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  1. proud panther

    Sheffield 2019

    What an awful thought that speedway will be watered down to that standard.
  2. Think there is a very good chance of 2 leagues of about 14 teams, 1 Championship standard, & 1 National league standard. Teams to consist of 6 riders.
  3. proud panther

    Ipswich vs Peterborough 23/08/18

    Although the Witches were weakened with the loss of their top 2, MPT would have loved that slick track with opportunities to pass up the inside. Hawkins is clueless.
  4. proud panther

    Plan to save the Sport

    You have got far too much time on your hands Bwitcher.
  5. I think anyone that has been in the pits on a regular basis will have noticed unusual behavior from certain riders.
  6. Whilst I agree with you, if they carried out tests that regular, there would be a lot of banned riders.
  7. proud panther

    Redcar 2018

    Good luck to him, hope he is back at Panthers in the near future.
  8. proud panther

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Don't think it makes them stronger, but might be a bit cheaper without the Poles flights. Looks like a Championship team to me.
  9. proud panther

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    Jake Allen missed the gate, & like a lot of other riders, couldn't pass anyone, as the track was slick.
  10. Terrible meeting, with no entertainment at all. With no chance of rain, the track is bone dry & devoid of shale. Seriously thinking about giving the double header a miss, as I can't face 30 heats of gate & go. Had a group of newbies in front of us in the company of former rider Andrew Stokes, & they soon worked out that whoever gated won.
  11. proud panther

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    Good luck to him, he has improved massively, & is a brilliant team man.
  12. proud panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Thank you for your answer Neil. Could be a big problem next year if we have 1 big league.
  13. proud panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Can somebody explain how we ran nearly twice as many fixtures last year, or what we would have done if it was 2 home & 2 away this season ?
  14. proud panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    If England get to the final, the only option is to cancel the speedway.
  15. proud panther

    apology to workington speedway .

    Hope they bar you for life.

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