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  1. James Carter

    Czestochowa Vs Leszno

    Thanks for the link to the thread. I don't get time to read them all but glad it got mentioned Would like to see Czestochowa get some big matches rather than Wroclaw
  2. Just catching up with speedway after holidays so this might have been mentioned. This must be one if the best speedway matches I have ever seen. Just unbelievably good. I honestly can't think of a better team match Sure the video has already been posted and linked. But if you've missed this one you are in for a treat https://m.cda.pl/video/24194340c?wersja=720p
  3. James Carter

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    Fair points. But what is odd is that he was still racking up big scores in Poland with the duff hand at the start of the year.
  4. James Carter

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    Agreed. Something must be up with NP. Not the same rider who turns out and carries Tarnow every week! Hope he gets it together as he is such a spectacular rider (and also the series bad guy) Suggestion that NKI deserves a place over NP is perhaps a bit short sighted but any suggestion that Kildeman should be riding is crazy.
  5. Just caught up with all the action. 142 pages of comments so far... that's my day at work sorted ! Woffinden was just incredible over two days. People should just relax with how good he is in the grander scheme of things and just enjoy watching a sensational rider. It reminds me a lot of Loram back in 2000 when he was in a rich vein of form and you just knew that even if he was last out of the gate he would still come through for the win. Incredible stuff I just dont get 4320 scoring. Surely riders going for the win creates much better racing and just feels like it should be the correct way to run race off. Bitter.. maybe a little but the Russians rode great as well (apart from when they had some sort of brain fade and through Gleb in?!) Wroclaw should be giving a big F.O tablet from hosting as the crowd was pathetic.
  6. I quite like the qualifying format this year. What I don't understand is how the 4 SGP Challenge wildcards get picked. Zagar chose to ride the challenge and qualified through his semi so does that mean that current SGP riders wont get a pick for the final as they could have rode in the semi? Can anyone shed any light on this. Seems really weird
  7. James Carter

    Prague 2019?

    Pardubice is superb. Check this out if you have a spare 5 hours. (Or just watch a couple of races)
  8. Another quick one, and it may be buried within this thread but Denmark team - why no Leon Madsen? I understand MJJ selection as he's been doing really well but I would have though Madsen would be the number 1 pick. I assume Pedersen is resting up after his injuries?
  9. Agree 100% Loved the old SWC format. Don't really keep up with the off track stuff but I just don't get why they would change it. In 2017 the semi finals were a bit unbalanced (GB very easy) but if anyone who saw the Sweden semi with Australia, Latvia, Denmark could watch that match and think the format needed changing must be crazy. Possibly the best match if 2017. Also why choose Wroclaw for the final? It's not a great track (although better in 2018 than 2017) when they could give it to Leszno, Czestochowa etc and guarantee better racing Obviously will still watch it. Russia I think will edge it !
  10. James Carter

    Czech GP prague Saturday 26th May 2018

    The organisers need to understand that the quality of the racing is the most important aspect of any SGP. If you were new to speedway you would have turned off the TV as the first 12 heats or so were so boring. Surely a change of venue needs to be threatened to these tracks that seem to consistently produce bad race tracks. Imagine that same SGP at Pardubice? Would have been amazing My take on the Emil / Magic coming together is that the ref probably got it right but I feel a bit for Janowski. The problem as I see it is that if you exclude the rider making the pass when there is a minor rear wheel / front wheel clash you run the risk of the riders just turning back in and purposely clipping back wheels to earn a rerun and get the opposing rider excluded.
  11. James Carter

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    I think people are giving Cook a bit of a hard time. No doubt he wasnt good. He hasn't been good all year and has been getting well beaten up in the Polish 2nd tier However he qualufied the hard way in 2017 and that deserves some respect and some patience. The challenge at Togliatti he showed some grit after a terrible first race he came through where others - Zagar, Madsen, Kildeman, Milik, MJJ failed. The pass on Kildeman in awful conditions was absolutely immense in that match I'm sure if he can get his bike working better he will improve this season and whilst I doubt he'll be challenging for many finals I think he will get better
  12. James Carter

    Who Finishes Where 2018

    Think I best swap Zagar and Pedersen
  13. James Carter


    I really hope so. He seems to be getting out of the gate really well at the moment and no one can relish trying to get past Nicki!!
  14. James Carter


    Add Piotr Pawlicki to that list.

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