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  1. Totally agree. Been up to Monmore Green at least a dozen times over the years and that's the worst racing surface I've seen. Having said that the Robins were very poor except for Batchelor (again) and Conor Mountain who did well under the circumstances. Think this performance will prompt Rosco into making some changes.
  2. Planning on going to this tonight - is the weather ok up in Wolverhampton? Showers forecast for early evening...
  3. Well done Aces, the Budgies had no answer to them tonight. Fricke, Bewley, Drozdz excellent, only Batch and Bellego able to offer any resistance for Swindon. Morris was right out of sorts. The Belle Vue lads really seem to be dialled into their track now and really seem to know to make the most of it. Some decent racing in the latter part of the meeting.
  4. Well somebody better reply to this post or is nobody interested in a clash between two of the probable play off teams? Going to this one, hopefully we might be able to nick a point but we'll need our top 3 to be on their game tonight.
  5. Gresham78

    Rye House 2018

    The demise of the Rockets is a severe body blow for British speedway. With the top flight now consisting of just 7 teams will it remain viable? Especially as other tracks must be struggling as well. I find it worrying that Belle Vue with the new stadium and facing large overheads have seen their crowds significantly depleted this season, perish the thought but if they went under I think the sport here would collapse. I have no idea what the way forward is for the sport as Speedway's ills are many but I do think it needs to be independently governed as I feel the BSPA really is really no longer up to the job. Right now Speedway needs somebody with a vision to take it into the future, the trouble is who is that person? Commiserations to all Rye House fans the sport is all the worse for the demise of your club.
  6. Gresham78

    Swindon 2018

    The longer the 'new stadium' fiasco goes on the less chance I think it will ever happen. The stadium is now surrounded by housing developments - I give it another 5 years or so and Speedway will cease at the Abbey Stadium on noise and environmental grounds.
  7. I don't think Rayleigh's scaremongering with this - sadly it could well be the situation. Rye House have struggled with the introduction of FRN and with such fine margins in speedway between staying in business or going under I fear that there may be a severe financial issue at the club. If this is the case it will surely mean the end of the FRN experiment?
  8. I see there are very few comments about the actual meeting last night so I take it was very average. I opted to watch the World Cup last night, sounds like I didn't miss much. What was the attendance like?
  9. The Robins were off their game last night and it really looked likely at one stage that Rye were going to win it, however they turned it round in the end. If the team can be as below par as they were last night and still win I think it bodes well. In any team sport even the best teams have occasional lapses in form but the top teams can still win even when they're not at their best. I think there may have been a bit of complacency last night but judging by Rosco's demeanor at the post meeting press conference this will get addressed sooner rather than later. One final thought and that is about David Bellego. He seems to becoming the team's whipping boy for sub par performances. Some people seem to forget that David was a a key component in last season's success, a point raised by Rosco himself during the season review. Sure he's not riding as well as he did last year but I'm sure he can pull his form round. We don't want to become like the Pikey's on the south coast and start ditching riders as soon as their form dips.
  10. Gresham78

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    A fortuitous point handed to the Robins last night courtesy of Mr Andersen who opted to ride his team mate into the fence in Ht 15 whilst on a 5-1. A tough night for Swindon with one or two riders below par notably David Bellego who looked well down on power and wasn't really competitive and also Nick Morris who though beat Andersen in his last ride would be dissapointed with his final tally of 7 on a track where he often hits double figures. On the plus side Batch once again led from the front with a fine 15 pts from 6 rides. Adam Ellis yet again did well in the engine room with 7 including 2 wins. Finally Zac, as ever, never gave up and finished with a creditable 5pts. As others have said the track was poor, very dusty and where I was stood on the back straight appeared to be lacking shale with the base exposed by the fence. Credit to Leicester, they haven't had much luck with injuries and they deserved their victory. Another point for the Budgies on the road, well done lads keep it up!
  11. Gresham78

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    On my way up to this one. If it's half as good as the 'A' fixture earlier in the season I'll be more than happy - as Orlov says could go either way, think Leicester may nick it this time with the Budgies picking up a point.
  12. Gresham78

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    So Cook doesn't fancy it now, this is becoming a waste of time. Having the meeting pushed around the fixture list doesn't help. There was a time it was towards the end of the season and everybody looked forward to it. Sadly the prestige seems to have gone and the prize money with it I should imagine. Perhaps it's time to consign this fixture to history.
  13. Gresham78

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    Is there anybody going to this meeting? Can't believe we've got to this time before anybody's mentioned it.
  14. Gresham78

    Premiership 23/04/18 - Leicester v Swindon

    Terrific effort by the Robins last night and I'm glad I went. I can't remember seeing Troy Bachelor ride that well for a long time. After the first 6 heats it wasn't looking great as we were 10 points down and hadn't provided a heat winner. Nick had taken a fall in the first heat and according to Rosco's after-meeting comments had felt he'd damaged his number 1 bike and his reserve machine lacked pace. However there seemed to be a concerted team effort and they all dug deep to turn it around. Everybody contributed, even Mitchell Davey didn't look too far off the pace although he failed to score. A special mention for Zach who continues to improve and he had a great scrap with Kurtz in Heat 12 picking up a valuable 3rd place to give us a 4-2 heat victory. I know its early days yet but the Robins are shaping up well. I think there's scope in this team for a number of riders to improve their averages this year; Zac Toby and Adam and if Batch can maintain something close to the form he showed last night I think we can compensate for the loss of Doyley. For Leicester, they look a much better side and I know Bjerre's return of 6 paid 8 was a little disappointing (though according to another poster he was on borrowed equipment last night) I think he's a very good choice of cover for Vaculik for that track as he's a gating specialist which is big advantage there. Well done Budgies, onwards and upwards, a very entertaining meeting.

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