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  1. Big payback by Bomber in heat 13 what a race
  2. 61-29 Great result for the Rebels
  3. that's if the riders fit and not carrying an injury. Doyle hurt his back earlier .
  4. Fair enough Steve from video nothing wrong but from where i was stood it looked a bit different
  5. Exactly as i saw it , looked intentional from where I stood on exit of turn 2. if it was it was a very naughty move . A entertaining meeting never seen so many non finishers by the Rebels due to engine/ mechanical failures, score could have been a lot bigger for the Rebels
  6. idh

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    great what you are doing for the Rebels Drew have a great day
  7. Nice comment by Rosco about the track “I must also say I felt the Somerset track was in the best condition I’ve seen it in for a long time. There were some problems the last time we were down there but they’ve obviously done a great deal of work and whilst we can often be quick to criticise, we should also give credit where it’s due because it was really good last night.”
  8. Agree Najjer i like Wednesdays as coming up from Exeter is a lot better only downfall is more road works/ diversions going home but id rather that than the traffic probs on a Friday. Some great racing last night. Next time you venture over to the dark side (back straight) touch base with us.
  9. Photo's from Somerset v Swindon Somerset v Swindon Photo's Slideshow Somerset v Swindon Slideshow
  10. Another great performance from the Rebels Photo's from last night Somerset v Swindon Photo's Slideshow Somerset v Swindon Slideshow
  11. idh

    Somerset 2018

    I see the unfortunate happenings of Rye House has catapulted the Rebels to 2nd in the league. (only one fixture expunged from the table) Hope someone can rescue Rye in the future.
  12. idh

    Somerset 2018

    Hang on is this a Somerset thread or a Poole thread................................................ Just read the top of the page its a Somerset 2018 thread
  13. idh

    Rye House 2018

    or is someone trying to rescue a situation?
  14. bookmark Poole 43-47 Somerset comments please

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