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  1. SPD444


    What is the make up of this General Council, do we know who sits on it, how they get to be appointed; who do they report to; what is their mandate.
  2. All this talk regarding the future of speedway should not be on this thread, the mods should move it to the cooect one which could get a larger readership.
  3. I think Clean Cut sports, who do the DVD's for Belle Vue amongst others already do live streaming of Ice Hockey I think, I may be wrong on the sport but they do live stream so they have the technology. I pay for BT sport just for the speedway so I would definitely subscribe.
  4. SPD444

    Rye House 2018

    It does seem odd that because Rye want to race their home meetings on a Saturday they are unable to fulfill an away fixture.
  5. SPD444

    Rye House 2018

    I believe Belle Vue didn’t have a vote for that reason in which case not many did vote.
  6. SPD444

    Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    A handshake would be it, not the rest. I was not their so I accept your interpretation. Your comparison to soccer managers response is one I would not want to be compared to.
  7. SPD444

    Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Sorry Chris, but I find myself at odds with your comments on the Rye managers offering congratulations to Dan. My game was Rugby both league and union, and we were told that you congratulate your opponents after the match, it was called sportsmanship in my day, yes, in the dressing room you let your feelings be known about the performance or lack thereof, but a performance like Dan’s should be recognised. I’m old fashioned, tell them well done but kick their backsides next time.
  8. Really enjoyed the meeting. Don’t often get the chance to get to the Aces so tonight was a treat. Started off a bit processional but I think the rain just before start time messed up the track but from about heat 7 the racing was superb, even if the winner was not in doubt the racing for the minor places was fantastic. Well done to all the riders, wonderful entertainment, all trying their hardest but being sporting, no tapes broken, NKI was only faller ,I think and Matej entertained us all by being excluded for gardening. Well done the promotion, riders, fans and staff for a great night,
  9. I know it’s an invitation event but why no Kenneth Bjerre, didn’t he win the trophy last year?
  10. SPD444

    Belle Vue 2018

    Are there no mods on this site. Reading the last three pages to catch up with all the BV news all I find is Wolves, Swindon and, of course, Poole. Why bother having team threads at all, just have two - Poole and one where all the usual numpties can insult each other. Very poor Forum, mods non-existent.
  11. SPD444

    Belle Vue 2018

    I don’t know if there are any issues regarding the track but if we think about who of last years seven have signed for other premiership teams then maybe that is a clue.
  12. Sky used to alternate between each meeting, for example one leg at Swindon then one leg at Wolverhampton then back to Swindon etc. Makes for a longer programme though. I imagine BT will do the same.
  13. This could be a classic. Both teams well matched and, if everyone on form, these will be close races. The difference will be Dan Bewley, what a talent. Really lookin forward to this, shame Wednesday has not been picked up by B.T., even delayed "live" would have done me. Hope all riders be safe and Go Aces.

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