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  1. Can't see anyone other than Vaculik winning the challenge. He's a bit better than this IMO I would go with Vaculik, Fricke, Michelsen, Bjerre as a top 4 Would like to Bellego get through.
  2. He rides far too much. All that racing and travelling he must be goosed I think he still has a SGP title in him. He was top of the averages I think in Sweden last year but dropped off a bit in Poland. Most likely a new team in Poland next year might get the spark back. As a slight aside I can see more riders riding Poland, SGPs and SEC
  3. James Carter

    2019 Season Standings

    Agreed Vaculik could easily win this without been noticed My theory on BZ is that you need to rough him up early on in a race to unsettle him and disturb his rhythm. I think Madsen has his number in the SGP at the moment
  4. I know just seen it! Thanks anyway. Kind of nice watching a SGP on catch up without routing for a rider solely based on fantasy betting.
  5. Catching up on life at the moment so just watched the sgp in Polish and FFWD through all the non race bits Did FF get interviewed after heat 6? It looked like he managed to change direction and pull a wheelie to avoid PD. Has he said anything about it?
  6. Knew there was something I was supposed to do.
  7. £150 more Drabik £50 less Dudek
  8. Jarek Hampels 2019 passing quota was achieved against Lublin. He doesn't need to make another pass until 2020 now
  9. James Carter

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    I thought that might be the case but it's still a proper trek from Poland to Sweden!!
  10. James Carter

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    Question related to this thread. But out of interest does Jason Doyle have bikes in UK, Sweden & Poland or is he shipping bikes around Europe as he needs them?
  11. James Carter

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    The post topic is about 2020 so I was looking at 2020. I didn't expect much following TW injuries and the crash. I'm not sure why you think that I did. For GB to do well and I would say that is to reach heat 22 and beyond you need a happy motivated TW and if that means a change in management then the changes need to be made Longer term I don't see enough GB speedway to comment on what is been done with rider development. We will always struggle against the Poles to bring through as many top riders just because of the number of quality opportunities a young Pole will get given the popularity of the sport over there From what I see GB speedway is that it comes across a bit unprofessional. I don't understand why the top riders are allowed to ride in Premiership and Championship. I believe that brings our better riders down to the level of the lower league opposition. There seems to be too many small trick tracks and not enough big fast wide tracks. I think this works against GB riders making a success in Poland. However I'm sure it can all be solved relatively quickly. As long as there are still plenty of young riders with the appetite and drive to succeed then things can change. They just need to be given opportunities to progress to showcase their talents Perhaps a tie up with the Swedish or Danish league to get some of there young riders over here and vice-versa would help our young riders take the next step
  12. James Carter

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    I was going to hold off until the last minute but you stole my thunder. I also saw MM against Torun for Lublin (14 points) I was always going all in on this one. Unfortunately for you I have more chips to play with
  13. James Carter

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    I'm purely looking at he GB set up for the major meetings. Tai doesn't need to pull world class riders out if thin air. He needs to motivate and assist what is already there namely Lambert & Beweley. Peter Ljung was the highest scoring number 2 rider over 2 days of racing. He's hardly world class. If Lambert could target 7-8-9 points in the SON each day and Woffinden do the rest then GB could easily be making the tapes in heat 22 & 23
  14. James Carter

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    Michelsen £1200 more
  15. James Carter

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    You'd have to be a certified half wit not to build the GB set up around TW. Just put to one side the fact that you might not like what he says, what he looks like or where he rides and just accept that in this moment GB can only be successful with TW at the top of his game.

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