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  1. No disrespect to Kyle Howarth but with MPT missing any faint chance KL had of rescuing their title attempt has gone imo. As another poster said messrs Riss, Proctor and Jorgensen will have to pull their fingers out to make a fight of it. Sad that the Premiership's grand finale is ending in acrimony, insults and bitterness.
  2. Gresham78

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    Rosco and Terry Russell should hang their heads in shame at that excuse for a speedway meeting last night. A poor track, sloppy tired presentation and some riders just going through the motions in scruffy delapidated stadium. And both Rosco and Terry R have the cheek to urge supporters to make an effort to support the team. As somebody else said on this thread the BSPA rely on the goodwill of the current supporters to watch dross like last night. There's little chance anybody else than die hard fans would put up with it. As Rosco said in his programme notes he and his chums at the BSPA have to be radical at this year's AGM to save the sport in this country.
  3. Gresham78

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    I support Rosco in most things regarding the Robins but I think he's got this wrong. I appreciate he's frustrated at losing money over the KO cup but criticising fans for calling this a dead rubber is ill judged. It is a dead rubber, the result changes nothing. Furthermore, I know it's not their fault but the Aces have half their team missing so it's not exactly an attractive event. Why should people fork out another £17 per head to stand about on what is likely to be a cold night. I think if he chose a more conciliatory tone he'd get a better response from supporters.
  4. Why is it when it rains we have to go through this pointless ritual of getting the tractors out to try make the track raceable? It must have rained for about 20 minutes and you could see the water lying on the track. But we have to wait until the referee, clerk of the course, Rosco,Ronnie Russell and anybody else who wants a say, have all said their piece just to decide the tractors should come out. All they do is turn over wet shale. If they'd ridden on it, it would have been like ice and somebody would have been injured. It was obvious after it had been raining for 20 mins it wasn't going to dry out, so why waste everyone's time trying to return the track to a raceable condition? As per usual the long suffering Speedway fan gets shafted.
  5. Congratulations to Kings Lynn Stars for finishing top of the SGB Prem. Good luck in the play offs
  6. Congratulations to both Belle Vue and Somerset Rebels on their play offs qualification. Good luck to both teams...
  7. Gresham78

    Poole v Swindon Prem B. 22/8/18

    Frustrating evening for the Budgies as with 3 heats to go they were only 6 points adrift and earning a league point looked possible but then it all came unstuck with those three 5-1 reverses. As Rosco said the Heat 7 crash damaged the Robins chances with Tobias being adversely affected by it. There were some positives; I thought David and Adam both rode very well but with Toby being off it and Nick Morris fading badly it wasn't enough again. Much as I like Nick as a rider I wonder if a move to another team next year might give his career a boost? I thought after last year he might kick on but he's slipped back this season. As for Poole, after numerous changes Ford seems to have found a winning set up and I would now consider them as favorites for the title. Kurtz and Grajczonek look to to be back to their normal form, Bomber seems to be thriving in his new team and the reserve set up is very strong. Somerset are very reliant on Doyle and Holder, Kings Lynn similarly with Lambert and Iversen and Belle Vue have the overrated Cook, and Fricke who can be brilliant but also be very average at times and a not fully fit Steve Worrall . Big crowd last night which was a boost for the sport in the UK.
  8. Gresham78

    Swindon 2019

    That's a shame but I understand, having to swap teams doesn't seem right; even though I only saw them for one season I'm still a Bulldog at heart
  9. Gresham78

    Swindon 2019

    I'd probably opt for Somerset Sid, it's a fairly straight forward journey for me - as long as the M5 behaves!
  10. Gresham78

    Swindon 2019

    I feel the same way Sid. With very little news about the redevelopment of the stadium and the new houses being so close I really can't see a long term future for the club. Regarding Doyley would love to have seen him at the Abbey again this year but they didn't want to shell out the bucks did they? I think he would have brought a few more punters in.
  11. Gresham78

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    Totally agree with your views Grachan. The Robins were the very model of consistency last season yet this year they're the complete opposite. We all know they can do so much better but for whatever reason it's not happening. Like you I support Rosco in picking virtually the same team for this year; these guys did so well in winning the Championship they deserve a chance to defend it. For sure we miss Doyley but I'm sure the decision to let him go was financial; I suspect our former No 1 wanted a significant pay increase after becoming World Champion. I know on current form we look out of the race for the top 4 but Wolves and Belle Vue have tricky fixtures on their respective run ins for the play offs, there may be a surprise yet.
  12. Gresham78

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    This was really very poor from Swindon. No reaction or response to last weeks home defeat to Belle Vue. With Schlein out and only R/R to cover for him the Budgies had an excellent opportunity to get something from this meeting but Wolves outrode them on the night. Nick and Toby did their best getting 5 wins between them but there was little support from the rest of the team. Despite the dissapointing run of recent form, Swindon remain in the top 4 (just) and could still qualify for the play offs.
  13. Gresham78

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    Only Morris showing any kind of resistance. 11 Heats gone and Swindon yet to record a heat advantage..
  14. Gresham78

    Swindon 2018

    Sadly I agree with this. The stadium's now in a residential area and I think it's only a matter of time before there are noise and environmental complaints. Add to this the general demise of the sport and the feeling I get that Terry Russell wants out means the long term outlook for Speedway in Swindon is not good.
  15. Gresham78

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    This is awful luck for Wolves again against Swindon. Despite the Budgies poor away form I think they'll win tonight especially after the poor effort at home to the Aces. If they lose then they really don't deserve to be in the play offs.

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