wolfswinkel

    Malc Holloway Never Forgotten.

    Great bloke, down-to-earth and funny, had some good chats at his boozer the Jovial Monk. At least they have a road named after him on the new Blunsdon Meads development opposite the pub he ran.
  14. van wolfswinkel

    Belle Vue V Swindon 11 May, 2016.

    Bloody ell just got back from holiday in Poole and saw the Rockin Roobins are top after winning at Belle Vue without Doyley!, Fantastic scoring from Tunny, and heat 11 was superb. They were second from bottom, and are now at least top until Monday. Hope they can do the double over Lynn to stay there. Well done guys, Need big crowd at The Shabbey next week. With new consortium and new stadium things are looking up for west-country speedway fans. GO ROOBINS!!!
  15. van wolfswinkel

    Building A 'scale' Model Speedway Track...

    Don't chase 'em it scares them when you run after them, especially after dark. Sounds a bit rude... sideways with kids!

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