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  1. SPD444

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I believe there is real potential for streaming matches pay per view. As an ex Oldhamer who watched the Aces in the glory years at Hyde Road, now living in London who could only see them at Arena Essex and Rye House it’s great to be able to watch them live at the wonderful NSS all for a tenner. Well done Adrian
  2. Are there any completed scorecards available showing the draw positions
  3. SPD444

    Sky and Bt sports

    Tried for 3 days, not all day but a couple of hours each day, to cancel BT Sports but never spoke to anyone, so I have cancelled my D/D. Wonder if they will call me now. With Sky, I just subscribe to a couple of Sports Channels so could not pause online. Rang them and managed to pause them.
  4. Doesn't Boris' announcement that any mass gatherings will not have medical support mean that all Speedway Meetings are off.
  5. If there is no Doyle because he has to be in Poland, isn’t Max also racing their.
  6. Why are Poole still on this thread, shouldn’t they now be on the Championship one?
  7. SPD444


    I have been watching the NFL on tv since 1985 and whilst every game has not been heart pounding every week it has never failed to entertain.
  8. SPD444


    These are two separate points. What does it say about our sport that teams choose to be relegated to a lower division. And the GRAN FINAL is boring. why is that related?
  9. SPD444


    Thank you Orion, my concerns about teams preferring to be relegated and the message that sends to TV. and sponsors you chose to ignore, but to call me brain dead is insulting to me and something you should think about why you should feel compelled to say that.
  10. Following on from Somerset and now, apparently Poole, in what other sport do the participants seek to be relegated to a lower division than stay in the top division. What message does that send to T.V. and sponsors generally. The Grand Final is the SUPER BOWL of GB speedway.....really...what a complete bore fest that was. Without change this “sport” is dead.
  11. B&B 210...tickets 160...train £150... eating 100...3 days 2 nights. 23 minutes of non racing.
  12. My first and last time. If you want pre event entertainment then go to one of the London NFL games, they show you how it should be done, nothing in the stadium before other than dire light show, riders introduced in total darkness, never mind it’s all about the racing......err, what racing? Couple of overtakes and that was it. Forgot about playing the bongos, wasn’t that fun. And the joy of sitting listening to those fog horns, thank god we do not have them at Wembley. Total cost for two of us, train, tickets, hotel, food, couple of beers...£600 ish, 23 minutes racing, value for money. NO. Wish I had given money to my local club.
  13. SPD444

    Belle Vue 2019

    And giving up a 16 point lead against Poole didn't help the cause. Very disappointed. I like Mark but he must accept his share of mistakes. Not replacing riders, tactical errors and poor marketing by the CEO.
  14. If a place was offered to King, who was 2nd and Bomber who was 4th - we should expect the rider who was 3rd to be in the mix. If it was because of his behaviour the other day, and I do not condone it, but there are some others in the GP who have not been slow in getting out their handbags.

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