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  1. You are certainly right on the evidence yesterday. When AJ was interviewed at Rybnik after his tremendous races early on he did say that the track was 'super-slick' which I thought was very odd given how good the racing was
  2. Gorzow Vs Leszno What an utterly crud meeting. Does anyone know what has happened to the Gorzow track ? Its got steadily worse through the season. Had high hopes for this one but gave up watching on free sport after heat 9 and had to come back for a second sitting on Monday. Rybnik Vs Lublin Faith in humanity restored! What a meeting! Score possibly flattered Rybnik a little so i think they'll edge it over 2 legs. Couple of races from AJ at the start were sensational stuff. Rolling back the years. Massive crowd as well. Just 10/10 for everything
  3. I don't think there is much wrong either. I think people are getting into a flap about the starting procedure. If you look back at the starts now to what you had in up to the mid 80s its so much better now. Its not perfect but i think its good enough. OK you oet the start marshall getting a bit involved but it doesn't really matter. Its exactly the same in Poland so all the riders would have experienced this The biggest problem for SGP is going to terrible tracks. The on-screen product is the most important thing if speedway wants to attract a larger audience. So regardless of the terrible decision on the night i think it would be safe to assume that it would have put off no speedway newbies as they would have had to sit through 15 races of garbage to get to that point By the way i thought the way Tai Woffinden conducted his interview after the exclusion was commendable. Top man.
  4. Ahh I'm only kidding. Sure he's a nice guy He's just the rider who makes you hate speedway. Big blast from the start and then hog the inside. If the tracks rubbish then it's 3 in n the bag for Patryk if not then you never know. Think of riders like Zmarzlik, FF, Tai, Gollob, Loram, Screen etc and they get you off your feet as they come from the back. All that said I did hate his tashe. I think we can all agree on that.
  5. What a shocking SGP. Made worse by effing Patryk Dudek winning. Nothing against him personally but I do personally hate him. National radio earlier this week and the presenter mentioned that he watched a bit of speedway to see if his theory of whoever gets to the first corner first wins. His theory held up so he didn't watch the rest of the meeting and was generally dismissive of speedway. We know he's wrong and then you get 23 heats of crap from Krsko.
  6. I picked Vaculik last SGP and he looks to be going even better now (Full max at Czestochowa last week) So perhaps BZ, Magic and Pedersen making up the rest of the final. Tai seems to be struggling a bit lately. I reckon if he can restrict BZ to making say 5-6 points up he'll be happy with that. A crud track might actually suit Tai as it will be harder for any of the chasing pack to build a big score
  7. Thanks for the update. What a shame. Looked like oneof those crashes that was more awkward than anything else.
  8. James Carter

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    As far as I know... Franky Zorn will ride for shadrinsk along with Koltatov Martin Haararhten will ride for Kamensk Uralsky Ove Ledstrom I expect will also race in Russia as I've seen quite a few FB posts of him in Russia.
  9. Gorzow Vs Czestochowa Does anyone know the condition of Matej Zagar? Will he be back for the second leg? Thanks is advance
  10. I wasn't aware they were the only ones interested in hosting. I think the reason Poland do so well is that they get their best riders to race. If say Denmark could get Pedersen, Madsen, NKI and MJJ to race they'd certainly push Poland close. Don't agree with the guaranteed big crowd though Bydgoszcz 2014 crowd was non existent. Although plenty turned up at Leszno 2017 then rubbish crowd again in 2018.
  11. Agree with this 100% Just because Poland are dominant (if you can count winning in 2016 & 2017) is no reason to drop the format. Its incredible that the U21s can have a proper 4 rider World Cup but not at senior level. Looking back over the last few years of the SWC you had a pretty dominant win in 2017 for Poland but also within that match you had Antonio Lindback probably putting in the best performance of his career and also you had the amazing 2017 semi final 2 in Sweden where Latvia beat Denmark into 3rd place. No one who watched that match could have thought that the format needed tweaking!! You also had a pretty decent 2016 final at the NSS and 2015 final was absolutely amazing where Sweden won, 2015 went down to the last corner It must be getting dropped for commercial reasons. As a format i still think it works. For whatever reason the organisers cant make it work commercial so they have dropped it. Seems a shame
  12. Wroclaw is a nice place, never been to Gorzow but heard its a bit of a dump Wroclaw track has improved this year but I still dont think its up to much. Too much of a big circle. The last match of regular season against Torun was good but the play off vs Leszno as you rightly said was pretty terrible. So many close races but very few passes I for one though wouldn't let Wroclaw have it because of the less than half full (actually probably more like a quarter) attendance at the SON. Czestowchowa & Torun would be so much better. Also like Rybnik who seem to draw a big crowd
  13. Speaking of SGP Pit guys - who's the bloke with the dyed goatee beard? I think he's part of Hancocks crew. Has he got some sort of deal with the TV company as he is shown multiple times every SGP Glad Janowski has been fined I really don't know what his beef was. It all seems pretty tame compared to some of the Stuff Pedersen has dished out and received in the past
  14. James Carter

    Lindgren 2019

    I think the jig is up for Holder, Pawlicki and Cook. So if you consider those 3 are replaced by the SGP challenge riders Doyle I think is protected as 2017 champion. So for me the debate would be is there any rider out there that would improve on Zagar, Pedersen, & Vaculik assuming that positions stay the same., but the same thing could be said if Laguta, Hancock, Emil find themselves outside the top 8. So looking at it would you prefer Madsen or Lambert over any of the riders named above? I think dumping Pedersen would be a bad idea as he's total box office. So for me it just leaves just Vaculik (who's on fire) and Zagar who is basically doing what he did in 2017! I think a good season in the Extraliga for Lambert in 2019 would set him up for 2020
  15. Pedersen, BZ, Magic would be a pretty sensible top 3 but I reckon Martin Vaculik as an outsider at 20/1 would be value. Been riding really well in Poland since his return from injury Agree with others I think it's going to be a cracker

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