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  1. Not sure this meeting will happen tonight. We're definitely going to get some rain today. BBC forecast has rain from 2pm through till 9 whereas AccuWeather is more favourable showing intermittent showers. I think they'll do everything they can to get it run..
  2. Well done the Robins but I expected more from Wolves; they're a much better team than they showed tonight. A professional job by Capt Doyle and his men.
  3. I've been going to Cardiff now since 2012 and i've enjoyed the occasion each year until last year where I had a bad experience with somebody in the seat in front of me who seemed incapable of remaining seated for the the entirety of each race and this year like a number of others I found the racing to be lacking much excitement and very processional. The fact that we had the top three riders in the final I felt it should have been a lot more exciting than it was. Coupled with the alternative Park and Ride being full when I arrived and having to fork out £15 to park elsewhere it won't rank among my best Cardiff experiences. The fact is you're never likely to get the best racing on a temporary track but with the Principality stadium we're able to showcase the sport in one the UK's top arenas which in my opinion is great PR for British speedway. However, I do appreciate that people get different things out of their GP day and that for many its the chance to meet up with friends, have a day out eating and drinking with the GP as a back drop to the day. And whilst it continues to pull in 35 -40,000 fans each year it clearly works as an event and I would not advocate moving it elsewhere and in particular to Belle Vue even though the racing would almost certainly be better. Why would you move it to a venue that can only accommodate around a quarter of those who currently attend? The GP in Cardiff is very much British speedway's blue ribbon event and given the fragility of the sport at the moment I feel we need to keep it going to try and maintain the profile of the sport in this country.
  4. Thanks Rob and to everyone else who's responded to my message.
  5. Anybody know an alternative to the the Park and Ride at Cardiff City Stadium as assume this will be unavailable this year as Cardiff City are playing at home on the day of the GP. SGP Cardiff website has no information whatsoever about event parking this year which is oh so helpful.
  6. Gresham78

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    Don't know what's happened to Ipswich - can't believe this was the same team that pushed Swindon really hard at Blunsdon a few weeks ago, Pieszczek was outstanding that night but was really struggling tonight as were most of his team mates. The Budgies didn't have to break sweat - Doyley & Batch were a class apart and helped themselves to paid maximums. Special mention for Ellis Perks again; that guy tries so hard 4 paid 5 but deserves more with the amount of effort he puts in. With Wolves losing at K Lynn tonight, think we're well in contention for a play off place now.
  7. Gresham78

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    Wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that the Chairman of the BSPA owns Kings Lynn??
  8. Gresham78

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Well I would do if I wasnt already a Swindon supporter and didn't live 140 miles from the track. I've been to the Showground this year to watch Swindon and liked it a lot so I'd urge all Panthers fans to get along and support their team even if the owner's motivation for buying the club was a bit questionable. Like I said I thought when Buster bought the club at the time it was an act of desperation just to keep the Premiership alive. Peterborough need somebody with the right intentions to buy the club, trouble is as we know Speedway clubs aren't a particularly attractive investment at the moment and buyers aren't exactly queuing up ..
  9. Gresham78

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I maybe wrong but I get the impression Buster only purchased Peterborough to keep the Premiership going this season. I don't think he's interested in investing in the club and is not that bothered whether they survive or go bust. As far as he's concerned his action of buying the Panthers has kept the Premiership afloat this season so job done. I reckon he's banking on somebody else stepping up from the Championship next year. I fear for the future of the club and the sport in this country can't afford the loss of yet another track.
  10. Gresham78

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Tai is outspoken & controversial at times but he's earned the right as a 3 times world champion and because of that you listen. Cook is not at that level & he just comes over as petulant. I remember Kenny Carter being outspoken and awkward but again he was World Class on a bike. And I'm not referring to his conduct at Eastbourne which I haven't seen. It's about his general attitude over the years in the sport. Take the British final recently; Charles Wright goes off on his victory lap on the trailer accompanied by Danny King but where's Cook? That's a lack of respect to Wright and King and to the meeting sponsors not to mention the fans. If he gets himself into next year's GP series and knocks out a run of decent scores I'll be the first to congratulate him.
  11. Gresham78

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Have to agree with your description of Cook. I know he's admitted to having mental health issues in the past but he does come over as petulant & thinks he's better than he is. Will never be a GP regular.
  12. Cook has very rigid upright style which looks a bit ungainly to me. Agree that he is one of the top British riders but I can't see him ever being a regular on the GP circuit. Has got where he has through hard work and application but doesn't possess the natural talent of the best riders I feel.
  13. Congratulations to Charlie Wright - much deserved win on the night and a great effort from Danny King too. Despite Lambert dropping out and Bewley as well it turned into a decent meeting. Well done the NSS and a decent size crowd too.
  14. Agree with the comments about Craig Cook. Whilst his ambition and desire to be in the GPs is admirable I think he just doesn't have the ability to perform at that level in a consistent basis. If he really wants to step up a level he needs to get in the Polish League & stop picking up easy points in the 2nd tier of UK speedway.
  15. Very disappointing news about Rob Lambert - wishing him a speedy recovery. Think Cook is the clear favourite now even with a wrist injury. I'd love to see Dan Bewley win it - the lad is a massive talent and he and Robert represent the future of GB Speedway. King and Schlein as outsiders.

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