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  1. According to the Kurri Kurri Speedway Site http://www.kurrikurr...NVITATIONAL.pdf Alex was 3rd in the A Final in front of Sam A FINAL 1 Troy Batchelor – 2 Jason Doyle – 3 Alex Davies – 4 Sam Masters PODIUM FINISH BOOSTS CONFIDENCE A third place finish in the 2012 Jason Crump Cup Invitational Speedway meeting has been a great confidence booster for Wollalong speedway rider, Alex Davies. He scored third place to the unbeaten Troy Batchelor from South Australia with Newcastle rider Jason Doyle finishing second. “I got off to a shaky start in my early heat race tonight,” said Davies at the podium presentation, “but got my rhythm back in the next couple. Third place tonight in this quality field gives me a real confidence boost going into the Australian Title – but I do have to qualify.” Davies failed to score in his very first heat race, then bounced back with two successive wins, giving him enough points to make the sudden-death B Final. Davies came up against three other local riders in the B Final – Adam Shields (Mulbring), Mason Campton (Kurri Kurri) and Rohan Tungate (Pelaw Main) – with the winner going on to the A Final event. Davies and Tungate fought out an exciting B Final with Davies just edging out Tungate. In the A Final, Davies met the vastly experienced riders Jason Doyle (Newcastle) and Troy Batchelor (South Australia) with Sam Masters (Newcastle) rounding out the classy field. Batchelor was at his very best on the night going on to an unbeaten record and taking the Jason Crump Cup from Doyle and Davies. Troy Batchelor and Sam Masters are seeded directly into the 2013 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship, however, Jason Doyle and Alex Davies will have to compete in a special qualifying night to reach the final sixteen riders for the prestigious title. The Championship will be decided over three rounds starting at Gillman Speedway, South Australia on Saturday 05 January http://www.kurrikurr... CONFIDENCE.pdf Photo's here (not mine) http://www.kurrikurr...ashgallery.html Jason & Alex on Podium on Last Slide
  2. Womble was this a trial run for rider transport for next year (to avoid M5 bottlenecks)? Should have been a Chinook could accommodate the bikes too
  3. Best of 2012 Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/speedway_2012_best_of_2012 Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/speedway_2012_best_of_2012/slideshow
  4. Best of 2012 Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/speedway_2012_best_of_2012 Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/speedway_2012_best_of_2012/slideshow
  5. idh

    Is There A Final 25/10?! Witches V Rebels Lc

    Well done the Rebels. Looks like Kyle was busy last night fliting between Ipo and Peterbough. he scored 5+2 for Poole. Perhaps thats why he didn't get a 7th ride. Hes going to be Knackared for tonight From the BSPA Result site at 05:00 this morning ELITE LEAGUE KO CUP S/F 2nd leg PETERBOROUGH 50: Hans Andersen 14, Richard Lawson 10+1, Michael Jepsen 10, Rene Bach 9+3, Norbert Kosciuch 7+3, Mads Korneliussen 0, Ryan Sullivan R/R. POOLE 43: Krzysztof Kasprzak 18+1, Niels Kristian Iversen 14, Sam Masters 6, Kyle Newman 5+2, Ricky Kling 0, Chris Holder 0, Piotr Pawlicki R/R. Poole win 94-89 on aggregate. LEAGUE CUP FINAL 2nd leg IPSWICH 51: Morten Risager 11+2, Leigh Lanham 10+2, Rohan Tungate 8+2, Taylor Poole 8+1, Mathieu Tresarrieu 7+1, Dakota North 6+1, Stefan Nielsen 1. SOMERSET 42: Craig Cook 15, Jesper B Monberg 10+1, Kyle Newman 10+1, Alex Davies 4+1, Claus Vissing 3+1, James Wright 0, Lewis Kerr 0. Somerset win 95-90 on aggregate
  6. Blind man where have you been are you going to make your 1St visit of the season on Friday Where you the model for the ilfracombe statue?
  7. Beacuse Scunny finished higher in the main league (2nd) and so HAD 1ST choice (Explained last night by Debbie)
  8. Just tried it OT and its works OK Can't make Friday will catch up with you the following week
  9. Somerset v Sheffield Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_sheffield Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_sheffield/slideshow
  10. Somerset v Sheffield Photo's http://ihitchcock.ze...set_v_sheffield Slideshow http://ihitchcock.ze...field/slideshow Nice to touch base with Denis (Denis99); Great to see old memories stirred when he got to see the old Wasp's water bowser (still in its original colours) and the old Wasp's tractor. Great performace from all the Rebels especially Alex's paid Max
  11. Somerset v Berwick Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_berwick Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_berwick/slideshow
  12. Somerset v Berwick Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_berwick Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_berwick/slideshow
  13. Somerset v Edinburgh Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_edinburgh Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_edinburgh/slideshow
  14. Somerset v Redcar Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_redcar_pl Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_redcar_pl/slideshow
  15. Somerset v Leicester Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_leicester_pl Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_leicester_pl/slideshow As request Blindman a few Monberg shots; Good debut Bjerre was spectacular to say the least
  16. Somerset v Newcastle Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_newcastle Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_newcastle/slideshow
  17. Somerset V Scunthorpe Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_scunthorpe Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_scunthorpe/slideshow
  18. Somerset v Rye House Photo's http://ihitchcock.ze...set_v_rye_house Slideshow http://ihitchcock.ze...house/slideshow
  19. Somerset v Glasgow Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_glasgow Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_glasgow/slideshow
  20. Somerset v Ipswich KOC Photos http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_ipswich_koc Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_ipswich_koc/slideshow
  21. Somerset v Plymouth Photo's http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_plymouth_lc Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_plymouth_lc/slideshow
  22. Somerset v Leicester Photos http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_leicester_lc Slideshow http://ihitchcock.zenfolio.com/somerset_v_leicester_lc/slideshow
  23. Somerset Rebels v Ipswich Photo's Somerset Rebels v Ipswich Photo's Slideshow Somerset Rebels v Ipswich Slideshow
  24. Somerset Rebels v Swindon Photo's Somerset Rebels v Swindon Photo's Slideshow Somerset Rebels v Swindon Slideshow

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