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  1. James Carter

    British League Riders Championship results

    No help to your query but the plrc at Bradford in 95 or 96. I think I am rembering this right... that Chris Louis was leading the final and got an engine failure. Can anyone confirm this or is it something I have dreamt?
  2. He can have a crack at him at Owlerton
  3. I was just thinking that! I think Crump couldn't resist having another crack at Pedersen!
  4. Is there anyone at all knocking about without a Polish team? It's not good for the league to have a team who look like they're going to get hammered every week Smolinski? Is he anywhere?
  5. James Carter

    SEC 2020

    At best that was a quarter full.
  6. James Carter

    SEC 2020

    Do you reckon? Looks totally empty to me
  7. James Carter

    SEC 2020

    Can anyone explain why they the sec R4 at Chorzow? All that effort to get a track ready and no one turns up.
  8. James Carter

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Just because the new scoring system has stretched things out in Ice Speedway doesn't necessarily mean it will do the same in SGP Ice Speedway you basically have 5 Russians who realistically are the only riders who can win an event. So these 5 can ride well within themselves and cruise to the semi final. With a more competitive field in SGP I don't think it will result in the same stretching out if the points.
  9. James Carter

    Grand Prix changes

    Can't say i'm really that ar$ed about changing the scoring system. The people in charge need to concentrate on the racing. Far too many tracks provide lousy racing this year. That's the bigger issue that needs to be resolved
  10. Bet Hans Nielsen could still do a job
  11. Interesting post Rybnik look rubbish. Desperately need a big hitter and maybe whoever gets elbowed out of the top 5 at Leszno Glad to see Holta back at Czestochowa he was an absolute legend around there. Hopefully he still has a bit more left in the tank. Pedersen at GKM sound fun and glad to see KK get out of Gorzow. What an absolute dump of a race track.
  12. James Carter

    2020 Wildcards

    Zmarzlik Swedish average is 11.16 in old money. That's incredible Would not surprise me if he went on to be world champion
  13. James Carter

    Torun 2019..

    Who was the last rider to get a full max in a sgp? Feels like a king time since in last happened.
  14. James Carter

    2020 Wildcards

    Imagine Smolinski got the nod as he got further in the sgp challenge
  15. James Carter

    2020 Wildcards

    Lindback shouldn't have got a pick. Is that a Monster energy pick? Can't remember if he's Monster sponsored or not Clearly Laguta version 2.0 would bring so much more but perhaps after his ban he's still in the cooling off period It's still a great line up though.

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