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  1. It's an odd question. For me he comes across really well in this interview. I never really thought of magic as been 'too soft' interesting that he gets this accusation. I think it's his inconsistent gating that lets him down if anything Thanks for the translation. Top man
  2. James Carter

    Polish Transfers 2019

    I like MJJ as a rider but I always feel he's short on power. Super brave rider. So will ZG have Vacuulik, Dudek, Pedersen, MJJ ? That's a quality line up if it's right
  3. James Carter

    Polish Transfers 2019

    I have no idea why Gorzow would want Kildeman. He has been absolutely terrible in Ekstraliga. He seems to have an amazing gift of not only getting beat by the opposition but also messing up his team mates lines during races. Shane there use to be a good rider in there. Wonder what happened?
  4. Where is the Australian SGP likely to be held? Or are they trying to source the biggest possible stadium to fill with the fewest supporters. Perhaps the MCG that holds 100,000. Seem ideal. See vojens is back on the calender - what's it like these days?
  5. James Carter

    Wild Cards 2019

    Agree that does seem like a poor choice. As a poster has mentioned Brady Kurtz is a great example of a young rider who has really grown into top level racing in Poland and I think RL would be at about the same level. Gleb Chugunov started to look good at the end of the year and obviously Smeketa, Drabik etc are well established. Hope RL doesnt get left behind
  6. James Carter

    Wild Cards 2019

    Not easy to get an Ekstraliga ride. I think going to Lublinbin 2018 was a smart move. He still has time on his side Hopefully Lublin retain him for 2019 in the Ekstraliga - any news on this?
  7. James Carter

    Wild Cards 2019

    I've watched just about every polish league match this year so my thoughts are: Madsen is definitely more than just a gater. Unfortunately link for match for Czestochowa Vs Grudziadz is not working. Anyway Madsen in this match was on inspired form, probably best I've seen hin ride all year coming from the back numerous times and ultimately taking the points they needed to get through to the knock outs. He does seem to have the odd very bad meeting. I have a soft spot for Laguta as his Grudziadz side were absolutely shocking mid season and it felt like it was Laguta Vs everyone. (They got trounced at home by leszno who racked up 66 ish points) So Laguta has a superb gate and it's his biggest asset. I think he took every inside grid in the SON so I think that speaks for itself. However he isn't bad from the back (certainly better than Dudek) particular at Grudziadz or on the bigger tracks. He seems to pass most riders by winding it on down the back straight and then then dropping under. He doesn't have the bravery of Lindgren, Sayfutiniv, Janowaki, Bz etc and I think can get bullied out a bit in SGP when he's up against a full grid if quality riders. I'm not sure you can ever become a braver rider and ultimately this might stop him getting to the very top. Agree that Laguta was poor in the final. He couldn't even get close to Tai to put some pressure on. Anyway that's my thoughts. Haven't been able to watch much Swedish league this year but I think both are well up in the averages.
  8. James Carter

    Wild Cards 2019

    Fair enough you seem to well up on it. I'm just glad he's in for 2019 I think he's a quality rider
  9. James Carter

    Torun 2018

    Or a more accurate way to look at it would be that in the old one of world final if you had one bad race the jig was up and you might as well start packing up your van. In SGP every point counts so riders race hard through the whole meeting.
  10. James Carter

    Wild Cards 2019

    I reckon FIM have got the picks right. I would have had Pedersen in as he's box office but can't really argue with with the choices. I reckon Madsen might have been given the nod last year that he was getting a pick in 2019 thats why he didn't ride the challenge
  11. James Carter

    Torun 2018

    Agree 100% You can't really compare these multi world champions but I think they all share a common mindset that sets them apart. Tai has been so composed all the way through and scored some important points when he wasn't ib top form. Love to see him win a few more
  12. James Carter

    Torun 2018

    I don't think a one off appearance on breakfast TV will have much of an effect on the sport. My dad said the same thing last night. It's just a good excuse for a moan. If he doesnt get invited on you can get upset. Or if he does get invited on for a brief interview with no real insight then you get another moan. I think the days if Kenny Carter on TV-AM have passed
  13. James Carter

    Wild Cards 2019

    For me it would be Dudek Vaculik Pedersen Madsen Whilst Poland have great strength in depth I don't think there is a stand out Pole who is missing out due to nationality that would add a great deal. Maybe in a years time Drabik or Smektela will be too good not to get a pick. Hampel can consider himself a bit unlucky if he's overlooked (in fact his whole career has been pretty unlucky) but I don't see him bringing that much to SGP. KK would be the other pole who again might have a case but I don't see him troubling the top 8
  14. Its really easy to have a go at the commentator as its not as easy job. However the guy is just awful and hasn't really improved over the course of the year. I understand he is knew to Speedway and might not have the depth of knowledge. I can live with that. The screaming i can just about live with but its not knowing the rules that annoys the hell out of me. Tape exclusions / warnings, reserve replacements, tacticals etc. Its really not hard to understand but he seems to have no idea what is going on. I have to watch it with the sound off or catch up later with Polish commentary if someone uploads to YouTube. I think ZG will have too much in hand for Rybnik. Like an earlier poster said you have to give them credit for their efforts so far. In my opinion they were very unlucky in the play off final with the engine failure on heat 13? or 14? Not to take anything away from Lublin who who were superb and I hop they sign some good riders to make a decent fist of it in 2019.
  15. James Carter

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Reckon any bookmakers take bets on the team final? I have a sneaky suspicion that Russia may edge it this year!

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