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  1. Agree with you on that Woffinden comment. He's looking amazing. I think Nicki is just under powered in general and having to cover so much track. Really hope he sorts it out as you can see him getting frustrated (and that normally ends pretty badly) Tai seems to know just how wide you need to go at Wroclaw to get the run on another rider. Its not like at say Czestowchowa or Grudziadz where you can more or less pin your back wheel to the fence
  2. Wroclaw has improved no end in the last two years. It use to be just a big circle where riders would just go backwards if they tried to move to the outside line. So much better now and the GP should be great. Woffinden was just on a different level to everyone else in that match. Feel sorry for Nicki - his engines just always seem under powered!
  3. Heat 5?! - Never seen a better ride from Pawlicki. Incredible stuff
  4. Gorzow didn't look 2/3rds full to me
  5. Gorzow v Lublin Just watched this (I've posted a YouTube link in the video board) Couple of things I'd be interested in people's opinion of: 1. Why is the track so sh*t at Gorzow? It was terrible last year as well. Has it always been rubbish I'm sure it use to be pretty good. Seems to be no benefit to going out wide for some more speed. 2. That heat 9 was dodgy. I hate riders staying down when tactically injured but when you see a fallen rider spring to his feet and still the ref stops the race. Proper gutted for Lublin 3. Kildeman. Just who thought that would be a good idea?!
  6. James Carter

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Gorzow v Lublin
  7. What's the ruling on G Laguta? When can Lublin pick him? Lublin look like they're going to be a lot of fun in 2019 but might take some pastings on the road. Loved that rider at number 2 - Miesiac? Good to see AJ back from that crash. Honestly thought it was a season ending crash or worse when I first saw it
  8. You would think that such a ruling couldn't be implemented as it would be age discrimination. Not sure what the polish laws are on this! It's not like those 3 are stealing a living either?! Greg Hancock - absolute legend and Holta and Protisewicz are two of the most exciting riders in the league! Would love Holta to find his 2017 Czestochowa form again when he returns from Injury. He was on fire at the back end of that year.
  9. I think Madsen will be around the 7-8-9th mark. Quality rider but we don't really know what he's like in races packed full of quality riders. Super average in Poland. Like all new riders will b ed to get off to a good start Agree with an earlier comment regarding JK and temporary tracks. Overall I think he will be around the 10th sort of mark but expect him to be tremendously exciting. He's absolutely amazing in Poland from the back and regularly makes the top GP riders look bang average. But overall I think his gating will leave hi. With too much to do. Will be much better than Pawlicki (either version)
  10. Thank you. I have thought about going down the satellite route but it's quite a large investment of money and time that I don't really have! It's a shame you can't buy a TV subscription for watching overseas like you can with Football. Is the Kodi route a way to watch live? I have used this before for watching movies but never had any success with live sports. Any details would be appreciated. Hoping that speedway4all comes out of the woodwork but it seems unlikely.
  11. Good morning, hope everyone is well. Just looking at Freesport TV listings and no Polish speedway on the schedule. Does anybody know if it will be shown this year? What I would like to know, and apologies if it is mentioned in other threads, is how do you access the polish TV services and is there anyway of accessing an on demand Polish TV service? From what I have read most people seem to be watching live online. Is this the only way? Do the online stations offer catch up?
  12. James Carter

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    Well thats not good. Pretty sure they'll be top 4 though and after that they have a chance
  13. James Carter

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    38-34 going into the last 2 heats so it wasnt that bad from ZG. Also NP wont be at peak dirtyness yet.
  14. James Carter

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    ZG Look a bit good this year! Dudek, MJJ, Pedersen, Vacuulik, Protasiewicz, Smolinski
  15. James Carter

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    I think Koltatov would need two full maximums to make up the points on Valeev & Ivanov. If it was on a Russian track I think he would have a chance as he seems to excel when the ice gets badly cut up in the Russian Super League. If the ice is well prepped I cant see him doing it as he is consistently slower out of the gate than his main rivals

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