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  1. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    I think people are giving Cook a bit of a hard time. No doubt he wasnt good. He hasn't been good all year and has been getting well beaten up in the Polish 2nd tier However he qualufied the hard way in 2017 and that deserves some respect and some patience. The challenge at Togliatti he showed some grit after a terrible first race he came through where others - Zagar, Madsen, Kildeman, Milik, MJJ failed. The pass on Kildeman in awful conditions was absolutely immense in that match I'm sure if he can get his bike working better he will improve this season and whilst I doubt he'll be challenging for many finals I think he will get better
  2. Who Finishes Where 2018

    Think I best swap Zagar and Pedersen

    I really hope so. He seems to be getting out of the gate really well at the moment and no one can relish trying to get past Nicki!!

    Add Piotr Pawlicki to that list.

    Hope FF can go all the way in the GP's, but like other have said he has been on fire before but not taking it through to GP's. Really surprised by NP. I really thought the jig was up after all the injuries but he's looked superb. I think Tai has looked good as well. Not quite as consistent as FF or NP but he has looked fast against some quality opposition
  6. Agreed. Looked like an amazing atmosphere until Lublin did everything they could to blow it!!
  7. Fair point. Jan Kolodskiej seemed to be struggling though (perhaps he did have the hand-break on)
  8. For a training match I thought that it was pretty decent. I don't think Leszno will walk away with much confidence though Amazing how quick crashed riders were getting back on their feet!!
  9. Agreed I think generally he is very, very good. (just checked and he was 4th in the Polish Averages last year) but then he has meetings like the SGP challenge and you start to think that to make the SGP's he is going to need a pick
  10. I thought given the circumstances it was a pretty decent match. Madsen looked very good which is encouraging for Czestochowa
  11. Who Finishes Where 2018

    I think Laguta is going to do a lot better than people expect particular on the Polish rounds. Doyle just to edge it again though but this time from Zmarslik 1 Doyle 2 Zmarzlik 3 Woffinden 4 Zagar 5 Dudek 6 Janowski 7 Satfutidnov 8 Laguta 9 Hancock 10 Lindgren 11 Vaculik 12 Pawlicki 13 Cook 14 Holder 15 Pedersen
  12. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    The organisers need to select wherever possible track with a proven record of providing good racing surfaces. The only way to sell SGP is making the product as exciting as possible. we've al watched SGP's where you know after the first heat that the match will be painful to watch. Cardiff and Warsaw seem to have the temporary tracks nailed and they need to be on every year. My preference would be to prioritise say 8 GPs on proven good tracks - Mallila, Vojens, Torun etc and then hawk 3 or 4 rounds to Slovakia, Italy, Finland, Latvia etc. Also as a shout (but perhaps not in 2018) why not Togliatti in Russia? They've held SEC and draw a decent crowd on a well prepared track. Sure they must've been offered a round